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Why I want to ride motocycle

170 views. 2018-11-15 11:17 |Individual Classification:my hobby

      Why I want to ride motocycle? I had my motocycle for more than five years, but it almost been ideled in the past 4 years because my work and life. I always doubt that if I will keep it.

      The advantages of the motocycle:

1.  It's cool, freedom and exciting. 

            My moto cycle is cheaper but have the similar type with the Halley-davision motocycle.  It's beautiful and cool to ride to across the road. Ridding motocycle is closed way with ridding a horse,  you can feel the warm or cool wind blow through your body and smell all the smell along the  road,  you're a part of the nature when you riding a motocycle.  You won't feel that in a car,  that make me exciting.

2. It's powerful and convenient.  

         I had been ridding bicycle for 2 years, but the longgest distance I can reached is 40KM away. And it's a hard thing to ride a bicycle. I always worried the electric volumn when I have to go a long distance by an electrical bike , although it is convenient.    And I don't want to try to find a parking space for a car where the traffic is heavy.  On the contrary, motocycle can bring me to everyplace if I want and have enough time.  10L gaslion is enough to support a 500KM long running.  And it is easy to park it in everywhere.

    The disadvantages

1. It's dangerous.

      It's more dangerous to ride a motocycle than drive a car, ride a bicycle or electric bike.  It has a heavy weight and high speed, So it's not easy to stop in an emergency.  I have fallen down for more than 5 times, and one of them is very dangerous.  So I don't want to bring my family members  any more when I ride motocycle.  It's easier to get hurt wnen an accident happen.

2. Motocycles are limited in many place.

      Motocycles are limited in many cities especially in the center areas of the city. We can't running in a highway and eleated road . And we always be discrimnations by the policy and people.

      I don't want to leave the motocycle although there are so many disadvantages.  Because is the rare different things in my ordinary life which make me exciting and different. The motocycle is a hobby more than a tool.  Maybe I will get a job closed to my home next year and have more time to ride it. And I always hope to have long distance journey with my motocycle.  In a word, I don't bear to give it up.


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