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  • A new period
    wangjide01 (1 hours ago)

            I finished my english exam last week, although I don't have a good performance in the exam. I was so

  • Career and family which is more important
    cherieLL (3 hours ago)

    I read a story the other day.A company man, he was a perfect Type A, a workaholic. He worked six days a week, over ten hours a day. He was j

  • What is happiness?
    Ivy320 (3 hours ago)

      What is happiness? This is a question that without an absolute answer. Currently, we are gradually realizing what genuine happiness is for pers

  • Ride a bike to work
    shirleyytt2010 (9 hours ago)

      I remember that only when I was middle school student, I went to school with my classmates by bike, I will never forget the happy days to be w

  • Borrow From Others But Walk Your Own Way
    leexiu2006 (9 hours ago)

          When it comes to English teaching, so many teaching theories or methods given, provided or recommended by those experts

  • A Trip to IKEA
    舌甘木昜 (18 hours ago)

    The instant I received an updated subscription from IKEA Family Club on WeChat, I thought of that trip to IKEA with my roommates two weeks ago. Since

  • What Does Ofo bikes bring us
    Ashley@110917 (Yesterday  22:37)

    What Does Ofo bikes bring us Currently, with the development of people's environmental awareness, when they go out, they will choose more environmenta

  • Wait in a minute
    teadrinking (Yesterday  22:00)

    Get back to the pier, I see you right thereNo wind blows, but the tremble of heart shocksThe lake has witnessed the romance of reunionNothing else cou

  • HIV testing should be made mandatory?
    koofun (Yesterday  17:29)

    According to the World Health Organisation, there is an urgent need for HIV testing across the globe, which means an increasing number of individuals

  • Hope everything will be fine
    shirleyytt2010 (Yesterday  17:13)

      It is about one month since my last writing , after the off season on July and August , our sales team finally embrace the busy business seaso

  • Writing about Literature :Analyzing a Narrative for Film Adaptation
    西北一枝花 (Yesterday  15:17)

    Throughout the history of cinema,too many first-rate novels have been adapted into second-rate movies such as Anna Karenina,The Great Gatsby,W

  • The dangers of mobile games
    A-Better-Me. (Yesterday  13:07)

    Along with the development of society, more and more issues are brought to our attention. One of the most severe issues is that many teenagers are add

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