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  • Lantern Festival with fireworks
    teadrinking (Yesterday  18:41)

    Usually except for rural countryside, for years fireworks are forbade to play among cities. This year is kind of different, the region permitted

  • Spring begins
    teadrinking (The day before yesterday 22:20)

    Technically the Spring Festival is almost to end as the arrival of Lantern Festival. And the Beginning of Spring somehow has triggered people the expe

  • Arranged life
    teadrinking (3 days ago)

    The best way to improve yourself is to study upgrading to a higher level that guarantees your competitiveness. This is an overall scientific system th

  • Simply Said - A Book
    Xtasy (5 days ago)

    So the Chinese new year holidays ended and our life is back to normal. It might because the Lantern Festival has not arrived yet, the first week's wor

  • Strong survivor
    teadrinking (6 days ago)

    Without care of watering and warmth for the cactus, it still grows vigorously. Such kind of a plant survives well in deserts where living conditi

  • The best
    teadrinking (7 days ago)

    Playmates are leading their own life. As time goes by, something changed, and something others didn't. Every time when you arrive at a new destination

  • Arrival of spring
    teadrinking (2023-01-29)

    Spring festival is over, and everything returns to normal. Though it is cold, spring is around the corner. I look forward to the blossom of flowers an

  • Aftermath of the fireworks
    teadrinking (2023-01-22)

    The fireworks show at midnight was extraordinarily thundering. Thanks to the drizzle which largely expelled the smoke of gunpowder. On the other hand,

  • Something unhappy always happens ....
    qianwen (2023-01-22)

    Not every year is a happy beginning. Yesterday I was criticized badly by my father because of some trivial things. I know that the real reason is not

  • New Year
    teadrinking (2023-01-21)

    The year of rabbit is coming soon with the intense of firework-playing. And the drizzle somehow has done a favor for the alleviation of air pollution

  • Against the cold
    teadrinking (2023-01-17)

    The sound of fireworks is sporadically reminding people of the lunar year which is just around the corner. And the down coats are quite necessary to c

  • First snow in the year of rabbit
    teadrinking (2023-01-15)

    First snow of the new year has a strong advance for the spring festival. And within a week, the lunar new year is there, and everyone is going to be o

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