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A Special Day 2014-07-07
Today is  a special day for me, due to I know my boyfriend three years ago. How time flies. This three years, we know each other well, ...
(693) Views|(7) Replies
If something that you’re doing doesn’t challenge you, then it doesn’t change .. 2014-07-03
Of course, since every one of us has room for improvement, this can also mean if you don’t change yourself, then you can’t be responsible for chang ...
(5874) Views|(6) Replies
A good news 2014-07-02
Today I got a order from a new's a good news for me, due to I came to this company about two months, all the orders are from the old client ...
(449) Views|(6) Replies
How to get along with the colleagues? 2014-06-30
I don't know how long that I haven't open this website, I'm so busy in the past two years, depend more time on my work, always overwork.I think via m ...
(471) Views|(7) Replies
who did that ? 2011-06-17
I hate the people who canceled my files on my  computer. I want to know ,who did that.  I know each day some of my colleagues ...
(929) Views|(8) Replies

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sys 2014-7-3 12:49
should I ask a question ? which city do you llive in ? and which kind of your products ?
which country do your products be popular for ?
zolin 2011-6-16 14:27
hi I wanna be ur friend :)
littlegrass 2010-9-24 09:38
On this warm occasion, one of the most simple to you my friend: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! I wonder whether my wishes can reach you. Let me drink a toast for my rriend with my best wishes.
littlegrass 2010-8-16 07:43
Happy Double-seventh Festival! Wish all shall be well, and Jack have Jill. Life will never be the same without love.
littlegrass 2010-8-15 08:35
Offer our sincerest and profoundest condolences to the victims as the disastrous debris flow and the best regards and expectations to the alive!
littlegrass 2010-6-20 16:14
Great regards to all great fathers and wish all of them all the best!!
littlegrass 2010-6-16 11:02
Happy Zongzi Festival!
danielrayslee 2009-6-23 09:41
kelly513: Xian,what about you?
Can you find my "Self-intro" and read about me from my blog list "art attack"
danielrayslee 2009-6-23 09:36
kelly513: international trade.I'm graduated this year
Where are you working now?
danielrayslee 2009-6-23 09:31
kelly513: no,we are good friend
What's your job now?
danielrayslee 2009-6-23 09:21
kelly513: yes,we are in the same town
Are you a college student?
spaceone 2009-6-23 08:58
kelly513: Hi
danielrayslee 2009-6-16 09:06
Are you and Yollanda in the same town?
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