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  • Singles Day
    Lemon_lemon (1 hours ago)

        Singles day has just passed away, and the fastest order from door to door delivery took just 12 minutes. Back to 2016, the very first cu

  • Should Parents Choose Private Education?
    SuNdadadas (2 hours ago)

      Nowadays, according to the latest Ipsos Mori poll, over half of the parents prefer private education on account of the raising investment of ed

  • Why I am so jittered?
    Roger.Young (2 hours ago)

    Why I am so jittered? Why I can not fall asleep when I am worn to a frazzle? Why I am always in haste?  Why? I have been keeping asking myself.

  • Friend Interpreted
    Herewalkingcat (4 hours ago)

    One day I watched a short video that is a reality show named Our Idol. To be honest, I was touched when the members becoming intimate friends and

  • Language Violence
    Lorca (4 hours ago)

      A few days ago, I was deeply touched by the verbal violence happening around my friends. Thus, I write the article to express and describe lang

  • Energy Conservation
    dgylsehun (5 hours ago)

         The earth has been brought up generations of human beings, providing us with abundant resource that makes us survive and prosper.&

  • About Rhythmic Gymnastics
    Nancy_0310 (6 hours ago)

    After finishing my Career as a rhythmic gymnast for about three months, I would like to write a short essay to take a brief introduction of rhythmic g

  • Winter Treat
    Leon-Peace (6 hours ago)

    A couple of days ago, I read news about winter treat. According to the news, a bowl of hot soup in a frigid winter day is the most satisfying cho

  • Childhood Time
    ohsehun (6 hours ago)

    Childhood is the most unforgettable part of people's heart, what's more, people always look forward to rewinding the clock, which can return to the si

  • How you can do to reduce pressure
    凌铭解 (7 hours ago)

    With the development of our society, people are faced with more and more pressure which is from every area of life. For example, quite a few stud

  • The Alchemist
    cherieLL (8 hours ago)

    Recently, I read a book The Alchemist. This is a story of a Spanish teenager&nbs

  • Should we advocate quitting jobs for travelling?
    Koooas (11 hours ago)

    With the rapid development of the society, people's spiritual needs are also increasing. As a result, there has been a recent trend of quitting j

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