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674 views. 2010-8-25 22:42

Sometimes,I wonder that my age is what stage it?Why do so many troubles?

Aa far as i know,somebody,looks like  very happy everyday ,no worries ,like a child ;many people would probably envy them,but in fact ,they are not.They don’t want to let others see you sad face,because when the dead of night;He didn’t know what will happen one person,sitting in the window came the drip meditation.

They seemingly very strong,other think could do everything with smile to face,in fact,however, they have the most vulnerable soul,just they are good at make them difficult to deep inside the wound。they just want simple ,live happily  and look forward and believe that eachperson’s smile is sincere to hope that people around are really like themselves。

They awaly did,before the second was in also sad tears,after the second time has his face bubbing smile in the front of friends。They aspir to live as free life,but who work hard to move to another direction alive,very tired,still is willing;Father and father away from his dream,never had to face the competition and complexity ,fear ,become overwhelmed。Only the face of the most trusted person ,will remove the armor,aggrieved tears。Because in their hearts ,laughter is happy,crying is the sad,heart is really hurt ,tears will flow out。After crying dry tears,laughs says ,ok,I can do well。

They are actually very simple,even you had given him a smile that his will remember you in his life,so please don’t hurt their feelings easily,because once hurt,it will never make up for.

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Reply NaYa 2010-8-26 15:47
It is so realistic
Reply Lity 2010-8-26 21:44
NaYa: It is so realistic

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