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  • Birthday1989 - 2 - 16
  • Birthplace北京 延庆
  • Residence北京 宣武
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Am I Too Serious? 2009-08-27
several days before, I understand something that I should know it earlier. That is no one can be transparent in front of other people. Maybe yo ...
(534) Views|(7) Replies
missing my grandfather.....that feeling invading me...... 2009-08-14
I'm in my grandmother's home in YanQing now. Actually, YanQing is my birthplace, but I came to BJ with my mom and dad when i was three. M ...
(661) Views|(17) Replies
Call Game 2009-08-10
It's my first time to join the 'name' game, I'm named by pch , and my answer is as follows. :)   RULE ...
(463) Views|(0) Replies
Changes make me depressed. lonely 2009-08-05
     I really feel depressed during these days. I dont't know why, but this feeling disturbed me even in the evening. Actually, I can' ...
(570) Views|(14) Replies
~A Monkey wants to make Money~ 2009-07-13
Mon,13th,jul,2009  overcast     Hey,friends, i'm a lovely little monkey who is short of money. You know, i made a boyfrie ...
(588) Views|(14) Replies

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littlegrass 2010-9-24 11:15
On this warm occasion, one of the most simple to you my friend: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! I wonder whether my wishes can reach you. Let me drink a toast for my rriend with my best wishes.
rongrongmao 2009-8-24 23:16
monkeylinstar: hi~i'm looking forward to your new blog.
it's difficult for me~i'll try
LunaDEJ 2009-8-18 18:29
monkeylinstar: hi~your picture is so dreamlike
Thanks,i love this kind of pictures. i have a lot.if you want we to show to you,i will be very glad to do so!!
rongrongmao 2009-8-15 18:25
hi catherine
pch 2009-8-10 20:54
monkeylinstar: ok~never mind. i'm the first comment here.
CatherineW. 2009-8-10 09:15
monkeylinstar: haha~it's 琳, but not my surname.
both like
珞韩 2009-8-10 00:28
how abt these days? i v long time not been here to visit you^^
kingofworld1986 2009-8-9 15:57
good luck!
  everything will be ok! fighting!
CatherineW. 2009-7-27 18:29
monkeylinstar: hi~
i have the same english name with you~~i'm CatherineLin.
CatherineW. 2009-7-27 18:28
monkeylinstar: hi~
i have the same english name with you~~i'm CatherineLin.
林? i like this surname
珞韩 2009-7-26 19:38
nice to meet u and the picture girl is really cute~
CatherineW. 2009-7-26 18:16
hello girl
Fionahere 2009-7-23 20:53
nice to meet you huh~~~
lover5200 2009-7-13 23:01
yojin 2009-7-11 15:21
monkeylinstar: hi~~~Maidou is so cute !
yeah.......i think so. i like him so much....
yojin 2009-7-9 21:04
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