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Shares We got our first car last weekend
2019-3-25 21:06
We got our first car last weekend. I drove it back from the 4S store and rent a parking space in ourcommunity. I even don't exited for the new car because I don't confirm the necessary of a car till now. But I don't want to wast time to hesitate if we shou ...
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Shares Don't want to change me with your mind
2019-3-6 19:45
I introduced a girl to my little brother and urge him to do more communication with the girl. But my little brother angry with my behavior and feed back the words to me: Do I need you teaching me how to live? Whatdo you think if I want to change you in som ...
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Shares Useful words
2019-3-6 18:31
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Shares It's a difficult thing to support children without the help of our parents.
2019-3-4 20:10
My daughter borned at the beginning of 2018, which is my second child. Me and my wife both borned at 1981, we still can have a child when the two-child policy came.My wife want the second child athough I know that isn't a easy thing. Both of u ...
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