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  • Courage
    s300679 (3 hours ago)

    First of all, I'd like to explain what courage means.courage is one's physical and psychological state, or in other word It means strong heart. Everyd

  • Dine-together
    douglas-baily (Yesterday  21:37)

         We will enjoy extra two days off until this weekend due to sustained high temperature weather outside. As usual, we will thro

  • <<The First Half of My Life>>-2
    shirleyytt2010 (Yesterday  16:15)

    The reason why <<The First Half of My Life>>is super hot these days, because it can teach us the something meaningful, useful in our real life. There

  • What is The Meaning of Life
    shirleyytt2010 (Yesterday  11:12)

    “What is the meaning of life”, we are supposed to be here, but why we are exist here ? In the past few years, I have tried to asked myself this ques

  • left? stay?
    freefu55 (The day before yesterday 15:37)

    Opening the airconditioner, distributing cool drinks, that is all our company can do for us. I think, that is not bad, I just come here for five month

  • The shock from quitting of my superior
    sddzzqq (The day before yesterday 13:23)

    I am so busy that have no time to write new blog. Except for the lecture I had to give last friday, there is another news which is not good for me.My

  • Fishing Trouble
    jpliu (The day before yesterday 09:50)

      Following is a piece of diary written ten years ago. The tea house closed years ago, the river bank close by is now quiet. (May 4,200

  • <<The First Half of My life>>
    shirleyytt2010 (3 days ago)

      My females co-workers are focus on this drama series recently, therefore, it aroused my interest. And I try to follow it at weekends. The TV s

  • Music drama “Body Guard”
    Rosanna (3 days ago)

    The music drama “Body Guard” of England original classical was given a public performance on Jul 22-30 in Bao Li Theater Beijing, I was the lucky on

  • I am failed
    Basa (5 days ago)

      i still can't believe i failed in the examine in the yesterday, i just was beaten by myself, when i was interiew ,we need to give a small class

  • my own version of an optimist
    Joyui (6 days ago)

    I have become my own version of an optimist. If I can’t make it through one door, I’ll go through another door – or I’ll make a door. Something te

  • A good teleplay
    wangjide01 (6 days ago)

            I watched a 49 episodes teleplay named“ Mao Zedong” these days..  It shows the life of new China founder chairman M

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