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Shares Proverb
2019-1-29 23:46
A bold attempt is half sucess勇敢的尝试是成功的一半 One today is worth two tomorrows一个今天胜似两个明天 Actions speak louder than words行动比语言更响亮 Good company on the road is the ...
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Shares An automatic door allow us to help each other
2019-1-21 20:07
There are an automatic door in my community entrance for safety. We have to swip the identity card to open the door which in order to fobid outsides entry.It also bring us inconvenience to us although the intentions is good. We have to stop to find the identity ...
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Shares have knowledges in many areas but not expert in one.
2019-1-10 19:04
I talked with my colleagues for more than 1.5 hours this afternoon. The talk area covered the areas of electrical product, famous company,history, culture, political, economic, war and even the Chinese Fengshui. I have more knowledge in many areas and it s ...
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Shares Have to pay 100yuan to be a member of Dioenglish for a new comer
2019-1-9 20:04
The dioenglish is excellent platform for practicing our written English. All the membersare the English learnersor lovers. There are not many ads or other irrelevants contents here. We can write down our life and thought with a blog or a mini blog, A ...
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Shares Apple will have to pay for it's willfullness.
2019-1-9 19:04
Apple is a great company in all the world, it has brought us so many excellent products and methods. But now it seemed that all the honour is passing by. I don't think it will sustain it's brilliance if not any changes happened. The company's stock p ...
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Shares My daughter is one year old
2019-1-7 19:18
My daughter just passed her first birthday last week. she became a lovely little girl from a newborn. She can walking quickly with the help of adults or hold a table. she has 4 toothwhich make her like a r ...
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Shares My wife want to be a housewife
2018-12-28 23:07
Today I talked with my wife on the wechat. She told me that she want to quit job and to be a housewife. I know she was not soearnest about that. I knowthat it's a hardwork to take care our kids from my daughter's birth, and I can't go hometo help her ...
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Shares My english speech contest
2018-12-28 02:09
AEnglishspeechcontestisorganizedbymycompanyin order to encourage employees to study English. They recommenedsome english class to us and promise to give us someaward if we do better in the class, althoug ...
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Shares Is festival is needed for us
2018-12-26 20:47
Yesterday is the christmas. Are you have a good festival with your lover or friends. But it just a usual day for me. I seldolm celebrate a festival in my life. The birthday, valentine's day , wedding anniversary , nationday, and even the new year. And prepare a gift is a he ...
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