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  • Arrival of summer
    teadrinking (1 hours ago)

    At the end of spring, no more words that I can use to express this beautiful season. What can I do is to admire the beauty of everything around me.&nb

  • 29-April -2017
    shirleyytt2010 (2 hours ago)

    I cannot believe that I have not updated my English blog for about 5 months. How could I ignore this issue? I am really a carelessness person. Maybe

  • Mobile phone Dependence
    Jason2014 (Yesterday  17:01)

    Cellphone seems to be one of the most important inventions of 21 century.Using the cellphone to surf the Internet, go shopping has become quite common

  • 20170428
    2010jj (Yesterday  15:19)

    The moon and sixpence Last week, I finished the famous book called The moon and sixpence. Actually, I didn’t know the book and what I knew was that

  • Regulation from company
    douglas-baily (The day before yesterday 21:35)

         As usual, we sent emails to confirm with global regarding any differences in quotation of new projects, even, as everyone kno

  • I don't need to marry a rich man
    sweetolive (4 days ago)

    In China, some ladies like talk about their husband, it seems like the higher status; the richer the husband, the more respect ladies will gain from f

  • Reading Day
    Jason2014 (4 days ago)

    World book day is published on April 23rd every year. There were much different in this year, especially some TV Station prepared a program about it,

  • Crazy Shopping
    Rosanna (4 days ago)

    I remembered I wrote this topic at before, it was talking my daughter who is a really shopaholic, she is a really hard to change her mind on shopping,

  • play guitar
    yason (7 days ago)

    Study Playing guitar is so hard, but I will go on!

  • the tip of the chain
    ada23 (2017-04-21)

        I am totally confused in contrast to the confidence days ago.搜索复制    Actually my long-term evaluation ideology being chall

  • Terrible of my credential Card
    Jason2014 (2017-04-21)

    Recently I wanted to apply for a CITIC credit card,when the staff put my ID to identify and enroll some necessary information for it , there was a err

  • Communication skill
    Jesse2016 (2017-04-21)

    Did you meet any communication problem ?  some time I felt ,I am not very flexible when I  negotiate with a stranger or a familiar peop

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