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Shares 2 Ju
Sumingyu 2023-6-2 12:41
Night rain gave me glad surprise. And luckily God opened his eyes. No shower forecast in the report. At least I needn't water this plot.
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Shares Telecom fraud experience---2 after being clear
Sophia.JIANG 2023-6-1 06:49
These are some self review, and the former blog is to record the whole experience of how I was cheated in case someday I need the details. Actually to recall is painful because I think I was nocticed by some unreasonable details at once but was forced to forget at that time when I was facing the pro ...
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Shares Telecom fraud experience---A diary for future self review
Sophia.JIANG 2023-6-1 06:10
This is a narrative story. Yesterday morning at about 11:00 when I was at lab work. I got a phone call from the Chinese police in my home town as the person said. And on the phone they accused me on being involved in a finantial related crime that use a bank account in my name and ID number to ke ...
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Shares Salvation from Endurance & Hope from Persistence
teadrinking 2023-5-31 21:29
Ernest Hemingway's timeless novella, The Old Man and the Sea, outshines its narrative boundaries to explore profound themes of human endurance and the indomitable spirit of hope. At its core, the story follows the extraordinary journey of Santiago, an aging Cuban fisherman who has endured an unpre ...
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Shares Harmony Amidst the Plum Rains
teadrinking 2023-5-30 19:55
In the season of plum rains, the sky in the Jiangnan region seems enveloped in a layer of mist as low-hanging clouds dominate the horizon. The air is damp and carries a faint floral fragrance, while fruit vendors on every street enthusiastically promote fresh yangmei, heralding the arrival of the ...
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Shares Revelations in Growing Up
teadrinking 2023-5-29 19:46
As we age like fine wine (or maybe more like cheese), we stumble upon some enlightening principles and attitudes. So, here I am, pondering over some random thoughts, ready to share my "Eureka!" moments with you, my esteemed audience. First things first, let's ditch the blind optimism train ...
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Shares 29 May
Sumingyu 2023-5-29 10:29
Our green beans grow very fast. Today widely different from last. Frames are put up for the vines Along the parallel planting lines. 30 May Each day I silently come and go, Without greeting anyone I know. I always stay alone in this room, At times disturbed by the boom. 31 May When one's tu ...
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Shares Striking a Balance Between Communication and Respect When Values Clash
teadrinking 2023-5-28 20:35
In our lives, we often encounter individuals whose values and perspectives differ radically from our own. Whether within our families, friendships, or social circles, it is inevitable that we will come across individuals who hold contrasting viewpoints and values. When faced with such situations, ...
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Shares What will you do in the last day of life?
Sophia.JIANG 2023-5-26 05:50
This is just a hypothesis, a thinking practice, image you are not ill, and the ends of life is something unevitable like like an planet crash. This is an old middle school writting title and always ends up with a lot of beautiful words and optimistic attitudes. If you google it you will get beaut ...
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Shares The Artistry of Relationships: Painting Life's Canvas
teadrinking 2023-5-25 21:10
As social beings, our lives are intricately woven into the fabric of the relationships we cultivate. The impact of our social circle extends beyond mere companionship, permeating our thoughts, emotions, and actions. The significance of choosing our company wisely cannot be overstated. Scie ...
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