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  • A busy begining
    douglas-baily (Yesterday  22:51)

    There is a ton of work waiting me to complete after two-week business trip and training. I already continued to work overtime until 9pm in the past tw

  • Endeavoring
    teadrinking (Yesterday  20:44)

    It is quiet in the deep night. When tiredness invades, most ones sink into sleep. The darkness softens mind and refreshes body. Every night could end

  • brand new day!
    Jason_kong (The day before yesterday 22:23)

            I am a very shy boy. As an introvert,I am not good at communicating with other people.To some extent ,it maybe lie on our

  • Freshly home-made bamboo chicken and rice at Yao Minority
    sweetolive (The day before yesterday 13:24)

    From this week, I will write mixed culture things, as some Melbourne locals are gradually joining my wechat subscription no. Englishpassion, I am pret

  • How important a healthy family relationship is
    Sharonjoy (The day before yesterday 10:24)

    I’m always thinking about how much we can bear a deep hurt from our family. I had been facing my parents quarrelling once in three days, fighting in

  • imtemperance
    ada23 (3 days ago)

        Imtemperance, born with you.    Awareness or unawareness.    With my dark lesson, i gauge the food, the drink i do w

  • over or on
    Juliezhang (3 days ago)

    those days could be the busiest and riddenest time for me. as a graduate, I had to run to different job fairs in different schools. regularly, there i

  • Pilipino works in HK
    Rosanna (3 days ago)

    I read a story from CCTV news this morning, an interview program about one Philippine girl works in HK. I don’t know how old is she, she looks very

  • Different sunday
    yvonneandmandy (4 days ago)

    Today is cloudy, it is very rare with this weather on sunday, I had intended to go out with Many but she requried to invite her friends come and play

  • Four Paintings
    如主文 (4 days ago)

    The life of H company was full of work, that’s why I had no time for writing things here. Even though I’m busy, I have a hobby to entertain myself s

  • Hot wave
    teadrinking (5 days ago)

    Summer comes with the companion of damp hot days. The wet weather still dominates steam-like days and every one lives in a steam room. Meanwhile the t

  • too much rain
    TUCHTHESKY (5 days ago)

    Oh,too much rain. I want to walk on the sunshine.

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