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Shares 7 March 2019
Sumingyu 2019-3-8 10:39
As throngs after throngs of famers fight their way to the towns, some far ‐ sighted white ‐ collar workers quit their well ‐ paying jobs in the cities retreating to the rural communities that they have come from. Some may call them fools. But the great farming achievements of many of t ...
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Shares complaint and the "No Complaint World"
Sophia.JIANG 2019-3-7 23:19
There was a time when my father occupied himself with a book called "No Complaint World".(The book named can be uncorrect for I had seen the Chinese version only) He talked about the theory everyday on dinner with large enthusiasm and bought a purple ugly bracelet just like the picture on the frontp ...
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Shares 6 March 2019
Sumingyu 2019-3-7 13:03
As the saying goes, man struggles upwards and water flows downwards. Nowadays more and more young and middle ‐ aged villagers rush to the large cities seeking employment and wealth and leaving their old and young behind at their rural homes. Some of these migrating workers are so successful ...
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Shares Don't want to change me with your mind
wangjide01 2019-3-6 19:45
I introduced a girl to my little brother and urge him to do more communication with the girl. But my little brother angry with my behavior and feed back the words to me: Do I need you teaching me how to live? Whatdo you think if I want to change you in som ...
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Shares Useful words
wangjide01 2019-3-6 18:31
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Shares A Mute Greeting
jpliu 2019-3-6 13:25
“ Eat or not? ” That is a normal greeting when people meet. “ Haven ’ t seen you for a long time ” is another greeting. The former greeting is responded with “ yes ” or “ no ” , whereas the latter is perhaps a prelude for a longer chat. “ Hi! ” modern ...
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Shares EF - good bye
Rosanna 2019-3-6 12:37
EF - good bye
Do you ever feel the fear of abandonment by your family, friends and your spouse? What’s your feeling? I was busy with Tiger recently, and I have no much time study EF English for two weeks. As usual I must be one hour a day at least on line learning EF. I knew my EF account is about ...
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Shares 5 March 2019
Sumingyu 2019-3-6 09:46
Sister Straw Hat had ever promised to build a school for the children in some poverty ‐ stricken region. 草帽姐曾在以前许诺,一定会为贫困区的孩子们盖一所学校。 But she has not only failed to keep her word after success but grudged making any donation. 但是成名以后的她不 ...
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Shares Audit from customer
douglas-baily 2019-3-5 21:26
To be honest, it is a tough time to everyone one in company, because the stricter audit from our customer will start on Thursday this week, as big boss instructs no matter how many costs we take, we must pass this round of audit, not only because the business depression in autom ...
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Shares 4 March 2019
Sumingyu 2019-3-5 12:17
Recently according to some well ‐ informed netizen, Sister Straw Hat has been forced out by the authorities on the screen. 最近有网友曝料,草帽姐已经被官方给封杀, She has been hospitalized with rage for intolerance of the public opinion about her on the net. 因 ...
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