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  • The Yearning for Love
    Dempsey (Yesterday  17:11)

    When I was young and not ill, the campus life was full of colourful girls. I once lost my heart to those who had both inside and outside beauty, and m

  • Drinking water
    teadrinking (Yesterday  15:30)

    The water is so sure to be good for health that I keep drinking it regularly. Before going to work, I have a glass of water. Before jogging around, I

  • Koi Fish III
    ada23 (Yesterday  14:02)

        I don`t know when exactly i wanna a black koi fish, maybe the rarity of this color or the moment i picked the fish and it

  • 28 October 2021
    Sumingyu (Yesterday  11:58)

    I can continue to read and write.I have become too lazy to recite.I feel lack of strength and might.The works will never gain height.

  • Fragrance in the air
    teadrinking (The day before yesterday 19:28)

    It is notoriously difficult to predict the weather. Before it is getting too cold, osmanthus flowers are blossoming out everywhere. I'd like this mome

  • koi fish II
    ada23 (The day before yesterday 16:18)

         I found my gold koi fish can`t entirely unfold its pelvic fin, i once though maybe it not accustomed to the water qualit

  • 27 October 2021
    Sumingyu (The day before yesterday 10:43)

    Our school merged with others last year,And the first anniversary has come here.Good days tend to vanish far in the rear.The most melancholy period dr

  • Education – a means to an end
    Rosanna (The day before yesterday 09:17)

    Education is not an end, but a means to an end. In other words, we do not educate children only for the purpose of educating them, our purpose is to f

  • 26 October 2021
    Sumingyu (3 days ago)

    Affairs tend to be beyond our thought.Such happenings we may behold a lot.In lives we easily do something wrong.That'll be nice to correct it before l

  • A surprise
    bluephoebe (4 days ago)

    This morning I attended an awarding ceremony that I guess every parent would be more than happy to attend: awarding ceremony for the students.  

  • 25 October 2021
    Sumingyu (4 days ago)

    Sister offers to tend mother in her flat.Both parent and I have agreed to that.May the attempt to get over the messBe a quick and overwhelming success

  • Life in the Duty Room
    Dempsey (5 days ago)

    The life in the duty room is boring to death, but I still have to live it. There is no substitution for the peace I dwell in. The loneliness I suffer

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