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  • play guitar
    yason (The day before yesterday 22:44)

    Study Playing guitar is so hard, but I will go on!

  • the tip of the chain
    ada23 (3 days ago)

        I am totally confused in contrast to the confidence days ago.搜索复制    Actually my long-term evaluation ideology being chall

  • Terrible of my credential Card
    Jason2014 (3 days ago)

    Recently I wanted to apply for a CITIC credit card,when the staff put my ID to identify and enroll some necessary information for it , there was a err

  • Communication skill
    Jesse2016 (3 days ago)

    Did you meet any communication problem ?  some time I felt ,I am not very flexible when I  negotiate with a stranger or a familiar peop

  • What can make the people confident?
    Rosanna (4 days ago)

    Good looking can make the people confident that everybody knows, but today I know the healthy also can be making the people changeable and confident.

  • The disgusting mosquito
    douglas-baily (5 days ago)

         I didn't sleep well last night, there was always a mosquito noising around my head at midnight and it totally spoiled my swee

  • Foreign sales job
    Candydu (6 days ago)

    Is there any one do foreign sales?What do you think of this job?Sometimes it is a hard time to delevlop a good customer,there have no any results even

  • a boy
    ada23 (6 days ago)

        I once read a message online, what kind of people you want to befriend?搜索复制    A wisdom one after went through the mud, a

  • Education
    Jason2014 (6 days ago)

    The temperature is warm and warm in the coming days, even the nursery education is hot than temperature, it is time for nursery entrance application.

  • Embarrassing thing
    Jesse2016 (6 days ago)

    do you meet embrassing thing ? I met a neverous things last week examing test ,  I forgot how to write some of characters when I w

  • some words.
    Candy.liu (7 days ago)

    Somebody said: To be a warm people, then to warm others, but how. It’s the saying goes like that: May the world treat you in gentle and soft way. Bu

  • a try
    ada23 (2017-04-16)

        Office politics, pervading by some degrees in the company.    Not only in the individual department but also existin

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