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An original English-Chinese story< Set Foot in Industry> 58

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Jack was very happy today. This afternoon he and Cheryl went to the airport to see his parents. Then he took them back home by car. Cheryl came forward to cook for them, which made his parents overjoyed. He had ordered a table at Lijing restaurant. He therefore made phone to cancel the order and accompanied Cheryl to purchase food in Jusco supermarket. He asked his parents to stay home lest they were too tired to be ill. He helped Cheryl be busy cooking in the afternoon. The dinner was ready at five o’clock.

Now they sit around the table on which there are all kinds of delicious food. Jack bought a bottle of Maotai for his father. He pours the liquor for him and Cheryl fills his mother’s glass with orange juice.




‘Thank you, Cheryl. Thank you for your cooking. So many dishes here, you’re capable. My Jack is a lucky dog to find such a good wife.’ Jack’s mother is the first to praise Cheryl. ‘Where are you from, Cheryl? You don’t look like a northerner, do you?’ She takes the position of interviewer.

‘You’re right, Mom. I am a southerner. I am from Hubei. My parents are farmers, too. They are in Tianmen County where we grow cotton.’ She tries to introduce as detailedly as possible.

‘How many brothers and sisters do you have?’

‘I have only a sister. She is older than I. She got married last year in Shanghai.’

‘Then your parents are alone in the hometown. You’d better send some money back to help them as an obedient daughter.’

‘No need. Their income is enough to raise them. They sometimes even ask me if I need money. They enjoy living in the countryside and hate to live in the city because it is too noisy and crowded.’ Cheryl understands the old woman’s intention and illustrates the condition before she asks.

‘How old are you, Cheryl? You look younger than Jack.’

‘I am sorry, mom. You’re wrong this time. I am one year older than he.’ She has to call a spade a spade.









‘Really, but you look younger than he indeed.’ The old woman pulls a long face.

‘He worries more about business and looks old.’ Cheryl realizes the old woman’s attitude changes a little.

‘Let’s drink, mom, and you, dad.’ Jack immediately chimes in to break the deadlock. ‘Cheryl works at a large firm and has a very good position. She helped me make much more money.’

‘Thank you, Cheryl. We hand Jack to you. We won’t accompany him three score years and ten. From now on you should help each other and care each other and love each other.’ Jack’s father catches the topic and says.

‘Listen, Cheryl, dad is presiding the wedding. Thank you, dad, here’s your and mother’s health.’






After dinner, Jack lets his parents sit in the sitting room watching TV and goes for a walk with Cheryl. They promenade arm in arm. Cheryl at times rests her head on his shoulder as if they were lovers.

‘Your mother is very interesting, baby. She seemed discontented with my age.’ She suddenly remembers the topic.

‘Don’t you know a saying? A girl is not a man’s wife if she is one year older than he.

‘But I haven’t agreed to be your wife. I have self-knowledge.’

‘It is in no hurry. We have a lot of time to get acquainted and know more about each other.’

‘I agree with you, baby. I won’t say no to the result that we turn fiction into reality.’










                  Chapter Twenty-four



Jack’s parents don’t go anywhere but stay at home watching TV. Jack happens to be concerned about the stock market from Monday. He has to let them be at home. He is afraid that they may lose their way if they go out without his guiding. Cheryl is not free either because she will help him get the loan.

The price of 600073 goes on rising. Luckily, its price goes down on Tuesday. As Jack felicitates the price’s declining it goes up again on Wednesday. The loan is on his account on Thursday. But the price is much higher than that on the previous day. Jack decides to wait until the price comes down. The fate seems to defy him. The price goes on rising on Friday. The week flies like that. He has to embattle waiting for the best turn.





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