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听 力

托福听力部分考试时间:约30分钟 题与题之间间隔:12秒钟 三大部分 Part A : Short Conversations Part B : Extended Conversations Part C : Talks / Lectures

1、语音: (1)单词不同词性的发音 e.g. allergic / allergy method / methodology / methodologically (2)英美式发音的差异 e.g. a: — class grass plant r — cart focus campus idea
2、语气语调: e.g. A: It has been a year since your last annual checkup. Have you had any health problems? B: None to speak of! B: Not that loose to me! A: Something just hit the window. B: What?
3、语汇: (1)偏难词 e.g. projector / hostile / eggplant (2)特色词 e.g. court / down / film / tape / cassette (3)习语 / 习惯表达 A: 习语的发音 e.g. out of it B: 信息词、信号词做题法: e.g. Frankly speaking, I think the odds are against him at this point.
(4)同义替换 表示好:good / great / excellent / amazing awesome / brilliant / wonderful / gorgeous striking 表示赞同:I couldn't agree with you more. Well said. You said it. You can say that again. You bet.
4、语感: (1)语意 meanings (2)语序 structure (3)语境 situation e.g. May I help you, sir? (4)语感 feelings e.g. loser / winner / learner not yet I don't know why I bother?
解决方案: 语音:跟读模仿 语气语调:跟读模仿 语汇:选择一些针对托福听力的书籍,掌握托福听力中短对话和长对话中的生词 语感:看一些美国影片、电视剧集(如Friends)

学生学习: library/exam/register for a course/assignment homework/chem lab/lecture/seminar 学生生活: dormitory/roommate/rent a house/do the laundry haircut/travel 主线: 校园生活、学生思维、积极向上、善良正义

1、 A: I can't seem to find my calculator. Did I lend it to you by any chance? B: No. But you are welcome to use mine if you need it, as long as I get it back by Thursday.

A: Oh, I'm sorry. I just realized that I forgot to bring the tape recorder you lent me. I left it back in my dorm. B: That's all right. I won't need it until tonight. As long as I've got it by then.

A: Mind if I borrow your Spanish workbook? B: Not as long as I have it back in time to take to class this evening.

2、 A: Wow! I've already taken one of those pills for my headache. But it's still bothering me. B: Why not take another? The recommended dose is one or two depending on bad it is.
药量不够,加大药量 药效过于强烈,减小药量 体质对药不敏感,要坚持服用一段时间该药,观察疗效

A: Doctor Smith, this is Ann Crowley. Those stretching exercises you recommended are really helping with my back pain. But the pills you prescribed, I think they 're giving me a headache. B: Uh, it's not unusual. Let's try cutting it back to just one a day, all right?
stretching exercises 伸展运动

A: Doctor, this cough medicine doesn't seem to be helping. Can you give me a different prescription? B: Let's give it another day or two to see how you are doing then.

A: I can't believe I still have this pain in my back. This medicine the doctor gave me was supposed to make me feel better by now. B: Maybe you should start taking it three times a day like you were told.

3、 A:I can't believe it! At the bookstore today I had to unload 2 dozen boxes of textbooks. And there's more to do tomorrow. B: But it's always busy at the start of the new year, isn't it?
表示繁忙:up to one's neck/nose/ears/eyebrows be overwhelmed with be swamped with be tied up in


4、 A: I heard you are looking for someone to pick up your mail while you are away at the conference next week? B: Oh, could you?
I mean what I say, I say what I mean.

A: So you need someone to watch your cats while you are away? B: Will that be a problem for you?

5、 A: What did you think of the paintings that Ted was showing last week? B: I never made it to the exhibit.
make it to 赶上、赶到 e.g. I didn't make it to the meeting. I didn't make it to my flight.

6、 A: Do you think Dr. Luby will lead a theater trip to Broadway in New York City again this year? B: I don't think so. I know so! And I've already signed up for it.

7、 on sale/discount/good bargain/good deal/good buy 20% off

8、 A: Just one person in the whole class got an A on the test. You! B: All right!

9、 A: Well, I am never doing this again! Seven courses in one semester is just too much. I don't have a minute to myself! B: I hate to say this, but I told you so.

A: Gee! It sure is hard to wake up in time for that 8 o'clock chemistry class. I never should have signed up for something so early in the morning. B: Well, maybe next time you'll listen to me.

B: What did I tell you?

10、 A: Are you gonna try some of this chocolate pudding? It's incredible. B: Well, to be honest with you, I've never been a big fan of chocolate.
honestly/to be frank/frankly/to tell you the truth

A: I'd like to make an appointment with the doctor for tomorrow. B: Unfortunately he is completely booked.

A: Professor, have you graded my term paper yet? B: To tell you the truth, I've been tied up in committee meetings all week.
be tied up in 陷在某件事情当中

A: I think our baseball team got a good chance of winning the championship this year. B: What? Are you kidding? Haven't you seen them play recently?
委婉拒绝: I'd love to, but / It sounds great, trouble is I'd like to, however in fact as a matter of fact

11、 A: You only have water to serve your guest? B: This isn't just water. It's imported mineral water.

just This is not just a university for me. It's Harvard. She is not just a girl for me. She is my dream.

12、 A: This looks like the way to Susan's house, but I don't know. I wish I had written down the directions. B: At this rate we'll be lucky to get there in time for dessert.
dessert 甜点 appetizer 开胃品、开胃酒

Can I give you a hand with those bags?
give sb. a hand 帮某人的忙 give sb. one's hand 答应嫁给某人

Life is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you gonna get.
peer pressure

13、 Excuse me, do you know what time the train to Middletown leaves? Excuse me, do you know when the next train for Philadelphia leaves?

A: I wish we had better stuff to read for our literature class. That novel she assigned us is so boring! B: Really? I started it yesterday afternoon and I couldn't put it down until I'd finished it.
Really? Are you kidding?

A: How did you ever manage to get through all one thousand pages of that new spy thriller?
B: It took a while. But once I had started it, I couldn't put it down.
while 一段时间

A: I started reading that book you loaned me. But I'm having a tough time keeping up with the main characters. It's hard to remember them all. B: Yeah, I know. The first part isn't easy. All I can say is stay with it. Once you get halfway through you won't want to put it down.
loan 借给某人 have a tough/hard time doing sth. 做某事很困难 have trouble doing sth. 坚持不放弃原则

A: You know Tim has been acting really funny lately ever since he won that tennis tournament last week and got photographed in the local paper. Well, he's kind of changed, like it's hard to talk to him now.
B: Yeah, I know what you mean. I guess it's all gone to his head.

A: Have you noticed how John's changed since he became student government president?
B: I think the whole thing's gone to his head, and he used to be so sociable and open.
sociable 善于社交的

1、 词汇基础
2、背景知识 a、历年来听力中已经考察过的段落部分 b、阅读文章 c、国外讲课的录音、录像、教科书
3、句型结构 4、听写练习 听写段落 a、不能太长(一分钟左右) b、不能太难 c、采用段落部分
步骤 a、总听全文 a)明确主题 b)确定难度 b、细听每句 c、反复、琢磨 d、总结
5、信息定位 a、导语加首尾原则 b、解释原则 c、强调原则 d、比较原则 e.g. original 新鲜的;起先的、最初的
e、转折原则 f、因果关系 g、建议句型 h、举例强调 i、重复原则 j、数字原则


1、原则:随时随地创造条件泛听 2、材料选择: Friends Movies a、近期电影(九十年代以后) b、把握好题材 生活、法律、政治 c、声音的辨别 朱丽亚•罗伯茨、梅格•瑞恩、卡梅隆•迪亚兹 汤姆•克鲁斯、汤姆•汉克斯 《当哈里遇到赛丽》、《美国总统》
Crazy English CNN / VOA New Concept English English 900 Discovery National Geographic Step by Step Listen to this

1、学托福考托福的目的 出国、进外企、建立自信
2、用听力练口语的具体方法 和外国人在电话里练口语 自己练 a、对着镜子练 role play paraphrase b、录下自己的声音听




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