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Don't want to change me with your mind

119 views. 2019-3-6 19:45 |Individual Classification:life

     I introduced a girl to my little brother and urge him to do more communication with the girl.  But my little brother angry with my behavior and feed back the words to me: Do I need you teaching me how to live?  What do you think if I want to change you in some aspect with my mind?

      Yes, he was right. I don't want other people to change me.

       We born in a democratic family.  We choose the way ourselves and stand all the racket by ourselves. So, we seldom regret for any decisions because we'll choose the same way followed our mind if there is another chance.  We choosed our university, major, work location, our career and wife by ourselves.  We are happy for that because that is our life.

       I think the greatest advantage of the current world is that whe can live individuals withe the support of modern city function institutions,  Such as banks, shopping malls, hospital, shools, old people's homes and so on.  We don't have to live in a certain group and keep a relationship such as family, village, or a company  in order to support our life. So  we can get the most freedom in the current world although there are still some compromise.  We can pursue our life without caring other peoples words.  We don't have to be great , famous or be a sucessful man in other people's view.  What we need to do is find our real happiness.

       That's the life of ourselves. Don't want to change others and want do that for me, Even between the family members. 

       Let us select our way.  You can't do that for me.

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