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  • A new comer was on board
    douglas-baily (Yesterday  23:16)

    Finally, the new comer was on board at the beginning of this week, with a different point of view for new comer joined. On the one hand, the loading o

  • Rose
    Zoe_M (Yesterday  22:05)

    If someone loves a flower, of which just one single blossom grows in all the millions and millions of stars. It is enough to make him happy just to lo

  • Rome was not built in a day
    Heator (Yesterday  21:57)

    All of us must hear some stories about overnight success. Such as a tech guy built a mobile app and got a lot of money by selling it. An ave

  • seeking tranquality
    ada23 (Yesterday  21:34)

        I do not know if you have the same experience with me.    You supposedly had a crush on sb who is impossible for you, sorry, d

  • idle on line
    yvonneandmandy (Yesterday  20:30)

    I have not opened my computer for several days. Today when i opened then i do not know what i should do.Without any aims and intention. Days befo

  • Why do you want to learn English and what makes you to insist on learning?
    bluephoebe (Yesterday  11:27)

    Until now, I have insisted on English learning for about 98 days. During these days I’ve spent 190 hours in total, which means that I’ve learn at an

  • Looking for a job
    qin_sh123 (Yesterday  10:15)

    After finishing my study, I’ve shifted my focus on looking for a job. I studied automotive engineering and I’veapplied several companies throu

  • Motivation is a catalyst of learning
    Ausfrank (Yesterday  09:22)

    Why we want to learn English? Perhaps it is one of the school curriculums, or for finding a good job, or for a variety of reasons. No matter what is i

  • Good morning friends
    abc80306891 (Yesterday  08:15)

    I am seeing many people who are absolutely miserable in their current state. Stress and fear of the unknown can cause many to miss their blessings and

  • Chinese National Holiday
    shirleyytt2010 (The day before yesterday 15:24)

    Chinese national holiday is around the corner. As far as I am concerned, I will get 5 days holiday in total. I cannot wait to see my little girl and

  • An embarrassing and funny thing
    kuin (3 days ago)

      My sister told me a funny thing several days ago,she was walking back after pick her express,in the corridor,she met her foreign coll

  • The flavor of the mother
    Rosanna (3 days ago)

    My mom is eighty four year old, she lives in fourth floor alone, she still can be up and down in daily, at the year ago there was the chance to change

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