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  • Spring Rainy Night
    teadrinking (Yesterday  20:41)

    Listening to the rain at night is truly a sublime experience, a bestowal of nature's finest elegance. Whenever the rain descends, it gracefully orches

  • Cause
    Stroamer (The day before yesterday 09:58)

    March to May,2008In March,2008,my school authority announced the document of Chongqing Foreign Affairs’No.9 [2008],Chongqing Municipality Educat

  • Journey to the South
    Stroamer (The day before yesterday 09:56)

    I will post a series of blogs on my journey to Indonesia for the teaching of Chinese to the local senior high school students. They were translations

  • My stock is down
    tomlu6 (6 days ago)

    I'm feel helpless.Evil Stock market maker.

  • I had enough
    freefu55 (6 days ago)

    I live for freedom, I don't compare myself with anyone else, for I have a dream.

  • my son is ill
    tomlu6 (7 days ago)

    my son is very treason。He often alone live.He likes to play Phone game all night.I am helpless

  • Good morning!2024-Aprie-9
    tomlu6 (2024-04-09)

    Good morning!I wake up early today.I eat a bowl Changyu Noodle.when I drive my car to crossroad then i think own i hold onto.human beings are too pifi

  • Power in Youth
    teadrinking (2024-04-06)

    Youth is indeed a precious treasure, a gift that grants us the space to evolve and mature. Despite the inevitable mistakes, worries, setbacks, and fai

  • Cool in the Bliss
    teadrinking (2024-04-05)

    Every morning, I awaken to the gentle melody of raindrops dancing upon my windowpane, orchestrating a soothing lullaby that guides the world into the

  • Recreation of Life
    Dempsey (2024-04-05)

    Is it the only recreation of lifeSince whatever contains meaningOnly when insouciantly doneLike a dog calling in a distance And I can still know

  • A Golden Time
    teadrinking (2024-04-04)

    Springtime invites us to embark on leisurely hikes and nature walks, embracing the exhilarating resurgence of life all around us. They say that the se

  • Rebound in Spring
    teadrinking (2024-04-02)

    During Qingming season, gentle rains softly fall. The spring showers not only nourish all life but also add a warm flow to this poetic time. Among the

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