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Beijing Sport University 2009-09-19
Equiped with modern, hi-tech stadiums and facilities, Beijing Sport University takes you to the cradle of champions—the gymnastic price Lixiaope ...
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South African Sport 2009-09-14
Summery With the first non-white cricket player appointed captain of the national team of South Africa, the country which has been being ...
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The Junior Year 2009-09-05
In the first class of my Advanced English, our teacher asked all of us to give a presentation about the summery of our last two college years and the ...
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Being an English Tour Guide for the First Time 2009-08-08
I have the Beijing English Tour Guide Certificate for one year , but never use it. Yesterday, I guided a couple from Danmark .They are 37, and the ...
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Grow old and grow mature 2009-07-24
We're all growing old all the time, but not all of us grow mature as we grow old. Time flies, have you grown mature, or, you are just ...
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winner 2010-6-23 22:37
i am back ,haha
twoscorpios 2009-10-22 16:22
aganar 2009-9-27 21:11
Hi, stefean ! Glad to see you !
Michal 2009-9-21 22:06
Glad to be your friend!
winds 2009-9-16 21:42
Glad to make friends with you !
I'm in grade 3 ,and you ?
xiaofeiren 2009-8-31 22:02
stefean: yes, are you too?
yes,but i have already graduated.
world is small,haha
xiaofeiren 2009-8-29 21:59
Are u a student of BSU? I saw one of ur photo that the campus looks like BSU,hehe~
Ren1984 2009-8-27 17:37
your blog should be updated regularly
so that we can study
Guolian 2009-8-27 12:24
A  lovely girl    ................
crazyxhp 2009-8-26 14:41
dreaming-boy 2009-8-26 12:27
Nice tot meet you here!Such a beautiful girl! 2009-8-23 12:31
Akate 2009-8-23 11:08
nice to meet you here
Waiting_Love 2009-8-17 16:30
why do so many people ,boys and girls ,want to be your friends ?
MR.BALL 2009-8-6 00:09's very nice to meet u~
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