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  • 20 January 2019
    Sumingyu (Yesterday  23:43)

    A brief introduction of Mr Tin Ka Ping's life 田家炳先生生平简介Mr Tin Ka Ping,Chairman of Hong Kong Tin's Chemical Industry Limited Company,香港田氏

  • 19 January 2019
    Sumingyu (The day before yesterday 21:56)

    You have pupils everywhere and raise seedlings for the country. 种得桃李满天下,心唯大我育青禾。You are the vernal breeze, silkworm and mud shielding

  • A Distant Relative Is not as Good as a Near Neighbor
    jeffrey0301 (The day before yesterday 00:06)

    There is an old saying in China: “A distant relative is not as good as a near neighbor". The means that when you are in trouble, the person who is mo

  • 18 January 2019
    Sumingyu (3 days ago)

    The deeds of characters moving China in 2017 and words of praise for them at the awarding ceremony 2017年度感动中国人物事迹及颁奖词Heaven has tender

  • I love blue sea
    Rosanna (3 days ago)

    I love blue sea, not only it is so wide and large, but also it is so powerful and strong enough in anywhere, it has the different colours in one day a

  • 17 January 2019
    Sumingyu (4 days ago)

    Lu Yonggen has not left his property to his only daughter. He said, “The party has trained me up, and now it's time to make my final contribution by

  • 16 January 2019
    Sumingyu (4 days ago)

    In March 2017, supported by his wife, Professor Lu Yonggen went to their bank having ten-odd deposits transferred to the account of South China Agricu

  • New ways of learning
    bluephoebe (5 days ago)

    One of my new year resolutions in 2019 is to run half-marathon. It’s a bit challenging for me cause so far, the longest distance I’ve ever run is 5

  • Wuzhizhou Island
    Rosanna (5 days ago)

    LiLi suggested we’d better go to Wuzhizhou Island for one day tour, as we knows the place is very famous and many of travel agents is making the plac

  • 15 January 2019
    Sumingyu (6 days ago)

    The fair green tree in the yard is dense with blossoms. 庭中有奇樹,緑葉發華滋。I pull down and break off a twig with flowers for presenting to the m

  • The second production line set up
    douglas-baily (6 days ago)

         We should complete the second production line set-up this week as plan, we are not sure whether we can go as plan based on

  • Group living
    Rosanna (6 days ago)

    I visited the relatives with Tiger for a few days in Zhan Jiang, everyday eating was the main points from the morning to the late evening, entertain u

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