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My love

406 views. 2009-7-5 09:35 |

All of my friends said that I am a lucky  and happiness girl due to my boyfriend,who is handsome,good temper,love me with his heart.We have been recognized each other for seven years until now,and we were in the same high school and the same college.It was a good time for us that we can see ezch other almost everyday.During that time, although there were some quarrels between us,our relationship was more and more stronger than before.I know,I tended to easily lose my temper without moderate reasons,my boyfriend usually keep silence or do something to make me smile.
   I am still staying at university for my master degree in jingsu province but he is working in dongguan,guangdong province.The distance between us is so long that we only can see each other half a year.But we believe that we'll settle down and get married some day.
  Here is a wonderful sentence fou lovers:If you are a tear in my eyes,I wouldn't cry for fear of losing you!I hope all lovers can spend the rest of their lives with his wife or her husband.

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Reply jane664889828 2009-7-5 09:52
How I hope i could be as lucky as you~
Reply 刘敏 2009-7-5 09:57
of course you will,someone must waiting  you now at some place!
Reply moli 2009-7-6 10:55
your sentences:We have been recognized each other./my boyfriend usually keep silence.
mine:We have known each other./my boyfriend usually keeps silence.
Reply 刘敏 2009-7-6 20:20
Thank you for your advice!I got it!

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