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Shares 12 May 2019
Sumingyu 2019-5-12 12:31
It ' s high time to install the gauze door again for keeping the flies out. Hearing tomorrow is rainy, I bought some eggplant sprouts this morning when going to purchase tofu. Now I can make steamed bread successfully. I don’t bake pancakes any more. The Historical Rec ...
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Shares 11 May 2019
Sumingyu 2019-5-11 12:27
I think calligraphy only refers to the art works written by the Chinese brush. But now the word has been widely abused. The handwriting by the pen is also called calligraphy or hard - tipped pen calligraphy. Moreover, don’t you feel it ridiculous when we often hear someone or another is vey ...
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Shares 10 May 2019
Sumingyu 2019-5-10 13:10
The narrow cement road I pass every day needs reinforcement at both sides for they are so low and soft at some sections. King X didn’t kill the Duke of P at the banquet in H as his counselor F suggested. Then F predicted His Majesty would be doomed to failure. Some sympathizers of X sa ...
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Shares What if we got no phones
teadrinking 2019-5-9 22:34
"Please be careful, no leaning and do not look at the phone." The speaker nearby an escalator in the subway station is playing loudly. Many still stare at their phones and do not give much attention on the news from the broadcast. Everything seems to be normal and nature. This scene could be found ...
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Shares I obtained an Australian driver's license later than my daughter
sweetolive 2019-5-9 19:47
When I went downstairs, I heard from our designers and specifiers, “Congratulations, Sweetolive, you passed the driving test, well done!!!!” “Yes, thank you so much.” “How do you guys know?” I was wondering. “Everyone does, that’s the h ...
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Shares 9 May 2019
Sumingyu 2019-5-9 12:44
Shangde school has its own unique feature, which indicates the capability and resolution of its principal. He can make daring decisions on running the school within the scope of authority. He hopes every student can command a special skill and have some virtue-oriented quality that he or she is ...
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Shares Listen carefully
bluephoebe 2019-5-9 10:51
I’m listening to audio book named “The Strange Power”. It’s a X-men kind of story, one of my favorites. It starts with a high school girl living in a small town, who has a very special talent: she can draw the picture of the future. Personally, I think it’s a pretty cool power but obviou ...
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Shares The cost of life
teadrinking 2019-5-8 22:54
We have to sacrifice something for the purpose of getting something better. We learn from both aging and experiencing. It if fair we are granted 24 hours everyday, while we perform differently from each other. It lies in the efficiency and perseverance. Besides we have to be sure what kind of a li ...
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Shares 8 May 2019
Sumingyu 2019-5-8 14:21
The school we visited yesterday is named Shangde, which means to worship the virtues. In his speech, Mr Wang, principal of the school stressed the importance of inheriting the traditional Chinese virtues advocated by Confucianism. As a matter of fact, its motto is benevolence, righteousness, c ...
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Shares 7 May 2019
Sumingyu 2019-5-7 21:41
It took Ms L about two hours to drive four of us colleagues to S Primary School attending the lectures of several subjects. There we first heard an admirable speech made by the school principal. Then I was ushered to a calligraphy class with some visiting counterparts from other schools as ass ...
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