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1. I did very badly at school. My headmaster thought I was      and when I was 14 he said, “You’re never going to be anything but a failure. ”   

A. bright      B. useless         C. simple      D. hopeful

2. Dorothy Brown was very happy as she sat in the theatre listening to the music. Today her little daughter Lauren was giving her first concert. She had been waiting for this moment for years and years. “Now it is here at last,” she thought. “How beautiful her ___1___ is.”

The song made her go back to the days when she was Lauren’s age. As a young girl, Dorothy wanted to be a concert singer. She studied ___2___ in France, Italy and in the United States. “You can become a fine ___3___ in the future,” her teachers told her. “But you must be prepared to study hard and work for many years. 

1. A. voiceB. faceC. dressD. life

2. A. FrenchB. musicC. pianoD. dance

3. A. actressB. studentC. singerD. dancer


1. Our father was a struggling lawyer, but I always knew he was    . He never criticized us, but used _____ to bring out our best.    

   A. strict      B. honest        C. special    D. learned

  A. help   B. peace      C. smile       D. praise

2. His big stomach has always ballooned out between his T-shirt and trousers. Although his family often 

   about that, Ed refused to buy a    T-shirt or to lose weight.

   A. cared     B. forgot     C. quarreled     D. joked

   A. clean     B. straight    C. larger         D. darker


常见语篇标志词语:结构层次:firstly, secondly, thirdly;逻辑关系:thus, therefore, so;递进关系:besides, what’s more, further;转折关系:but, while, however, on the other hand等。

She told the front-desk clerk she had had a(n)  vacation, but was heart-broken about losing several rolls of Kodak color film she had not yet developed.

A. disappointing  B. wonderful   C. uncomfortable  D. important


一找.  逻辑关系题(转折、让步、解释、对立、因果、并列、总分、递进)

二找.  NOT(在原文中找not)

三找.  AND(在原文中找and)


…and the officers then began to eat their meal, saying that the mushrooms had a very strange___quite pleasant taste.

A. besides       B. but         C. and           D. or 


The amount of usable water has always been of great interest in the world. Owning springs and streams sometimes means control, particularly in the   areas like the desert.                

   A.dry       B.distant        C.deserted        D.wild 


I went into a café and asked for a coffee .      I was waiting for my drink, I realized that there were other people in the place, but I sensed loneliness. 

   A.Before        B.Since        C.Although         D.While

2. Have you ever shouted at a teacher, told someone you were lonely, or said you were in love, and then_    later you had kept your mouth shut?

23. A. wished       B. hoped        C. blamed        D. shared

解题思路:利用语法分析解题,选项中的动词都是过去式,其后句宾语从句had kept是过去完成时,故判断是虚拟。


He was only fourteen and was not good at swimming___.So he shouldn’t have gone into that place.

  .A.after all      B. in all      C.at all      D. for all


When, two weeks later, I    this same boy, I was more aware of my position in Nigerian society. I should enjoy this country as the son of a minister.

A. ran after B. ran into    C. ran over      D. ran to 




All of a sudden I started to feel rather ______. She wondered why I was looking for this sort of ______. I felt even more helpless when she told me that it would be difficult to get a job without experience.

A. encouraged    B. dissatisfied    C. helpless    D. pleased

A. place         B. job             C. advice      D. help


That is what a hobby means, I guess. It is something we like to do in our spare time simply for the ______ of it. The value in dollars is not important; we do it for the pleasure it gives us.

A. benefit        B. good         C. fun          D. interest


Forcing yourself to recall almost never helps because it doesn’t ______ your money; it only tightens it.

A. loosen     B. weaken     C. decrease    D. reduce  


Many teachers believe that the responsibilities for learning lie with the students. If a long reading assignment is given, the instructors expect students to be familiar with the information in the reading……When research is _________, the professor expects the student to take it actively and to complete it with minimum guidance.

A. collected     B. assigned     C. distributed   D. finished


Other times, he would join student groups to discuss a variety of       : agriculture, diving and mathematics.

A. questions      B. subjects        C. matters        D. contents




On        days, she wore heavy clothes and a pair of woolen gloves.

A. sunny         B. rainy           C. cloudy        D. snowy


Although these wide modern roads are generally _______ and well maintained, with little sharp curves and many straight ________, a direct route is not always the most enjoyable one.

A. stable      B. smooth         C. splendid   D. complicated

A. selections   B. separations   C. series     D. sections 


“Hooray!” shouted the crowd. It was the loudest        I had ever heard at a meeting. The first-place runner was two laps ahead of me when she crossed the finishing line.

A. cheer       B. shout      C. cry       D. noise


Sometimes he would invite a student to a game of chess.       , he would join student groups to discuss a variety of subjects: agriculture, diving, mathematics.

A. As a matter of fact       B. Later on      C. Other times       D. In general


If a student has problem with classroom work, the student should either _______ a professor during office hours or make an appointment.

A. greet     B. attach     C. approach     D. annoy


1. Travelling west, you set your clock ____; travelling east, you set it ahead. 

A. behind     B. forward     C. back     D. ahead

2. Usually it cannot (get out) because the outside of the earth is too thick and strong. But in some places the outside of the earth is ____ and weak.

    A. thin     B. thick      C. flat     D. rough

3. Liumei is among the ____ ones. The Chinese University of Hong Kong granted (答应给)Liu a full scholarship --- HK$500,000. Not all students are so fortunate. 

A. poor  B. smart  C. lucky  D. silent 

4. First of all, he was a window-cleaner and in his first week he managed to_____ six windows. 

A. rub    B. drop    C. break    D. clean

5. They looked rather __23__ because the overcoats were too big for them.

A. strange   B. young    C. nervous   D. excited

6. We were ______ to go back for class again when the headmaster called us together and said, …

 A. about   B. able    C. sorry    D. sure

7. Friendship is one of the permanent themes in the literature of all language. … Some of us like ____ friends while others like different friends. Personally I prefer both.

Having similar friends has many advantages. …

A. true       B. right       C. same       D. similar

8. The professor marched into the lecture hall, placed upon his desk a large jar filled with dried beans(豆), and invited the students to  38  how many beans the jar contained. After listening to shouts of wildly wrong guesses the professor smiled a thin, dry smile, announced the correct answer, and….

A.count         B. guess       C. report       D. watch

9. Every Thursday afternoon, my art history class meets not in our usual lecture hall (演讲厅) but in our university Art Museum. We spend our one-hour class discussing two or there of the ______: many of which are by artists that we have already studied in class. 

A. subjects      B. paintings       C. speeches   D. lectures

10. I put my head in, expecting the worst. But to my surprise, the room wasn’t empty at all. It had furniture, curtains, a TV, and even paintings on the wall. And then on the well-made bed sat Amy, my new ____, dressed neatly. 

A. roommate   B. classmate    C. neighbor    D. companion

11. I believe that a mixture of friends is equally advantageous. One can ______ from various sorts of friends in three aspects. First, frequent contacts with different friends broaden my world outlooks. Just as various kinds of nutriments keep you healthy, making a ____ of friends keep you lively. … Secondly, I have found that different friends can not only lead to new adventures but also show me new avenues to success in life. …

A. obtain     B. benefit    C. suffer          D. earn

A. range      B. series      C. quantity      D. variety


(2012•广东卷)We all know that some things are obviously right. For example, it is right to be 1 to other people. It is also right to look after the environment. Some things are  2  wrong, too. For instance, we should not hurt or bully(欺负) others, nor should we litter. Rules often tell us what is right or wrong.

Rules can help the public make the right  3 , and remain safe. Car drivers have to obey traffic regulations that tell them the right things to do on the road to avoid crashes. Cyclists who give signals before turning or stopping help prevent  4  .

If people follow rules without taking other matters into consideration, it will be  5  for them to form what is sometimes called a “black and white” view. For example, they may believe that people should always tell the truth, and that lying is  6  acceptable. Such people always stick to their views, even if it means that they may get into  7 .

Sometimes it may not be so easy to know  8  what is right or wrong. Some people choose not to eat meat because they believe that it is  9  to eat animals, but others argue that they can eat meat and  10  be kind to animals; some insist that stealing is always wrong, but others think that one does not need to feel to  11  when stealing some food to eat, if he lives in a really poor area and he is  12 . Rules help us live together in harmony, because they show us the right way to _13_ other .However, some people argue that rules may be __14_, having observed that rules change all the time, and that some schools have some regulations and other have different ones  ----so who is to _15__ what is right?

1 A .kind         B .sensitive       C  fair         D.  generous 

A 根据后文look after the environment以及反面观点的hurt和bully可知,此处应该为kind(友善)。

2 A .equally          B. slightly    C  clearly    D  .increasingly 

C 与第一句some things are obviously right相对应,为同义词同现,故选clearly。

3. A suggestiong   B  conclusions   C  turns       D  choices 

D 根据常识和下句‘…tell them the right things to do…’可知规章告诉人们如何做出正确选择。 

4. A accidents  B mistakes    C  falls    D  deaths

A 根据常识和上文出现的avoid crashes,这里应选prevent accidents,也为同义词同现。

5. A  interesting   B  vital   C  easy   D  valuable 

C 根据逻辑推断,这里应为人们很容易形成“黑白”观,故选easy。 

6 .A  seldom  B  rarely   C  merely    D  never

D 因tell the truth与lying相对,可知这里应选与always相对的never,为反义词同现。

7. A trouble   B  power  C prison  D  control 

A 这里意为坚持“黑白”观的人很容易惹上麻烦,故选 trouble 

8. A  roughly   B eventually   C  deliberately  D  exactly  

D 由后文举例可知,人们有时很难“确切地”辨明是非。

9. A  awful   B  cruel   C  unhealthy   D  unnecessary

B 可根据线索词but推出,这里应选用与后文kind相对应的cruel。 

10. A still   B  even  C  later   D  somehow 

D  这句话的意思是说,他们可能会食肉,同时也会以某种方式善待动物,故选somehow。

11. A  nervous   B  anxious   C  afraid   D  guilty 

D 根据常识,偷东西会自觉有罪或内疚,故选guilty。

12. A  begging  B  starving   C  growing   D  wandering

B 根句上下文以及前文中的he lives in a really poor area,这里应选starving,属场所同现。   

13 A  follow   B  instruct   C  treat   D  protect

C  根句上下文可知这里应选treat。 

14.  A  disgusting   B confusing  C  unsafe   D  unimportant

B  根据后文的…rules change all the time,可知这里应选confusing。

15   A  predict  B  explain   C  decide   D  consider

C 根据前文的…some schools have some regulations and other have different ones,这里应选decide,意为面对这些不同的规章制度,该由谁来“抉择”什么才是正确的规章制度呢?




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