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按照客观规律和科学规律办事 act in compliance with objective and scientific laws

八个坚持、八个反对 eight do’s and eight don’ts

八项主张 eight-point proposal

保持昂扬向上的精神状态 be filled with an enterprising spirit

保证中央的政令畅通 ensure the Central Committee’s decisions are carried out without fail

标本兼治 address both the symptoms and root causes

不确定因素 uncertainties

参政议政 participation in and deliberation of state affairs

长期共存、互相监督、肝胆相照、荣辱与共 long-term coexistence, mutual supervision, treating each other with all sincerity and sharing weal and woe

长治久安 maintain prolonged stability

崇尚科学 respect and promote science

传播先进文化 spread advanced culture

传统安全威胁 traditional threats to security

从严治军 the army must be strict with itself

党的领导方式 the Party's style of leadership

党的民族政策 the Party's policy toward ethnic minorities

党的侨务政策 the Party's policy toward overseas Chinese affairs

党的宗教信仰自由政策 the Party's policy toward the freedom of religious belief

党风廉政建设责任制 responsibility system for improving the Party's work style and building clean government


党内情况通报制度、情况反映制度和重大决策征求意见制度 inner-Party information sharing and reporting systems and the system of soliciting opinions concerning major policy decisions

党要管党、从严治党 the Party exercises self-discipline and is strict with its members

党员管理工作 management of Party membership

党政机关 Party and government organs

党政领导干部职务任期制、辞职制和用人失察失误责任追究制 the system of fixed tenures, the system of resignation and the system of accountability for neglect of supervisory duty or the use of the wrong person with regard to leading cadres of the Party and government

党总揽全局、协调各方的原则 principle that the Party commands the overall situation and coordinates the efforts of all quarters

电子政务 e-government

独立负责、步调一致地开展工作 assume one’s responsibilities independently and make concerted efforts in one’s work

独立公正地行使审判权和检察权 exercise adjudicative and procuratorial powers independently and impartially

多重多头执法 duplicate law enforcement

发展民主团结、生动活泼、安定和谐的政治局面 develop the political situation characterized by democracy, solidarity, liveliness, stability and harmony

发展平等团结互助的社会主义民族关系 enhance socialist ethnic relations of equality, solidarity and mutual assistance

法定职能 legal functions

法律援助 legal aid

法制观念 awareness of law

防卫作战能力 defense capabilities

非传统安全威胁 non-traditional threats to security

丰富民主形式 develop diverse forms of democracy

干部人事制度 cadre and personnel system

干部双重管理体制 system of dual control over cadres

高知识群体 prominent intellectuals

公共事务 public affairs

公务员制度 system of public servants

公益事业 programs for public good


马列主义、毛泽东思想、邓小平理论、“三个代表”重要思想 Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiao-ping Theory, Jiang Zemin “Three Represent’s”important Thought

新民主主义革命 new-democratic revolution

民族独立和人民解放 national independence and the liberation of the people

经济体制改革和政治体制改革 reforms in the economic and political structure

社会主义制度 socialist system

社会变革 social transformation

建设有中国特色的社会主义事业 the cause of building socialism with Chinese characteristics

中华民族的伟大复兴 the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

党在社会主义初级阶段的基本理论、基本路线、基本纲领 the basic theory, line and program of our Party in the primary stage of socialism

改革开放政策 the policies of reform and opening to the outside

中国共产党十一届三中全会 The Third Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China

马克思主义政党 Marxist political Party

党的第一(第二、第三)代中央领导集体 the collective leadership of the Party Central Committee of the first (second/third)generation

人民民主专政 the people’s democratic dictatorship

国民经济体系 national economic system

综合国力aggregate national strength

国内生产总值 the annual gross domestic product(GDP)

独立自主的和平外交政策 an independent foreign policy of peace

马克思主义基本原理同中国具体实际相结合 the fundamental principles of Marxism with the specific situation in China

加强和改进党的建设,不断增强党的创造力、凝聚力和战斗力,永葆党的生机与活力 strengthen and improve Party building, continuously enhance the creativity, rallying power and combat capability of the Party, and always maintain its vigor and vitality

“三个代表”就是必须代表中国先进生产力的发展要求,代表中国先进文化的前进方向,代表中国最广大人民的根本利益,是我们党的立党之本、执政之基、力 量之源,是我们党始终站在时代前列,保持先进性的根本体现和根本要求。 “Three Represent’s” shows that our Party must always represent the requirements of the development of China’s advanced productive forces, the orientation of the development of China’s advanced culture, and the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people in China, they are the foundation for building the Party, the cornerstone for its exercise of state power and a source of its strengthen,only by doing so can we really ensure that our Party always stand in the forefront of the time and maintain its advanced nature

党的理论、路线、纲领、方针、政策 Party‘s theory, line, program, principles and policies


工人阶级的先锋队 the vanguard of the working class

生产力、生产关系、经济基础、上层建筑 productive force, relation of production, economic base, superstructure constitute

科学技术是第一生产力 science and technology are the primary productive force

社会主义物质文明和精神文明 material and spiritual civilizations of socialism

有理想、有道德、有文化、有纪律的公民 citizens with lofty ideals, moral integrity, better education and good sense of discipline

自立意识、竞争意识、效率意识、民主法制意识和开拓创新意识 self-reliance, competition, efficiency, democracy, the legal system, and the pioneering and innovative spirit

依法治国和以德治国 the rule of law and the rule of virtue

科教兴国战略 the strategy of invigorating the country through science and education

倡导爱国主义、集体主义、社会主义思想,反对和抵制拜金主义、享乐主义、极端个人主义等腐朽思想 advocate patriotism, collectivism and socialism, combat and resist money worship,hedonism, ultra-egoism decadent ideas

先天下之忧而忧,后天下之乐而乐 be concern about the country and the people before anything else

全心全意为人民服务、立党为公、执政为民 serve the people heart and soul, work for the public and assumes power for the people

解放思想、实事求是 emancipating the mind, seeking truth from the facts

主观主义、形而上学 subjectivism, metaphysics

民主集中制、党内民主 democratic centralism, inner-Party democracy

集体领导、民主集中、个别酝酿、会议决定 collective leadership, democratic centralism, case-specific consultation, decision through meeting

政治路线确定之后,干部就是决定因素 cardres are a decisive factor, once a political line is decided

党管干部的原则 the principle of the Party assuming the responsibility for cardres'affairs

公开、平等、竞争、择优 open, fair, competition, basis of merits

公开选拔、竞争上岗 the upervision of appointment and promotion of officials, and the method for official performance assessment

自重、自省、自警、自励 self-discipline, self-examination, self-caution and self-motivation

小康社会、小康生活 well-to-do society, well-to-do life

四项基本原则 Four Cardinal Principles

社会主义初级阶段 the primary stage of socialism

政治合格、军事过硬、作风优良、纪律严明、保障有力 gualified politically and competent militarily and that have a fine style of work, strict discipline and adequate logistic support

和平与发展 peace and development

冷战 cold war

世界多极化、经济全球化 world multi-polarization and economic globalization

联合国宪章 UN Charter

独立自主、完全平等、相互尊重、互不干涉内部事务 independence, completely equality, mutual respect and non-interference in each other's internal affairs

世界贸易组织、关贸总协定 World Trade Organization /The General Agreement of Tariff and Trade

亚太经合组织 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation

世贸中心 World Trade Center

恐怖主义 terrorism


UNESCO=United Nations Educational,Scientific And Cultural Organization 联合国教科文组织

IMF=International Monetary Fund 国际货币基金组织

ASEAN=Association Of Southeast Asian Nations 东南亚国家联盟;“东盟”GATT=General Agreement On Tariffs And Trade 关贸总协定WTO=World Trade Organization 世界贸易组织

OPE=Organization Of Petroleum Exporting Countries 石油输出国组织;“欧佩克”

PLO=Palestine Liberation Organization 巴勒斯坦解放组织;“巴解”

IOC=International Olympic Committee 国际奥林匹克委员会

NASA=National Aeronautics And Space Administration 美国国家宇航局

WHO=World Health Organization 世界卫生组织

NASA= National Aeronautics and Space Administration 美国国家航空航天局


financial crisis金融危机

Federal Reserve 美联储

real estate 房地产

share 股票

stock market 股市

shareholder 股东

macroeconomic 宏观经济

go under\bankrupt 破产

pension fund 养老基金

government bond 政府债券

budget 预算

deficit 赤字

intellectual property 知识产权

opportunistic practice 投机行为

entrepreneur 企业家

cook the book 做假帐

fluctuate 波动

merger 并购

pickup in price 物价上涨

monetary policy 货币政策

foreign exchange 外汇

quote 报价

contract 合同

floating rate 浮动利率

venture capital 风险资本

global corporation 跨国公司

consolidation 兼并

take over 收购

on the hook 被套住


military option军事解决途径动用武力

escalating tension 逐步升级的局势

military coupe 军事政变

forced from office被赶下台

step down / aside下台

on the brink of war 处于战争边缘

heavy fighting激战

genocide 种族灭绝

relief effort 救济工作

humanitarian aid人道主义援助

end the bloodshed结束流血事件

special envoy 特使

peace-keeping forces维和部队

guerrilla war 游击战争

border dispute边境争端

armed conflict 武装冲突


civil war 内战

cruise missile 巡航导弹

come to a conclusion达成一致

coalition forces联合军队

on high alert 处于高级戒备状态


rebel forces叛军

sensitive,hostage,kidnapped French nationals被绑架的法国人

rescue,release invade,US-led invasion美国领导的入侵

right-wing extremists右翼极端分子

warring factions交战各方

topple the government 推翻政府

suicide bombing 自杀性袭击事件


resume 继续

coalition party 联合政党

post-war reconstruction战后重建

pre-war intelligence战前情报


spying activity间谍行为

electronic warfare 电子战争


negotiations / delegate / delegation / summit n. 峰会

charter n. 特许状,执照,宪章

promote peace 促进和平

boost economic co-op加强经济合作

make concession / compromise 作出妥协

pass a resolution通过决议

veto a bill否决议案

break the deadlock打破僵局

a scientific breakthrough科学突破

an unexpected outcome出乎意料的结果

diplomatically isolated country在外交上被孤立的国家

diplomatic solutions 外交解决方案

hot spot 热点

take hostilities toward 对……采取敌对态度

ethnic cleansing种族排斥

refugee,illegal aliens 非法移民


national convention国民大会

fight corruption反腐败

corrupted election腐败的选举

peace process 和平进程

give a boost to. . . 促进

booming economy促进经济发展

mutual benefits / interests双赢

impose / break a deadline 规定/ 打破最后期限

retaliate 报复

banking reform金融改革

commissioner 代表

go bankrupt破产

file for bankruptcy提出破产


external forces外部力量

disarmament agreement裁军协议

to lift a boycott 取消禁令

dismantle 销毁

the implementation of an accord执行决议

to ease the ban on ivory trade 缓解对象牙贸易的禁令

animal conservation动物保护

threatened / endangered species濒危物种

illegal poaching 非法捕猎

face extinction濒临灭亡

stand trial受审

put. . . on trial审判某人



uranium enrichment program铀浓缩计划

nuke nonproliferation核部扩散

suspect,arrest,detain,in custody被囚禁

on human rights abuse charges反人权罪名

HIV positive HIV阳性

illegal drug trafficking 毒品贩运

pirated products盗版产品

fake goods假货


bloody tyrant 血腥独裁者

execute / execution处决

death penalty死刑

my predecessor / successor 我的前任/ 后任




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