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  • Changing
    douglas-baily (Yesterday  21:37)

          Sometimes, I am not satisfied with myself especially when I try my best to complete a concrete case. Most of time, I th

  • Be Careful When You Are Doing Business
    shirleyytt2010 (The day before yesterday 22:15)

    It is well known that the manufacture industrial is bad in 2016 and it is not a strange thing to witness the bankrupt situation for some factories. Nu

  • To my students
    lovingfun (The day before yesterday 20:02)

            I will be back in Beijing again next month, and  I have to say goodbye to the students whom I teach in New Hope Schoo

  • Given a name
    Rosanna (The day before yesterday 18:36)

    Given a name for the baby will last his whole life, the young couples are looking forward the name is special and unique for the new baby. There are s

  • 2016-12-06
    Jesse2016 (The day before yesterday 15:02)

    good news is equal happy mood, when I saw the inspection report of hospital,  I felt happy because I am a pregnant now , I am eager  a baby

  • The Person Who Care About You Most
    shirleyytt2010 (3 days ago)

      1)    Never mind the high cost when you eat outside with him, he is generous to you and seeing your enjoy the dishes really mak

  • my hometown
    Basa (3 days ago)

    my hometown is very beautiful,it stands beside a wide riverand is rich in fish and rich.<div>in 1949 my hometown was liberated.since then great change

  • Climb Moutain
    Tracy-Win (3 days ago)

    Yesterday,so tire.We spent 5 hours to scenic spot.the time very urgent for arrive to the top moutain.We are climb Jinzi Moutain of Guangdong province.

  • have you taken action for a change
    sweetolive (3 days ago)

    Knowledge is only potential power until it comes into the hands of someone who knows how to get himself to take effective action.- Anthoy Robbins -Sal

  • Hey, it's me
    freefu55 (3 days ago)

    I am so happy that I can post blog again. I don't know why I can't post my blog weeks ago, maybe I break the site rules, or maybe there is something w

  • The disadvantages of WeChat
    fengqiwu (4 days ago)

    As WeCht becomes more and more popular, more and more people like to use it. But as far as I am concerned, it's not very safe to post pictures an

  • Headache and Sleeping
    Hormone (4 days ago)

    When I lie down on the bed, I can think about nothing but sleep as long as I can. I wouldn't choose to study, walk around, go shopping or play my drum

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