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  • go out the comfort cycle
    Lunatic (3 days ago)

    Most of us like stay in a comfort cycle. But if we enjoy in the cycle too long, we will become lazy and small-horizon. It is tough to go out the cycle

  • Play is important
    Lunatic (3 days ago)

    Today, I saw a video in which is an old man says that he be regret for he focused on his work too much to have not time to enjoy with family and frien

  • A Better Self
    teadrinking (4 days ago)

    Since being involved in my own business venture, I have found a new sense of relaxation and independence. Much like a butterfly, one must endure highs

  • Room for growing
    freefu55 (5 days ago)

    As it is not young for me and at this point in life I get the hint I have still a big room for growing. First, do things after your brain gives y

  • Just do it
    Lunatic (6 days ago)

    Even though a week has gone, it seems that I don't have much progress in English writing. I have recited some sentences but I still do not know how to

  • Rainy Season
    teadrinking (6 days ago)

    With the arrival of the traditional rainy season, the air is once again filled with that muggy, humid scent. Of course, this doesn’t mean I dislike t

  • why we should write more
    Lunatic (7 days ago)

    A workspace dominated by time on screens may seem bound to favour newer, faster and more visual ways of transmitting information. But an old form of c

  • why you still single
    Lunatic (2024-06-08)

    When we are old enough to get marry, we are always asked " why you still single?" Actually, keeping single is because the girl I like don't like me. I

  • The weekends
    Lunatic (2024-06-07)

    It’s hard to imagine that I have insisted on writing blogs 4 days just because I believe it will be helpful. Since my chief business is to enable mys

  • How a tired day
    Lunatic (2024-06-06)

    Today, I have many tasks need to do so I have little time to learn English. And I have found learning English has become a funny thing for me. All adu

  • A new trip
    Lunatic (2024-06-05)

    Recently, I have solved my question: if I am in China how can I create an English learning environment? Through learning from the internet, I learn th

  • Some confuses about English learning
    Lunatic (2024-06-04)

    I insist the truth that time not equal success. Before you start learning, you should know the right methods. But what confuse me is that so many expe

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