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  • Hard to find the right person
    Rosanna (2 hours ago)

    In our life if we have the right person accompany with us, I mean it is not only your Mr. Right in your marriage life, maybe your workmate, your boss,

  • After Written Translation Test...
    Yuefan (Yesterday  20:23)

    Last Sunday, I took part in Written Translation Test of CATTI whose full name is China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters. Frankly sp

  • A Trip To Find My Deficiency
    2amlittle (The day before yesterday 21:51)

    On May 17th we had a trip to Korea and I found that English is important when you go abroad, but I also found that my Enlish is very poor now especial

  • I love my home in Melbourne
    sweetolive (The day before yesterday 14:38)

    I am totally happy with where I live in Melbourne at the moment.  6 libraries are nearby; especially 3 are in short walking distance. And only a

  • Food Carnival
    Rosanna (The day before yesterday 14:15)

    According to the nomination there was going to have 112 families take part in the third Food Carnival in the community on May 21th this weekend. That

  • Right or Wrong
    killua_s (The day before yesterday 11:14)

    Recently security guard in our workplace has resigned, so the administrator hired a new one. The problem is, our two receptionists accused him of alwa

  • the one who eats eggplants will have a happy life in this summer
    Juliezhang (3 days ago)

    The other day, I just read one article about how to cook eggplants in the summer. So I like to share the recipes about eggplants. Now ,have a big feas

  • Poor tree
    teadrinking (4 days ago)

    On the deck, I sit over there and see the pear tree aged more than 40 years. It does not look like other plants, it only grows very slowly, so far rea

  • phase
    ada23 (4 days ago)

       English learning, full of preseverance.   Why it becomes the second language widely across the world, the easiness of language

  • the eyes
    ada23 (5 days ago)

          I once have seen the eyes of a fellow so charming, like a layer of velvet on its pupils, bottomless and inscrutable. You never gr

  • Perseverance is very important for everybody
    sweetapple (5 days ago)

    How many people are born as talents in the world? I have to say they are only a minority group. In fact, most of us are very ordinary ones. Then what

  • 520
    Yuefan (5 days ago)

    Today is May.20th abbreviated as 520 which in chinese pronunciation is similar to "I love you". Therefore, it is a tendency among people, especially y

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