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  • Black Wednesday
    Sarah_SY (Half hours ago)

    This Wednesday was the day we were most tired since the term begins.Probably because lucky, I was selected by the school track team coach. I had

  • Cat's Colours and Their Characters.
    NLRita (Half hours ago)

    <div>It is said that the character of a cat is relevant to its colour to some extent, which sounds like the connection between zodiac sign one under a

  • National day is more a festival than a holiday.
    seraphic (Half hours ago)

    Today, September the 28th, there are only three days left to National Day, soon we would have a seven-day holiday, which is so fantastic. Some ma

  • The Depression
    Silencehyt (1 hours ago)

    He committed suicide at home, finally and precisely, at September 16, 22:00p.m. When I heard the news that night, I was really shocked. I just could n

  • An accident I will never forget
    Pumpkinx (1 hours ago)

    That happened when I was in junior high school.A TV show called The Legendary Swordsman seemed to be all the rage at that time. From this, I lear

  • My Best Teacher
    Jennifer周 (2 hours ago)

    My best teacher is my Chinese teacher in the middle school. She is a slim and pretty lady who has black curly hair and a hooked nose.One of the most s

  • Guilt for My Mother
    Hormone (4 hours ago)

                 It was until nowadays that I realized my mom would't have a mom any longer fr

  • O Captain, My Captain
    Nicole.J (5 hours ago)

    Last week I watched the film Dead Poets Society. The movie is one of the most wonderful films I have ever watched. To be honest, I finished

  • My best teacher
    Annie♡ (5 hours ago)

    The best teacher I have ever met was my Chinese teacher in my senior high school. She's a plump cheerful woman and not very tall.  The reasons w

  • Missing
    Aprilila (6 hours ago)

    A rough calculation, I seem to have been away from home for a month. I feel that I have been away from home for a long time. I remember last year's mi

  • Divorce
    xrz98 (7 hours ago)

    It's been a long time since the last time I posted a blog. At that time, I was still working on my master's degree. Now, I have been working for more

  • My Best Teacher
    Nidhoggg (9 hours ago)

    My best teacher is an elegant and slim woman who taught me history in high school.I like her partly because she is ten times beautiful than other wome

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