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  • childhood dream
    zhaojinyuan (1 hours ago)

                 When it comes to childhood dream, I have a lot to say. During my childhood, I

  • Childhood Dream
    LiliBoom (2 hours ago)

    Martin luther king said I have a dream. I think everyone has a dream. In our childhood, we must have a lot of unrealistic dreams. As ou

  • Gift
    Moco安 (2 hours ago)

    There are some days that I really dislike during a year, my friends' or whose&n

  • Are you willing to help when necessary?
    qingmang (3 hours ago)

    <div>Are you willing to help when necessary?</div><div>A lot of people will refuse to offer their hands when someone calls for help, because they beli

  • My Feelings About Long-distance Running
    Derwent (4 hours ago)

    Long-distance running is always a nightmare for me. In fact, I love sports.But when participating in long-distance running, I feel my lungs on fi

  • My childhood dream
    Adelewy (5 hours ago)

    Nowadays, talking about our dreams seem a silly behavior. But when we were young, we had lots of dreams.In reality, my childhood dreams are

  • The lost money
    Legolas (5 hours ago)

    I'm a person who is exceedingly careless and I have suffered for it many times.  One day, when I was ready to go home, my headteacher asked me to

  • The Way to Keep Healthy
    Ms.Y (6 hours ago)

      It is important for us to be healthy in our life. We can't study or work well with a healthy body.    There is no doubt that there ar

  • Pass warmth
    Gloria- (7 hours ago)

    Recently, a child named Luo Yixiao has become a buzzword on WeChat, as tens of thousands of users repost her father's heart-wrenching missives. T

  • It is a lucky day
    Zoe_M (9 hours ago)

    Yesterday I got a message. It said that I award the prize about writing. It was so amazing. This is the first time I got the prize about my hobby. In

  • Knowledge And Wisdom
    Nicole.J (10 hours ago)

    <div>The relationship between knowledge and wisdom is a problem that people are always willing to talk about but can hardly figure out. Nevertheless,

  • Should University Student be Financially Independent?
    Janice~ (Yesterday  23:28)

    After attending university, many university students will find a part time job, which leads to a debate about whether university students shoul

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