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Shares coffee or pearl milk tea
ada23 2019-3-20 17:42
The pearl milk tea enticing the world, spreads its irreplaceability to everyoneincluding the least possibility group, the aged man, i am sure about that. My dad are one of them, indubitably, my drinkingpassion is no less than my dad, to be precise that all relatives n ...
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Shares 18 March 2019
Sumingyu 2019-3-20 17:30
The weather of early spring is really changing and unsteady. It was warm yesterday but it gets bitterly cold and sleety today. I had to wear a scarf, a pair gloves and a hat that can cover my ears. On my way to school, I spotted a few farmers begin burning the remains of the dry corn stems and ...
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Shares Dragon Head-rising up
Rosanna 2019-3-20 08:46
Dragon Head-rising up
Dragon Head-rising up is Lunar of second day in February. After this day the people can go to Barber shop having the hair cut, people all said that if you do the hair cut within the first month of lunar year, your uncles will die because of this. So nobody wants to have any complaint from rel ...
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Shares rapidity
ada23 2019-3-19 17:38
The economic reform of 40 years brings us tremendous changes in surrounding no matter in lifestyle or socity valuation, lashing the society from languid rotation into inexhaustible spinning without prewarning too much. We are reshapedby the soundless approach called APP which studs on your p ...
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Shares 17 March 2019
Sumingyu 2019-3-19 14:02
Spring returns again to our north just a month after the Lantern Festival with strong warm winds. The soil at the backyard has been so soft recently that it caves in when stepped upon. The left cabbages stored for winter use have been rotting from the exterior. Some fashionable young people ha ...
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Shares Suspense
bluephoebe 2019-3-19 12:01
My cell phone rang. I looked at that crazy little thing vibrating with excitement and with a strange number flashing happily on the screen. I felt disoriented, kind of overwhelming with both dread and anticipations and for a moment almost unable to remember how a phone works. ...
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Shares 16 March 2019
Sumingyu 2019-3-18 14:05
Mother said heroically she would rather die than live for the time being. Then she could rest forever without any pain and annoyance. And in the meantime, her death would bring our deliverance from the worries and stresses of taking care of her. If 88-year ‐ old mother died in her bed now, ...
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Shares 15 March 2019
Sumingyu 2019-3-17 16:20
Suddenly fell ill. Had no appetite at lunch. Ate no supper. Lay on the kang covered with the thick quilt but still felt cold. Thought I must have caught cold. Couldn’t continue to sort out the clutter in the yard. Only drank hot water without taking any medicine. To my great relief the fever ...
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Shares black swan
ada23 2019-3-16 15:22
We see, feeland sense things through materialized ways to judge in which we feel ourself100% ensured in the processes, so it that true? When the results blatantly contrast thetrusted formulations, we justcursorilyappease ourself w ...
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Shares 14 March 2019
Sumingyu 2019-3-15 13:32
I favor the attitude to take it easy. I like the slow pace of life in the countryside. I hate to be urged to do something. I appreciate the saying once learnt that the man dies in a hurry who lives a fast pace of life and the one passes away leisurely who leads a slow life. Currently, many peo ...
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