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  • Dream
    bluephoebe (1 hours ago)

    My grandpa gave a video call.   I haven’t seen him like ages so I grabbed the iPad. The signal must be poor, and I couldn’t see him clearly

  • Shrimps steamed with egg
    Aurasolar (Yesterday  19:11)

    Get rid of the heads and shells of the shrimps. Get rid of the dark thread in the shrimp's body. It might contain mud or sand.Wash the shrimps clean.

  • Eggplant stewed with pork slices
    Aurasolar (Yesterday  19:05)

    Choose eggplants with purple stems, the long, tender ones.Tear the eggplant into small pieces.Cut pork into thin slices.Pickle pork slices with liquor

  • A poor cat
    Aurasolar (Yesterday  18:56)

    This morning I had a walk outside our community, to take in some fresh air. Under a clump of green plants, I saw a cat. It was a large cat, looking pl

  • A naughty horse
    Aurasolar (Yesterday  18:49)

    All the horses were tethered in a stable. Sometimes the children would touch the horses. The horses had large nostrils and large, dark eyes. They had

  • 4 June 2020
    Sumingyu (Yesterday  18:47)

    By the road an old elm stands;Round its waist are fastened red bands.Some superstitious people go there to pray.Their sacrificial offerings are still

  • Riding a horse
    Aurasolar (Yesterday  18:42)

    There is a horse riding club in the outskirt of Best Town. They kept several horses and trained the horses to run around a field. I rode horses w

  • 3 June 2020
    Sumingyu (Yesterday  09:45)

    Good news comes to us slow. That’s why it tends to glow When does it finally show. We still take it with a shadow Of doubt and a bit of sorrow,

  • DIY picture
    Rosanna (Yesterday  09:32)

    When I was a girl at home, I would like to do something in my corner alone, such as collecting candy papers in my note book in order to keep it flat

  • Christmas
    Aurasolar (The day before yesterday 23:44)

    Little children believe that Santa Claus would fly in the sky, a plump, kind, old man carrying a large sack and sat on a sled. A reindeer would draw t

  • Spring outing
    Aurasolar (The day before yesterday 23:39)

    We went spring outing. A wind picked up. The air was fresh. Tiny bright flowers were blooming among thick clumps. Pale green grasses were rippling. Ne

  • A rich man
    Aurasolar (The day before yesterday 23:35)

           In the early morning, I waited for a bus. It was cold, and I waited impatiently. An aged man walked to the station. He look

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