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  • Talk about tandem-a languge tool to talk with foreigns
    COLMAN (Yesterday  21:17)

    Several days ago, i would like to seek a good tools to talk wi

  • The coming National Day
    teadrinking (Yesterday  19:22)

    Highways are crowded with cars which is the scene shows up again and again when it comes to holidays. Though everywhere has random covid cases, it nev

  • Be better in the furture
    davidjuyong (Yesterday  10:44)

      Hello everyone. It is a long time did not write something here.   This blog is less and less people visit here now.I am afraid of that the

  • 30 September
    Sumingyu (Yesterday  08:47)

    This vacation many things I must do.But the most important are only two.I have to clear flues of the brick bed;Then to post video of mother's head.

  • Best scenery
    teadrinking (3 days ago)

    Because of the cool and dry weather, it undoubtedly provides the ideal moment to admire the best scenery of a year. Low humidity has no sense of damp

  • Being better
    teadrinking (4 days ago)

    For the universe, the current observation is just a tiny part of its existence that we are barely understanding nothing of its origination and future.

  • Do something
    teadrinking (7 days ago)

    The perfect weather is the golden time for enjoyment. Every single day could be the momentum of living forward. Please, do not think too much. Just se

  • Trapped trips
    teadrinking (2022-09-23)

    Red flags have been decorated well alongside streets warming up the atmosphere nicely for the upcoming National Holiday. Yet, the anxiety for being ex

  • Change
    teadrinking (2022-09-22)

    After a three-year's construction, the West Railway Station is opened today, and three more subway lines have followed suit to operation. Then the tra

  • Evolvement of the fall
    teadrinking (2022-09-21)

    As the blossom of osmanthus flowers and cooling temperatures, autumn represents the end of hot summer. This mild weather is relatively dry in humidity

  • Fantastic
    teadrinking (2022-09-20)

    With the warmth of sunshine, the casual walk is enjoyable since it burdens nothing else, instead it only provides pleasure that I can have fun. Y

  • Uneven
    teadrinking (2022-09-19)

    The summer was that hot to be like a stove burning all the way. And now the mild weather will last for weeks before it is getting cold. And this momen

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