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Please help me

Hot 3638 views. 2015-8-1 14:39 |Individual Classification:work

  who have good ways to get  a good eloquence or improve our skills of comunication? Thanks for your advise.

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Reply sunnyv 2015-8-1 16:36
This is what everybody wants. Good and effective communication skills does not have quick ways, shortcuts or crash course. It takes time and experience to become a good communicator. In other words, others can't help you in this, you would have to learn it yourself.

Good communication skills involve:
Learn to Listen
Consider Other Peoples Emotions
Humor and patience
Maintain a Positive Attitude and Smile
Only Complain when Absolutely Necessary
Good choice of words
Convincing speaking style.

So, all these things need time to learn. Don't worry, your communications skills would improve as you gain experience both in social contacts and in work.
Reply lovingfun 2015-8-2 08:58
Sorry to say that have no shortcuts or so-called immediate. That need time accumulation, and hard participate.
Reply Ausfrank 2015-8-2 20:39
As two people above had said that there are no shortcuts and crash courses for learning how to communication effectively. No doubt they are right. Unfortunately we do have many things that have to be solved now rather than later. We cannot sit in there and wait until we fully equip ourselves.

What you can do in this situation is to do a well preparation first before you put you into the real practice. Firstly prepare for who you are going to deal with? What are his or her preferences? Secondly find some good information materials which can underpin your points. And then, find some friends to do some exercises which will gain more confidence for you. Through the exercises you may come across more ideas that good for influences.

There is a little trick that you need to pay attention to what your appearance is appropriated if this is a face to face talk. For example: Men like to deal with charming girls. As you are a woman, if that person also is a woman then you should know what to be dressed like. Remember that, don’t overuse those techniques. After you have done all the preparations above, you should feel yourself more settled when facing the person whom you need to convince.

When communication is started, you need to listen carefully whoever participated and catch the meanings. No matter what happen during the conversations, you need to speak calmly and always leave some room for other persons to think and talk. Also try to hide the negative expression on you face. If the person still doesn’t follow you. Don’t try to push them. Just to do whatever you can do to persuade them to give you a chance for your second attempt.

Good luck to you.

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