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  • Douyin
    teadrinking (Yesterday  16:13)

    I have just uninstalled the app Douyin. I never know its good and find nothing else there but a waste of time. If my friend did not ask me to do him a

  • 19 June 2021
    Sumingyu (Yesterday  08:47)

    Plum blossoms and flakes are competingFor seeking attraction in the early spring.In flavour blooming flowers turn superior.However, in whiteness they

  • Unpredictable rain
    teadrinking (The day before yesterday 15:27)

    The unpredictable rain always comes out of blue. The damp air makes me unbearable to move a muscle and all I want to do is to find a seat with air con

  • 18 June 2021
    Sumingyu (The day before yesterday 10:33)

    A twittering turtledove on cottage is in sight.By the village apricot blossoms are so white. The outstretched twigs are cut off with axes.Hoes ar

  • 17 June 2021
    Sumingyu (3 days ago)

    Trees bearing red beans at southern landShoot new twigs with the arrival of spring. Try to get enough seeds under your hand,For they're the best

  • 16 June 2021
    Sumingyu (4 days ago)

    I wish my comrades could seek a refuge.My opportunity for survival may be huge.I'll face death withacontemptuous smile.Our like-mindedness will win h

  • Dragon Boat festival
    Rosanna (5 days ago)

    The Dragon Boat is one of oldest traditional festival of Chinese nation, It is celebrated on May the fifth of the lunar calendar and by people of ma

  • 15 June 2021
    Sumingyu (5 days ago)

    Steeds neigh bitterly and chariots rattle by.Recruits carry arrows and bows waist-high.All family members rush to wave goodbye.Clouds of dust conceal

  • 14 June 2021
    Sumingyu (6 days ago)

    On tops of mulberries some cocks crow, When a dog’s barking in an alley below.Lonely and remote is this vague village.Smoke rises from chimney of a

  • Indoors workout
    teadrinking (7 days ago)

    The rain is in the domination of everyday and streams are fully enjoying with turbulence. The land is cleansed by raindrops and the earth smells with

  • 13 June 2021
    Sumingyu (7 days ago)

    I wonder why thou openest my book, Illiterate breeze, and tak’st vain look. I was put to death owing to the lines. The sun to the writer no more s

  • 人 Humans (周国平)
    Dempsey (2021-06-12)

    人是唯一能追问自身存在之意义的动物。这是人的伟大之处,也是人的悲壮之处。A man is the only who can inquire into the being of himself—the being of grea

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