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  • One Thing about Love
    bluephoebe (Yesterday  17:20)

    “Women are the instruments of my pleasure; I have no patience with their claim to be helpmates, partners, companions.” ----By Charles Strickland in

  • Now, I am an English teacher.
    TigerAlice (Yesterday  16:50)

        It has been a long time since i came here. Two years ago, i was a college student. Now i am an English teacher in a middle sch

  • Passion of Life
    bluephoebe (The day before yesterday 15:14)

    The point of life is to find out what you’re passionate about and go after it. To put it strictly, my real passion is still in question for me. Howev

  • Phone call from headhunting
    douglas-baily (3 days ago)

        Today, I got a phone call from a headhunting, during the phone call, he asked me if I am interested in a new job from new company o

  • Where my insecurity comes from?
    bluephoebe (3 days ago)

    I’ve made up my mind to keep a diary here. If I still see writing as one of my hobbies, I can write it on and off. But if I ever want to make any imp

  • The laba Festival
    Rosanna (3 days ago)

    The eighth day of the twelfth lunar month is the day of La Ba, it is the traditional Chinese festival, and the people would like celebrate the harvest

  • Be positive, whatever!
    bluephoebe (4 days ago)

    One of my new year’s resolution is to write twice at least a week. And now two weeks have already passed by and I only finished one writing. New year

  • The Trip to Spain (part 4)
    Rosanna (5 days ago)

    We only spent two days in Portugal for this trip, one day was going shop in the capital city Lisbon, another day we went to the seaport for visiting,

  • That day is there
    teadrinking (5 days ago)

    The dream is about to realise once you are on it. The goal you set up is going to act as long as you put it into practice. We sometimes seemingly know

  • I don't have a religion
    sweetolive (6 days ago)

    In Australia, when people know I don’t have a religion, they will be a bit surprised: “Really, you don't have one?” It seems odd to them. Howe

  • About work
    freefu55 (6 days ago)

    I am here to learn, not here to abey. I am quite tired and unhappy, cause I can't leave right now.

  • Sharing in 2017
    Rosanna (7 days ago)

    This is my new book and the fifth book of my blogs. Since the year 2012 I have started to write for six years already, I really can’t believe I can k

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