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  • My Thoughts Towards Xue Zhiqian's Affair
    Cora28 (Yesterday  22:36)

    Currently, Li Yutong, the ex-girlfriend of famous singer Xue Zhiqian was searched on Weibo. Since my best friend is his fan, I read the news care

  • Fall Is Coming, Time Flies
    Germini (Yesterday  22:32)

    "Provided that you were coming in the fall, I'd brush the summer by." Today is September 21 and the atmosphere of autumn is more and more fu

  • The Way to Relax
    Slytherinmuggle (Yesterday  22:29)

    We are always faced with annoyance whether we accept it or not. So am I. As a college student, my annoyance maybe mainly comes from study an

  • The Belt and Road Initiative
    Innsbruck (Yesterday  21:32)

        It is universally acknowledged that the trend of globalization is apparent. It means that the cooperation between countries is beco

  • Do small things in a great way
    Vivian_Lee666 (Yesterday  21:20)

       Throughout the history, people all desired to be successful. Nevertheless, singly a few of them were really able to make it. To our aston

  • A new period
    wangjide01 (Yesterday  17:30)

            I finished my english exam last week, although I don't have a good performance in the exam. I was so

  • Career and family which is more important
    cherieLL (Yesterday  14:54)

    I read a story the other day.A company man, he was a perfect Type A, a workaholic. He worked six days a week, over ten hours a day. He was j

  • What is happiness?
    Ivy320 (Yesterday  14:49)

      What is happiness? This is a question that without an absolute answer. Currently, we are gradually realizing what genuine happiness is for pers

  • Ride a bike to work
    shirleyytt2010 (Yesterday  09:12)

      I remember that only when I was middle school student, I went to school with my classmates by bike, I will never forget the happy days to be w

  • Borrow From Others But Walk Your Own Way
    leexiu2006 (Yesterday  09:00)

          When it comes to English teaching, so many teaching theories or methods given, provided or recommended by those experts

  • A Trip to IKEA
    舌甘木昜 (Yesterday  00:14)

    The instant I received an updated subscription from IKEA Family Club on WeChat, I thought of that trip to IKEA with my roommates two weeks ago. Since

  • What Does Ofo bikes bring us
    Ashley@110917 (The day before yesterday 22:37)

    What Does Ofo bikes bring us Currently, with the development of people's environmental awareness, when they go out, they will choose more environmenta

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