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  电 话

  As your company's representative, your phone manners should be impeccable. Too many workers who are abrupt on the phone rationalize their behavior by saying it's okay or even expected.

  since they're at work, but this isn't true. You are putting across your company's image and should work just as hard at it on the phone as you would in person.


  There are several accepted ways to answer a telephone at work. You can simply say “ Hello” or you can say your name, as in “ June Johnson speaking.” You don't need to say the company's name if a receptionist or a secretary has already done so. Try to speak in a pleasant, unrushed voice. If you are rushed and can't talk, it's better to say this and make plans to call back later. Don't rustle papers or work while you're speaking on the phone.If you're really too distracted to speak, then reschedule the call.


  It's okay and sometimes even necessary to screen your calls. But there's a right and a wrong way to do this. First train your secretary to do it politely. It's better to ask “ May I know who's calling?” than “ Who is this?” or even “ Who's calling?” Second, don't instruct your secretary to say you are out when you are in. It's acceptable to be in but too busy to talk at the moment and it's always better to be honest. Callers sense the difference, and besides, it may not look good if you're always out.


  It's rude not to return telephone calls regardless of whom they are from. You might be ignoring a potential customer. Many people today don't bother to return phone calls, and if you work for someone else,it's highly unlikely that such behavior is acceptable. When you do return calls, try to place them yourself. If you must have your secretary make the call, then get on the line immediately. It's not polite to keep someone waiting when you've placed the call.


  Handling Mail


  Good manners also dictate that you handle your mail promptly and courteously. Unless mail is obviously mass-produced, it should be deemed worthy of a reply. Most bosses don't like discovering that their employees a

re unresponsive to business calls and letters.


  Faxes and E-Mail


  The arrival of fax machines and desktop computers in most offices has also given rise to a new etiquette regarding their use. Never assume that either a fax or e-mail is private. And with that in mind, never send any communication via either method that you wouldn't like to have your boss, or even your entire office, read. Most fax machines are located in public places, so anyone who passes by can read them, and some businesses routinely screen their employees' e-mail. (That's not necessarily polite, but it's easier to keep e-mail impersonal than to tell the boss she can't read it.)





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