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Shares 12 August 2019
Sumingyu 2019-8-12 18:45
The singing insects come out at night for sucking the blood of people. But they are kept out of the net in which people are sleeping. 淺吟低唱夜出塲,無可奈何眠羅帳。 One cannot always get what he wants, let alone these parasitic mosquitoes who fear light. 從來得意有時盡 ...
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Shares 11 August 2019
Sumingyu 2019-8-11 17:16
The downpour came to a stop towards dusk. Across the street were deep and swift flows of rainwater. 驟雨初歇近黄昏,水流横路急且深。 The streams blocked the way of the pedestrians hurrying home. I passed over them by bike only leaving the wheels wet. 愁煞匆匆歸家人,單車 ...
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Shares Typhoon
teadrinking 2019-8-10 22:17
Under the influence of typhoon, from yesterday evening, it started to rain. Now it just passes by and the rain is letting up. Coming with the rain, the gale is another reason that people choose to stay indoors. Currently, according to the report, more than 4 million people are suffered from this d ...
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Shares Find a way to release my angry and make me pease
morlly 2019-8-10 19:17
There are many things which cannot make ours happy ,especaily the thing is our goal that we gave up because of thinking it so much difficut.But maybe when you calm down ,you will regret that decision,considering this action is wrong.So,you will feel terrible mood .it seems the sky is grey,and everrt ...
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Shares 10 August 2019
Sumingyu 2019-8-10 16:08
I killed time before the TV and computer day and night. My deserted Confucian classics have been covered with a thick layer of dust. 日夜屏前付流水,詩書閒置被塵灰。 Now that I ' ve realized my misbehavior, I must mend my ways at once from tonight. I continued my daytime reading by ...
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Shares Environmental Protection
Translator 2019-8-9 21:29
People might think that big things should be done to save the earth. Many forget that saving the earth begins with small things. For example, we can save electricity by turning off the lights when we leave a room. We can also use reusable bags instead of plastic bags. I think i ...
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Shares 9 August 2019
Sumingyu 2019-8-9 19:57
Today I went to our provincial city commemorating my late wife. On my way back, I turned towards some bookshops for buying masterpieces and writing brushes. 今之省城祭亡妻,歸途輾轉置書筆。 Suddenly sister told me on the phone that mother got very anxious for my prolonged absence. Th ...
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Shares A short break
douglas-baily 2019-8-8 22:22
Finally, I can have a short break even I apply two-day off next week for relaxation, I know the happy time will be very short, because the end of this month, our customer will audit us again. Currently, I don't know what will happen for this round of audit, I sincerely hope it ...
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Shares 8 August 2019
Sumingyu 2019-8-8 13:00
Before I knew it, the Beginning of Autumn has arrived. You have passed away for ten years. 恍惚秋節至,君去已十載。 Our son has graduated from college and found a job at a state - owned company in the outlying northwest. 子今學業成,賦職天漢外。
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Shares C Dairy:Move forward Lightly
bluephoebe 2019-8-8 12:35
My breast cancer entered the stage of four around 2 months ago, roughly the same time that my son was going to start a new chapter of life: middle school. The treatment of breast cancer in China have been very systematic and successful. It’s important for any patien ...
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