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Apple will have to pay for it's willfullness.

181 views. 2019-1-9 19:04 |Individual Classification:News

       Apple is a great company in all the world, it has brought us so many excellent products and methods. But now it seemed that all the honour is passing by. I don't think it will sustain it's brilliance if not  any changes happened . The company's stock price has fallen down more than 40% in the past three months. More and more people begin to doubt the future of Apple.

       Apple is a great example in many areas in the past tens years, such as advanced design, excellent quality, high profit and lots of fans in all the world.  We willing to pay a high price for an excellent product, such as iphone.  There are no a strong competitors besides so many followers in so long a time.  Even a company who manufact  the components or assemble the Apple products is an honour for a company,  you won't get a good job if you have not take part in an Apple product  for an engineer.  I still think the quality of Apple product is perfect till now.

       But the conditions of Apple products sales is getting worse and worse. What happened to Apple?  I think there are 3 reasons for that:

       first, there are not a revolutionary products or refresh in the past years.

       Second,I know that the high price is the best choice for a product when there are no competitors. It can help them gain as much as possible to support the new product development and fat profit.  But a reasonable price is necessary to keep his strenth when there are many competitors appeared.  But to our surprise,  they sales products in a higher price in order to keep it's profile,  how strange method.  Apple product is still good , but we don't want to pay three times or more for a products just a little better than others.  And it even don't better any more in many aspects.

       Third,  I still don't understand why App can get a commission from every exchange of the 3'rd APP which downloaded from Apple store before.  Commonly, the exchange between Apple is finished after the APP downloaded.  Is there any reson it can get money from the App's exchange, it's just the APP's business.  Should we pay to the car manufacturer all the life if we use a car for a business?  Apple is a rascal in the thing.

       I have a pessimistic attitude to apple if they don't changed in the near future. It will end the life of the company by itself.


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