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Why do we have a second child?

Hot 1120 views. 2018-5-16 11:23 |Individual Classification:life

      Why do we hve a second child?  When the second-child policy released, my wife desperately to have a second child. I am not so agree with her .  It was too hard for us to takecare two children. We both have to work to support the family , have no time to take care the children and send them to school. My mother-in-law is taking care the child for us but she can't afford one child anymore, And she won't help us all the time because health and other reasons.  A child  will not leave the all-weather care till 10 year's old. And I don't think a nanny will take good care of the children. And then, who will take the children for us?

       But my daughter still born in the beginning of the year, and I find a great change has taken place in my son. He always self-willed and ill--tempered before his sister' born. But I always listen his words about his little sister now:

        Sister, brother will take a toy for you

        Has sister eaten the milk this afternoon?

        The first thing is to play with sister after school

        Brother will take you outside to enjoy the sunshine

        Sister will smile when I hold her hand

        Brother have to school , have dinner , take toys  and play with you, you should stop crying


         Now, I know why do we have a second child although it is still difficult to take care them. That's a partner and a resonsibility which will give them more happiness and better personality.

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Reply shirleyytt2010 2018-5-16 15:47
For most of the common families, they would like to have the second kids after the policy openned.

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