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  • Overseas bride
    Jesse2016 (1 hours ago)

    This morning  I read a news about flee bride flees <逃跑的新娘》, it is really suprised for me so much chinese man are single because of female a

  • weekend parents
    yvonneandmandy (Yesterday  20:54)

    I did not watch TV for a long time. Yesterday. I want to watch some and try to find some interesting. Weekend parents.the theme is interesting and att

  • Contradictory Mentality
    linjing869 (The day before yesterday 19:56)

    Last year I got divorce,which I am completely unwilling,but I have no choice because my ex-husband and his parents stick to.  Maybe someone will

  • Annual Salary Raise
    douglas-baily (5 days ago)

        As usual, it's time to a salary raise annually. To most of the office workers in our company, if you miss the only opportunity of a

  • Valentine’s Day
    Rosanna (6 days ago)

    Full of loves around me, please see the picture I received the gifts from my family these days, just let the time to remember my happy moment and sh

  • Nice day
    jaylinxuxun (7 days ago)

      The weather for today is wonderful. It is a sunshine day.   It looks like that today is not as cold as yesterday because I only wear

  • Shinning day
    Jesse2016 (7 days ago)

    Today is shinning day, because it is  valentine's day and also my birthday is today . my family will prepare a big dinner , I no n

  • I like writting
    freefu55 (2017-02-13)

    In such a coincidence, I began to love writting. Writting is not only a good habit to express oneself but also a good way to share life and lay off bu

  • Day of the fullest enjoyment
    teadrinking (2017-02-12)

    The sound of alarm clock was calling me to get up at 6:00 in the morning. Actually it calls me at the same time everyday. I do not stay in bed on week

  • bye 2016, I am not gonna miss you
    sweetolive (2017-02-11)

    Unless you bring closure to your past, you will carry it with you into the future   --- Michael Hyatt---My genius classmateWhen I was in the

  • After Spring Festival
    Rosanna (2017-02-11)

    There are many people have been planning this year how gona start, either from works or from the exercise or from travelling, some people have started

  • when we start
    edemon (2017-02-10)

    The most difficult part of one thing is its beginning. People's motions are a very interesting factor of success. When we feel free, comfortable and e

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