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English Blog: (原创)As Long As You Are Happy 1 开心就好

2474 views. 2009-7-21 08:05 |Individual Classification:原创英文小说|

As long as you are happy



Sakura petals fluttering alongside with the snowflakes, fragrance of her long silky hair in the breeze all upon my mind.



All these years. All the joys and happiness of yesterday I had sacrificed for the here and now—the dignity hard-earned just so I could stand from the once fallen, the cold hard cash worthy of all my capabilities and persitence just so I could pursue happiness from the once material-nought. Ain’t winter’s dream all along the way.




It was just another round of the International Meetings involved with simultaneous interpretation. Ironed-out shirts, perfumes mixed with sweats, reserved smilings, forgotten-on-the-spot introductions, rushed sounds, foreign voices to the ear, all the hustle and bustle for a while, the click-and-clack as forms seated themselves. And then the audible silence.



Right now Maki Aso, the Japanese Prime Minister went up to the flatform and commenced his speech by running over a group of words, softly, yet rushed , in a breath of whispering. All seated below pulling on a flat and monotonous expression. The way it is. Politics. Economy. Relationship. And cooperation. Always.



Swaying in the crowd are officials and reporters. Mass whose identity hard to define. Strain and tense in the air. American optimism. Chinese self-esteem. Japanese solomnity. All eager to construct his blue prints in the brains of the rest. All expressing his own views such a way as imposing his regulations on the rest from his own kinda standing. Atmosphere turmoil. Hall temperature water boiling. Situation unliveable.


Camera shooting switching to a complementary-spaced room in poor light. At the desk installed with acoustic and vocal equipment sat a dark night, oh nah, dark knight, Daniel, they say his name is, who right now clipped on his headphone, popped a piece of mint candy into his mouth, and the next rapped his words run-on yet in a fast, fluent and faultless manner into the microphone.



The Japanese Prime Minister had his way of cleverness in reasoning while the Chinese President would not let him gain the upper hand, and yet the American counterpart did not compromise, either. For any other guy, they would say all this is raping their ears and that they find the struggle in composing a nice simultaneous interpretation.



But not for Daniel. He popped another piece of mint candy into his mouth and brought this round of International Meeting to a successful end.



Daniel, how can you not feel the pressure and still put such a perfect full stop to the meeting just now?”

“Daniel, would you mind telling me the brand name for the mint candy you often chew during your simultaneous interpretation?”

“Daniel, is your love here supporting you all the way?”

Weird questions in a press conference.






Spring, fresh and clean. Daniel walks on the activities-going-on Japanese Machi. He pops a piece of mint candy into his mouth. Along the way scenes of girls in school uniforms. Dyed hair or spiky cotton heads. PSP. An old ’un walking his bulldog while biting into the huge fried bun. Modernized skyscrapers. Rows of wooden individual apartments. Cos-plays. Billboards displaying the hottest domestic stars. Home-run stores with their owners yelling out loud the bloody cut prices. Mangas everywhere, up in the facade of commercial centers, down on the sign ahead of civil job locations, in the hands of native folks, kids or adults. Blue sky and pleasant air.



Pleasant air, oh, smells of grilled cuttlefish meat balls.



“Ojiisan, I’d like a string of grilled cuttlefish meat balls”



In Japanese Daniel asked of the bald grandpa with petty moustache standing in front of the refreshment house as the former nears it. Which smells full of grilled cuttlefish meat balls.(高中大学里学到Which是不能独立开头引导一个句子的,但现代美式英文能,所以这不是误句)


“Sorry, lad, we are out of cuttlefish today. Please come again tomorrow.”




There is this girl, natural long hair resilient like silk running all the way down to her shoulder, giving off a fragrant odor, light and purified feel of another unsuspecting Sunday afternoon, just a few steps away from Daniel.


To Be Continued








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Reply Piano 2009-7-21 09:37
The artistic conceptions of all your essays are always so beautiful that i'd like to enjoy it more and more again.
Reply Piano 2009-7-21 09:45
by the way, the movie of "Love Letter" is worth seeing. i like it.
Reply danielrayslee 2009-7-21 09:45
Piano: The artistic conceptions of all your essays are always so beautiful that i'd like to enjoy it more and more again.
Thanks. My second part is coming up. I hope you can read it.
Reply danielrayslee 2009-7-21 09:50
Piano: by the way, the movie of "Love Letter" is worth seeing. i like it.
I've seen it, and I love the plot
Reply Piano 2009-7-21 09:53
of course,i will. Expecting the next part!
Reply danielrayslee 2009-7-21 09:58
Piano: of course,i will. Expecting the next part!
Thanks. I will let it come out this morning.
Reply Piano 2009-7-21 10:00
yes. Pure,romatic love;as like the smell of gardenia,lily.
Reply wenson86926 2009-7-21 10:05
wise sentences,but ,a little too long,i think
Reply danielrayslee 2009-7-21 10:05
Piano: yes. Pure,romatic love;as like the smell of gardenia,lily.
Among all the flowers, you also love lily the most?