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  • Stronger
    douglas-baily (Yesterday  22:26)

         I am still not happy these days because of unfair treatment, but, I can try not to show my negative emotion in public even I

  • New word: brag
    sddzzqq (Yesterday  14:16)

    Today I learnt it from an American friend. He encouraged my elder son to talk to him so that the boy can brag to his friends: hey, I have an American

  • Do you have golden period
    Jesse2016 (Yesterday  13:45)

    My golden period separate two , one is my single time , another is  I become a mother . in my single time , I can spend all time to do work and s

  • 2018-03-21
    Amily123 (Yesterday  11:43)

        My adorable nephew is six months now, but he is too small. He is only 7.2kg, 35cm. I'm very fond of him. Wish him healthy and happy.

  • Warm family
    Rosanna (The day before yesterday 10:43)

    The home of North of China is warm in winter, it is warmer than other families in South, this winter most of southern had the heavily snows, but North

  • How to handle negative mood
    sweetapple (3 days ago)

    Recent days, I was going through a very pressureful time. I have been working for almost three years, while very unfortunately, I haven't find a inter

  • Account numbers
    sys (3 days ago)

    I  tried to send a blog here from 8 clock but now 2 hours passed . After dealt with so many trivial affairs I hurried to log in my computer . unf

  • 2080314
    AnSen (2018-03-14)

    I will work harder-----Sister Futhe continuous patter of raindrops。 

  • Self-contradiction
    douglas-baily (2018-03-14)

        There is not any progress of new assigned jobs from my boss since he announced his decision. Actually, I am not prepared to accept

  • Excuse Me ???
    bluephoebe (2018-03-14)

    I’ve received several articles about Literature Women from WeChat accounts I followed, articles like “How to identify a literature woman”, “Hallma

  • 20180313
    AnSen (2018-03-13)

    One hear , I'll die---Sister fu  

  • My fist day in this web
    Amily123 (2018-03-13)

          Hello, everyone! It's my first day in this website. I'm a new comer here. I found this web occasionally last week. I'm glad to fi

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