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Shares Tale of Winter
teadrinking 2023-11-13 23:41
In winter's hush, a new dawn unfolds, A season's embrace, as tales are told. Cooling anxieties, a soothing balm, Nerves unwind in the season's calm. Chilly days, in temperatures low, Yet within, a warmth begins to grow. Each day, a page in life's grand tome, A story unfol ...
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Shares 13 November
Sumingyu 2023-11-13 09:19
She gave friendly help then. It is time to repay in return. Here we've something rare. So she could enjoy a share. 14 November I enjoy the peace and solitude. Good to take religious attitude. I would get used to such state, Living alone without any mate. 15 November I can ride on the countr ...
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Shares Baptism in Melancholy
teadrinking 2023-11-12 09:50
In the early hours, the fine drizzle persisted, showing no signs of abating. It continued unabated, as carefree as a child playing in the fields, seemingly without a care in the world. This genuine and innocent natural scene resembled moments from childhood, playing with friends, and suddenly, the ...
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Shares Tranquil Morning
teadrinking 2023-11-11 11:08
Walking on the tree-lined path covered with fallen leaves, accompanied by the brisk autumn breeze, there is a delightful sense of enjoyment. The damp trail has been cleansed by last night's rain, and patches of moss along the way glisten with a fresh, inviting green under the influence of the rain ...
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Shares About graduate with distinction, actually nothing
Sophia.JIANG 2023-11-10 23:42
To summarize the topic, I have receive my graduation email of Master degree in England today, graduate with distinction. 翻译 搜索 复制 I think I was suppose to be happy, it is true, but something absence keep bordering me at this moment. That why I start writing again. I have been back to ...
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Shares 2023-11-10
Dempsey 2023-11-10 20:10
What is being “sincere” to myself? What is truly “kind” thuswise? “Change what I can change, and accept if I cannot”—strive to ameliorate the former, with respect and admission of the latter, which we learn to coexist with. On the one hand, we should see our true advantages clearly, and try ...
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Shares Honor in A New Path
teadrinking 2023-11-10 10:03
Leaving his hometown, the sun's descent painted a mesmerizing tableau over the fields and trees, suffusing the landscape with a golden glow. The rearview mirror captured a poignant image—a poignant last glance that whispered of irrevocable change. He was keenly aware that this place, once a haven ...
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Shares 2023-11-09
Dempsey 2023-11-9 18:52
Many of us wouldtell inwardly “white lies”, deliberately avoid or ignoreour personalityweaknesses in order to protect our self-esteem, andcoverany of themomentswhen we are uglywith a “fig leaf” in order to “make it out of sight”, as if what we ...
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Shares Odes to Late Autumn
teadrinking 2023-11-9 17:42
As temperatures slowly ebb, the air pirouettes with the advancing cold, and the rain cascades like an earnest overture to the grand arrival of winter. Yet, there's an ineffable melancholy tethered to this shift, reminiscent of a bittersweet farewell to the beloved autumn. Nevertheless, I'm inexpli ...
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Shares 9 November
Sumingyu 2023-11-9 11:19
School closed for heavy snow. When open it is hard to know. I am inhabiting the bungalow. Now temperature not too low. 10 November Fallen snow on highway cleared. Slippery country road appeared. As discovering safe,I might ride. Otherwise I could walk the side. ...
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