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  • The memory of college entrance examination
    liondoggy (Yesterday  23:01)

       As the day of college entrance examination is approaching, a lot of memories flash into my mind. All the feelings stuff my breast, includ

  • The TEM4
    Gabriella_ (Yesterday  21:50)

    It's 8:15 clocks in the morning. I put my ID card and admission ticket in the top right corner of the table for the supervisor to check. Then, I check

  • Hero In the Air
    koofun (Yesterday  20:55)

    On 14th May, a fragment of news that a captain saved all of the people in an airplane hit the headlines all over the media. The right windshield of Si

  • Too Tired To Be Young
    Koooas (Yesterday  20:26)

    It was a hot summer day, and even now I still remember the smell of sweat.The weather had been terribly hot recently. The narrow space on the bus

  • Life is frigile
    Innsbruck (Yesterday  19:35)

    Several years ago, I witnessed a traffic accident in a rainy day on the way to school, which still sticks in my mind. Almost late that day, so I ran a

  • One Mistake I Should Confess
    kayla007 (Yesterday  18:52)

    It happened around 9 years ago, but my heart still hurts every time I remember it.In the summer of 2009, my father and mother made a bamboo basket pad

  • An Difficult But Unforgettable Experience
    09刘晶 (Yesterday  18:33)

      Everyone has their own experiences, difficult or unforgettable. No matter what kind of experience they have, it is the precious wealth in

  • An Unforgettable Thing
    Dorachenhua (Yesterday  18:22)

    In life, those trivial things happen every day, only one of them impresses me deeply and makes me understand a truth.During the summer vacation, I wen

  • The Day Before A Trip
    Leon-Peace (Yesterday  17:23)

    My friends and I arrived at Chiengmai, Tailand on 28th July last summer vacation. And we have a good time there, also, created unforgettable memories.

  • Encounter a Star
    Cora28 (Yesterday  17:09)

      Sometimes stars are around you. Last Saturday, my friend and I went shopping in Deji Plaze. Since it was May 20 and weekend, there were many pe

  • Playerunknown's Battlegrounds
    Julyyyzy (Yesterday  17:04)

    About one and a half months ago, I started playing a mobile game named Playerunknown's Battlegrounds.  At the beginning, I was not familiar with

  • The Hard Task
    Vava (Yesterday  16:41)

    Recently, I have been in trouble, but it makes sense.I am a member of the radio station in our school. There is a good tradition in the organizat

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