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  • Build a National Consciousness
    Janice~ (1 hours ago)

      Most of us know the four famous books in our country. The Romance of Three Kingdoms is a novel woven around the warring states of Wei

  • This Summer I Travelled to Japan
    Xtasy (7 hours ago)

    This summer, I spent seven exciting days in Japan. My Hubby and I visited Tokyo, Sapporo and several small cities in Hokkaido. We planned our trip on

  • Typhoon days
    jaylinxuxun (7 hours ago)

      It is a typhoon day. It is rainning outside. The mountain side like covered with moist when I glance outside from the window.   The

  • Get together with my friends
    Rosanna (12 hours ago)

    One of my friends Ms Yang is going to retire; all of our friends were invited by her at the last night in Paulaner German restaurant for the celebrati

  • My worst teacher
    Adelewy (Yesterday  21:11)

    We met many teachers in the course of our long learning career while time passed away. Each of them is not identical, and some of them gave me kn

  • Online Shoppig
    FairyHY (Yesterday  20:49)

      With the rapid development of our modern society, shopping online is more acceptable by us and more convenient for us. Nowadays it always

  • Life decision
    freefu55 (Yesterday  19:48)

    This fall is a bit cold, in everytime of Autumn, the most scenery you would think is the ripe fruit with so much sweetness and happiness. Yes, I can't

  • My unpleasent dream
    Yakira (Yesterday  18:58)

    I always dream when I was sleep, when I was in senior high school, I dreamed a horrible dream I will never forget it.<div>That was a sunny day, my boy

    Lyoko (Yesterday  15:16)

    this year, like any other 18years people ,I become a uninersity student.At first ,I think university life is full of fun and I enjoy many activity in

  • 2016-10-20
    Aprilila (Yesterday  13:50)

    <div>Recently, we have a lot of public bicycles on campus. Many students go to school by bike or hang around on campus. This makes me very envious. Be

  • What should I do?
    Zoe_M (The day before yesterday 22:33)

    <div>In fact, for moral kidnapping, I am so scared. There are many classmates to introduce you to do a variety of part-time job, such as distributing

  • The most unpleasant dream
    Annie♡ (The day before yesterday 20:23)

    When it comes to the most unpleasant dream in my life my memories rush back to 3 years ago when I was a student of grade 2 in senior high school.&nbs

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