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  • Is military training necessary for freshmen?
    A-Better-Me. (Yesterday  21:52)

    With the start of the new semester, millions of freshmen have to undergo a two-week-long compulsory military training. There is much controversy

  • Game of Thrones
    Julyyyzy (Yesterday  21:26)

    When the first time you see my title, you may be wandering that if I'm going to introduce you the famous American TC series Game of Thrones. Actu

  • Let us enjoy eating instant noodles!
    liondoggy (Yesterday  15:15)

      As is known to all, instant noodles are characterized by its dainty and convenience, grabbing at the favor of people firmly. Not only does it i

  • Myanmar trip
    Rosanna (Yesterday  11:41)

    We were back from Myanmar at the last evening and finishing seven days trip with one of tour group. General speaking the accommodation was not bad, su

  • 19th CPC National Congress Opened yesterday
    MarcoYang (Yesterday  10:07)

        19th CPC National Congress Opened on 18th October 2017!    The most important thing for our Chinese people was that Wangqishan

  • Canton Fair
    MarcoYang (The day before yesterday 23:07)

        The 122th Canton Fair opened on 15th October 2017 that was last Sunday.     I noticed that my exhibitor entry pass was ma

  • Mid night
    teadrinking (The day before yesterday 22:19)

    There was a time, I never thought that I would stay up late, or at least was going to sleep at a very late time. Now I feel it is abnormal if I go to

  • Subhealth
    douglas-baily (The day before yesterday 21:10)

        Nowadays, sub-health is seriously undermining the living quality of modern people, I am currently kind of sub-health in a way. It l

  • Rainy Day
    ZoePan (The day before yesterday 16:22)

    It’s rainy today.I bought a bottle of soap suds for my child but I can only choose seller who locates in BeiJing due to the 19th CPC National Congres

  • stomach cancer
    noah.xiang (The day before yesterday 15:00)

    today my previous colleague told me that my previous manager was ill and just finished operation. i just think that it was a small operation. but he t

  • A funny movie
    ZoePan (3 days ago)

    My husband and I went to the movie theater on weekend.We saw the "The shy fist" and it is so funny.We laughed a lot and the plot is very interesting.T

  • A day to remember
    bluephoebe (3 days ago)

    There are moments in life that I would feel tired of hustle and bustle in city life, feel tired of being pushed around like every minute, feel tired o

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