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  • Foreigners at Home Part One
    bluephoebe (7 hours ago)

    Slightly nervous and a bit tense up, that’s how I felt when I was on the way to meet my brother-in-law, or precisely, my husband’s brother-in-law at

  • A Fresh Start of Weekly Writing
    Z.Yan (12 hours ago)

    Well met!I start my non-fiction writing journey on this website and this is my first preface-like article. It is always de rigueur, whether when writi

  • Break Down
    bluephoebe (Yesterday  16:15)

    Happiness is all about your attitude, your response towards life's ups and downs, the frame of mind that makes you to detach a little bit in great suc

  • Dioenglish is a magical web
    sddzzqq (Yesterday  12:48)

    Why do I comment on Dioenglish like this?  Are you interesting in this?I registered here in about 2007. It's about more than

  • Stronger
    douglas-baily (The day before yesterday 22:26)

         I am still not happy these days because of unfair treatment, but, I can try not to show my negative emotion in public even I

  • New word: brag
    sddzzqq (The day before yesterday 14:16)

    Today I learnt it from an American friend. He encouraged my elder son to talk to him so that the boy can brag to his friends: hey, I have an American

  • Do you have golden period
    Jesse2016 (The day before yesterday 13:45)

    My golden period separate two , one is my single time , another is  I become a mother . in my single time , I can spend all time to do work and s

  • 2018-03-21
    Amily123 (The day before yesterday 11:43)

        My adorable nephew is six months now, but he is too small. He is only 7.2kg, 35cm. I'm very fond of him. Wish him healthy and happy.

  • Warm family
    Rosanna (3 days ago)

    The home of North of China is warm in winter, it is warmer than other families in South, this winter most of southern had the heavily snows, but North

  • How to handle negative mood
    sweetapple (4 days ago)

    Recent days, I was going through a very pressureful time. I have been working for almost three years, while very unfortunately, I haven't find a inter

  • Account numbers
    sys (4 days ago)

    I  tried to send a blog here from 8 clock but now 2 hours passed . After dealt with so many trivial affairs I hurried to log in my computer . unf

  • 2080314
    AnSen (2018-03-14)

    I will work harder-----Sister Futhe continuous patter of raindrops。 

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