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Shares My living
2013-5-9 23:07
I'm very shame and i don't usually know how express my feeling , i lose my best lover for that before, may be he is the only person that stand in my heart, because i feel that i can't find the mr rignt until now.i alway want to compare with him when i meet other boys, perphaps i really cr ...
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Shares My favorite spot is badminton
2013-5-9 23:05
Badminton is lots of fun and players with even a moderate amount of skill can jump right in and enjoy not only the social aspects of team play but also the fantastic health benefits of a great cardiovascular workout. I like playing badminton . I want to be a goodbadminton player like l ...
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Shares my father
2013-5-9 23:05
The third week of June as father's day.Seen through the eyes of many other people ,father seems to be a very ordinary person,but he is quite extraordinary in my eyes,my father always a brilliant image living in my heart,because he is always diligence, devotion, care, optimism affect me ever ...
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Shares I'm back
2010-8-29 12:06
Did not come here for the some time ,and found here become lonely now. To work ,i haven’t time to write the blogs;in fact ,this is just a simple excuses. Although i didn't come here with you to learn english ,but i study english every day ,not giving up. Now ,i'm back.I would like to pr ...
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Shares somebody~~
2010-8-25 22:42
Sometimes,I wonder that my age is what stage it?Why do so many troubles? Aa far as i know,somebody,looks like very happy everyday ,no worries ,like a child ;many people would probablyenvy them,but in fact ,they are not.They don’t want to let others see you sad face,becau ...
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Shares the greatest quotes from the past year
2010-1-13 07:53
"No matter what careers or hobbies you pursue after leaving here,do them with soul.You are empowered to be great leaders.You are equipped- in your jobs,your hobbies,your relationships.You are rquipped with the ability to think critically ,to listen attentively,to navigate the grey areas,to read be ...
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Shares 2010-1-1
2010-1-1 07:40
I spent too much time on my work ,I have no time to study in the past year,I think that's a serious problem.I feel that so much work has interruptes my study,even give up studying English to finish my work ,I feel exhausted.I decided to continue to pursuit my dreams and persist in studying English ...
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Shares Happy new year
2010-1-1 07:33
I am very happy 2010 is coming,I just want to say ,Happy ,Happy year,I may everyone live a happy life and insist on your dreams.I am looking forward to the new year which the new start is coming.Now ,2010 is coming.I looking back the past year,what gain and lost?Time is flies ,we say adieu t ...
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Shares Christmas Day
2009-12-25 07:29
Today is Christmas Day.In western, during the Christmas friends get together and go from house to house singing Christmas songs.They do it for fun and to bring the spirit of Christmas to the people in each house.Children put stockings at the end of their beds before they go to sleep. It's ...
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Shares 奥巴马上海演讲全文(英文)谁想过英语四级,谁就转,不然你后悔都没地
2009-12-19 08:49
Good afternoon. It is a great honor for me to be here in Shanghai, and to have this opportunity to speak with all of you. I'd like to thank Fudan University's President Yang for his hospitality and his gracious welcome.I'd also like to thank our outstanding Ambassador, Jon Huntsman, ...
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