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  • new career
    SakuraGirl (4 days ago)

    It has been one years that I worked at IT industry.I don‘t known if it is right.

  • Persue new career
    douglas-baily (5 days ago)

         This is the first week to my wife since she quits her job and she will be engaged insurance industry as her new career. To be

  • Emotion
    Jason2014 (5 days ago)

        Emotion is a fantastic, mystery, conflictive. we can undergo different emotion from coming to the world to death. the family member emot

  • Life Tips
    edemon (5 days ago)

    writing notes is a better way for us to retain what we want to do.ten minutes mail is a wonderful tool for us to sign up temporarily.give yourself a s

  • Back Home from Airport
    jpliu (5 days ago)

    Yellow cabs and motor tricycles drove close as the airport bus was entering the station. Before it had stopped, middle-aged men and women came up to s

  • Lost contact
    Rosanna (5 days ago)

    I got one mail from Anita said that somebody is looking for me by mail at the last week. Wow, does anyone of you have the latest contact with Rosanna?

  • turnning season
    jaylinxuxun (6 days ago)

      It starts to be hottor and hottor day by day. I think it would be the summer time after the tomb sweeping festival.   It is a season with

  • The first time
    superytp (7 days ago)

    Today is my first time about I has studying for half of day at the libary,which is postive for us .Then I hope that I can hold study all time.

  • Learning to grow up
    morlly (7 days ago)

        Days are flying.It hasnot  been  updated my blog since last year.It is a long time for me. What happe

  • you will have a royal companion if you find your passion
    sweetolive (7 days ago)

    Some people have no idea what they are passionate aboutOne friend said: “I am very fortunate to have always been passionate about engineering.” 

  • Tense Conscious
    jpliu (7 days ago)

    Yihong Zhang, an interpreter of Guangdong, distinguishes “among” from “between” and “amid” in her article of translation skills with an example

  • Cherish the time
    teadrinking (2017-03-19)

    The rain makes its sound outside, I am now having this chance to be with its obvious raindrops hitting through the tranquility.This weekend I almost s

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