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My english speech contest

112 views. 2018-12-28 02:09 |Individual Classification:English leaning

     A English speech contest is organized by my company in order to encourage employees to study English. They recommened some english class to us and promise to give us some award if we do better in the class, although the award is not so attractive.  And at the end of the programme there will be a English speech contest. The winner will get a big award.  And the promotion in our company also have it's TOEIC score requirement. So the programme is a good thing for us.

      But most people seemed not interested in that at all. There are few appliants before the deadline.  So each function department was forced to recommend two team members to participate the contest.  I am one of the two poor members in my department. I don't want to do that but I can't deny my boss's order. I don't confident with my english although my TOEIC is more higher than others in my department. I have been take part in a english class before the programme and can get some award too. But I still resist to the contest in my heart before it really come.

      The contest hold the day before yesterday. I had prefpared the speech PPTand communicated it with my partner  from the last week . The contest include three part: self speech; debat between partners; judgers questions. All the contest will last for 15 minutes for each peole. I write all the content which I may talk in the contest.  And exercise it in my dormitory for two times in order to do more fluent and control the time. I am getting anxious days before the contest.

       The time arrival in the end.  We are the fifth group to give the speech. All the program is as smooth as we expect although the speech not so fluent.  There are not big problems , and the important is that I can uderstand the questions of the judgers and give the answers  correctly which I worried before.  The most important for us is the contest finished smoothly. We don't have to worry about that any more. And we are not the worst although we are not the best,  and we are better than many of the appliants. That make me happy and confident with my english skills.  The contest result will come out next week, but it doesn't important any more.

       I begin to hope my perfect english skills in the future. Maybe that is not only.

        Go ahead . I can do that.

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