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Shares Qixi
teadrinking 2019-8-7 22:32
Today is Qixi, the Chinese Valentine's Day. Some girls and ladies received flowers, something like the Western way. Some of them went out for a dinner or a movie with their boys. The romance is built on the mutual understanding and a little surprise brings happiness. It is still hot and tomorrow ...
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Shares 7 August 2019
Sumingyu 2019-8-7 11:28
Having divorced her rich husband, she remarried another poor divorced man in pursuit of freedom. The middle - aged newly - weds have been defying adversity persistently year in year out. 棄富從貧覓自由,不惑再婚共苦舟。 Now the tide has begun turning to the struggling couple at l ...
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Shares 6 August 2019
Sumingyu 2019-8-6 12:51
How magnificent the World Cup is ! 壯乎哉,世界杯! The winner is wild with joy and the loser dispirited. 勝者狂兮敗者頽。 In the meantime, their followers in the audience are happy and depressed respectively. 觀者隨之喜或悲。 Unexpectedly, the former cha ...
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Shares Love selfies, Love photographs
Rosanna 2019-8-6 10:10
Love selfies, Love photographs
Selfies are more popular than ever, according to data from Google trends. Some of people may measure their happiness in brands and show their success with selfies. My friends take a lot of selves and won’t hang out with people hotter than her. But I love selfies, love photographs, I like sh ...
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lovingfun 2019-8-6 00:50
Que sera sera means whatever will be, will be. It is a song which was came from the movie The Man Who Knew Too Much . I saw this movie when I was a freshman in a college. When I heard this song first time , I laughed at the lyric whatever will be, will be, for I thought at that tim ...
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Shares Hold on and we can do better
teadrinking 2019-8-5 23:14
The reason of hanging in there is we still hold the brief and expect to earn the life we want. Though the path approaches to the goal is not that smooth, everything for that is deserved. In the process of being good is full of difficulties which are the obstacles always prevent us from moving furth ...
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Shares 5 August 2019
Sumingyu 2019-8-5 11:51
Most people in the world are led astray by the desire for external things. The essence of life is beyond their comprehension. 世人多為外物累,未解方内真滋味。 I still cherish a feeling of reverence for the recluse Tao in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. He was carefree and leisurely in spit ...
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Shares 4 August 2019
Sumingyu 2019-8-4 13:06
It ' s been raining frequently this summer. The humid weather has benefited and freshened the vegetables of the garden. 今夏雨來頻,園蔬承澤潤。 Thanks to the plentiful rainfall, we needn’t irrigate the garden. We can harvest with little labor. 天助無須漑,安享少苦辛。 ...
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Shares Night jog
teadrinking 2019-8-4 10:12
Last midnight, I met a sudden heavy rainfall as I almost finished the jogging. I just ran in the rain slowly for the last twenty minutes. I was wet by the sweat and then again by the rain. It is hardly to tell which is which, because the smell of both sweat and rain made it impossible to distinguis ...
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Shares I want to go on a trip!
Translator 2019-8-3 21:27
Since half of the summer holiday has passed by, my husband and I are talking about what to do in August these days. We have two choices ,continuing to stay at home and taking a trip. If we stay at home, it is comfortable and there is no need to spend money. But in that case, we will learn little abo ...
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