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How to Keep Improving Your English via Writing English Blogs?

How to Keep Improving Your English via Writing English Blogs?

We'll discuss this topic in several aspects.  

Why blogs?

As Blog has become a fad in modern life, it has become a prevailing phenomenon to write blogs ranging from celebrities to ordinary people. Meanwhile, English is an important tool in the 21st century. As a result, English Blog,a combination of blog and  English-learning comes forth and brings benefits for those Chinese who are eager to learn English well.
There are many advantages of writing English blogs.
To start with, blog is a public place where English-learning is extended from class to daily life. Therefore, people can spend their time on English learning according to their schedule and wish, and acquire more opportunities to learn and use English.

Second, blog is an interactional tool via which people are able to communicate with each other, encourage their friends, learn from others, and exchange information with others. It's quite convenient and effective.

Third, bloggers will have a feeling of being recognized if their space is visited by others. They can be motivated to keep writing. Furthermore, owing to the interaction, they will find friends with the same interests. Thus their interest of learning English is further aroused.

In all, writing English blogs to improve one's English has become a trend.

How to use DioEnglish?

After I registered in DioEnglish for a while, I found it is a nice place for Englsih lovers. This website has some distinct characteristics:

Blog parts: writing daily, weekly or monthly English blogs, frequently updating miniblogs, and uploading photoes.

Group activities:you can create an interest group, to name some,“ Finding English Partners”, “Favourite Movies”,“Favourite Sports” , and so on, and then post a thread, like “Love or Money, which is more important?”,“What are you most proud of?.After this, you will find a flood of replies from other registers and you can discuss your confused questions with them; you can also share your recommended website with your friends; In addition, there are some English radios in this web so that you can train your ears and get the lattest news from all over the world; what’s more, some online games are available for you to have fun with your friends.

DioWiki learning:The most attrative part in DioEnglish for me is DioWiki. It’s an English Wikipedia, which includes all kinds of information about English learning. For people who like to optimize the vocabulary entries, they can make full use of it, to enrich their words, to broad their horizon and to digest good articles.

As blog is a public place, your work will be seen and be replied.Others can make friends with your.They can encourage you, comfort you, make suggestions for you,discuss hot topics with you and exchange opinions with you.

What to write?

It is researched that people have a resolution to learn and write, but have no idea about what to write.Most people write about daily occurrences several times a month; some write whenever they feel like to. A large number of people prefer to share interesting or useful English learning materials.

It's quite normal that when you sit in front of a computer, and then your brain just goes blank: having nothing to say, to write. Today just like other days,nothing interesting has happened. However, we should find topics to write.The most common topics are events that happen in our daily life.We can write about persons in our life, put forward a discussion, announce your decision or plan, recall your memory, and pour out your emotion and love story. 
From the messages from DioEnglish users, some suggested to write Chinese domestic news, science essays, lyrics, poems and something you’re really interested in:love,business,campus,friends,education,daily life,moods and so on.
I suggest that while we write our daily life, we may pay more attention to current affairs in order to improve our English level. Starting from your interest, you can choose a topic from politics, business, culture, education, and sport to medicine, science, and fashion. Reading newspaper or listening to the radio to find the freshest information and get your inspiration. For some hot topic, you can write your opinion and invite your friends to join your discussion, like a silent debate. Then we will have a lot to say on our English blog.

For people who are interested in different hobbies and goals, they can form different groups to talk with each other,  to encourage each other and to urge each other to keep writing. For students, they have the best environment and    their teacher can be the perfect person to guide them to write. Teachers can give them a topic each week or organize some competitions for their students online.  

How to improve?

In order to improve the quality of your writing, I have three suggestions:

1. To read more:including classic novels, essays and other people’s English blog, to make contrast, to learn their merits and correct both their and your faults.

2. To make more friends online. They can help you and communicate with you about your writing, give you some good ideas. The more friends you make, the more comments you will receive from others and the greater you will improve your writing.

3. To keep learning:to learn foreign culture, to enlarge your vocabulary, to foster your English thinking, and to accumulate good sentences and expressions.

For all the people who want to keep improving English via English blog, my experience is leaving your footprints on others’ homepage frequently and comment on others’ writings as much as possible.While learning from others, you will find that most people will step back on your homepage and read your article, so that you won't feel depressed when few people comment on your works. Different people will leave different words to you; you can pick up those good for you and make progress. In a nutshell, you are both a receicer and contributor for this website.

I’m sure you will get satisfaction after your “work” for DioEnglish.
I hope all the English learners who want to learn English well can keep writing, and make improvement every day!



第一, 博客具有开放性,将英语学习由课内延伸到了课外。因此,人们能够更自由的支配学习英语的时间,有更多的机会与英语亲密接触。
第二, 博客的交互性,使得人们可以有效便捷地自由交谈,互相鼓励,互相学习以及交换资源信息。
第三, 博客的团队性。通过访问他人的博客,每个人都得到一种认同感,从而激励用户坚持用英语写日志。不仅如此,用户会逐渐找到一些志趣相同的朋友,一起学习,一起进步。









尽管能够坚持每天写日志的用户占了很大一部分,但这其中包括转发他人帖子的日志,刚开博客不久新鲜劲还没散去的新用户,以及的的确确一直坚持,每天在写日志的老用户。有些人,在博客刚开通不久的一段时间内能够坐到经常更新,但随着时间推移,他们更新的频率越来越慢 其结果是这一部分人的更新频率平均值比较低。对于不同兴趣爱好的朋友来说,他们可以形成不同的小组,讨论自己的所好。对于学生,他们拥有最好的学习环境—学校,而老师是他们最好的英语学习导师。老师可以每周给学生一个话题 可以组织学生在网站上进行一些比赛。对于所有想通过英语博客提高自己英语水平的人来说,我的经验是,多多去踩别人的空间主页,多浏览他人发表的文章并留下自己的评论,在学习了他人的长处的同时,你会发现,大多数你访问过的人都会来回访你的页面,读你写的文章。如此一来,你的人气提高了,给你的写作提意见的人也多了起来,你必定会在这个过程中得到提高。















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