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  • Traffic Congestion And Solutions
    Nicole.J (4 hours ago)

    <div>As the number of private cars is increasing at a fast rate in China, traffic congestion, especially in large cities, is becoming more and more a

  • I am confused that how to persuade my colleague to accept my advises.
    ellinluk (6 hours ago)

    I am confused that how to persuade my colleague to accept my advises.Actually, i have the same title with my colleague, but i stayed longer than her i

  • A Serious Social Problem
    Sarah_SY (7 hours ago)

    With the swift development of modern economy and technology, the number of private cars is increasing at a fast rate throughout the entire world. 

  • Go on
    teadrinking (Yesterday  23:07)

    The days hold the memory of everything, and the best thing that still goes as usual. Nothing can be so well as nothing happened before. From the hot s

  • Deal with the traffic jams
    Yakira (Yesterday  21:11)

    With the development of the society, people's life becoming more and more convenient, but the problems like traffic congestion are increasing fast, ci

  • Real Estate
    douglas-baily (Yesterday  21:08)

        These days, I accompany my colleague to go to sales hall for seeing a set of apartment. Maybe, he got too much information from rea

  • Imagination
    Pumpkinx (Yesterday  21:06)

    Do you have such kind of experience?In the occasion of you half awaken, you can realize that you are dreaming and sense your body, too. Then you

  • My daily affair
    Hui.Zhang (Yesterday  20:32)

    This morning, I phoned my Dad. At the beginning, I did not recognize his voice and I considered my little brother answered me. Therefore I said straig

  • What parents do is more important than what they say
    Silencehyt (Yesterday  19:58)

    My attention was usually drawn to big news when I was watching the news on the internet. Today, however, a piece of small news caught my sight. In t

  • Nanjing's Traffic Situation
    Ms.Y (Yesterday  19:35)

         As we all know, with the development of modern technology, car is more and more common. Therefore, there is no doubt that the

  • The nightmare
    Heator (Yesterday  19:04)

    Japs broke into my house!I suddenly opened my eyes, grabbed my clothes, locked the door and hid in my wardrobe. I heard the noise they made. 

  • Traffic jams
    zhaojinyuan (Yesterday  18:52)

    When it comes to traffic jams, most of us would curse under breath. For traffic 

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