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  • Will e-books replace paper-books?
    Vivian_Lee666 (Yesterday  20:10)

    People today are surrounded by many sorts of electronic devices, owing to the rapid development of science and technology. Based on this, many of

  • The birth of real actors and actresses
    三更 (Yesterday  19:42)

    With the gradual prosperity of TV Series nowadays, the stage for people who have dreams and are brave is larger. At the same time, the proficienc

  • Tencent
    marcotong (Yesterday  13:01)

    Tencent surpassed facebook, became the 5th largest company in the world in ICT

  • How to improve the ability of public speaking
    lavender_yue (Yesterday  12:43)

    <div>It is extremely common for us to make a public speech in work or study. Nevertheless, a large number of people do not know how to make it success

  • Grab what you have
    teadrinking (The day before yesterday 21:25)

    Everyone was born with nothing but a naked body. We neither belong to the past nor the future. What we can have is the present moment. After rememberi

  • School district housing
    douglas-baily (The day before yesterday 20:31)

        Recently, one of our neighbors who live in front of my door was considering to sell his house for seeking a better school district

  • Should we will regret for something
    wangjide01 (3 days ago)

         Are you always regret for something?  I always heard some regret such as:  If I bought a house 5 years ago,  I won'

    yvonneandmandy (3 days ago)

    Three months ago, We opened a pot stewed meat shop in tian e hu commuinity in longwan county wenzhou city. I t is not as what we think. We are too bus

  • An Exam
    IMNONARCISSUS (3 days ago)

    <div> What will you do if you do not so well as you expect ?</div>nbsp; I took an exam this afternoon. To

  • One of my friends – Luo Lin
    Rosanna (3 days ago)

    I knew a couple at the last travel to Myanmar, her husband is running his own business related making alcohol, She is almost 30 + years old, they have

  • Provincial Games
    hanzo0124 (4 days ago)

    Two days ago, I went to China Medicine University on behalf of the school to participate in the Jiangsu provincial games. Up to now, the mood is

  • No title
    Su_安琪 (4 days ago)

      I have been learning English for last more than 2 years ,every time when i looked back,i found   my real journey in English was start

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