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have knowledges in many areas but not expert in one.

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       I talked with my colleagues for more than 1.5 hours this afternoon. The talk area covered the areas of electrical product, famous company, history, culture, political, economic, war and even the Chinese Fengshui. I have more knowledge in many areas and it seemed that I can talk with everyone about some topics.  That's both my strengths and weaknesses.

       I always want to know more in many areas in my past life.  I have  technology and management studying background and working experiences. I also interest in drawing , music , history,  tourism, , mechine, electrical product. I chaned my studying or working places each 4 or 5 years in the past 20 years. I aways want to change my work if there are not enough new things for me. So I have more experiences than others.  I don't like games,  clothes , decious food , TV play ,  sports match. Most of my time were spend on the different knowledges of the areas which I like .  Both by smartphone or TV.  I think that's the way of my life in the past.

       But I was lost my direction in the past one year.  I found that I am not so professional in one of the areas which lead me can't find a good job.  I am just a common man and don't have so much energy to learn too much in each areas.  And I don't want to pay much time on the deepest structure of one area.  So I am not an expert , although I know many knowledges of different areas.  So I have to correction my direction from now.  Focus most of my energy on one or two areas and try to be an expert.  I hope it's not too late.

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