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Shares Where the heart grows, where the road goes
freefu55 2023-11-8 22:17
As it is for me, today is really a bad day. I spend a lot of money to play games which is gambling in essence and I swear I won't do it again, no, never. And what I can do is just focus on making wealthy. If I feel bored someday, I will pick some books I like to read, I mean I could enrich my soul b ...
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Shares 2023-11-08
Dempsey 2023-11-8 14:45
There is an i ndispensable prerequisitein self-improvement—to make outyour true self. That self should be complete—including both the beautiful and kind “me”, as well as the “me”whonow and thenallowsevil thoughts,and isuglyinsoul. ...
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Shares A Casual Talk
teadrinking 2023-11-8 13:03
The conversation at the English corner left a lasting impression on me, mainly due to the remarkable London accent of a young girl who spoke there. Throughout the years, my exposure to English has primarily involved materials featuring a London accent. However, the reality is that the messages we ...
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Shares 2023-11-07
Dempsey 2023-11-7 17:32
W e may have discovered that the inadequacies of human nature, such as cowardice, selfishness, greed , hypocrisy, ignorance ... i n the final analysis, all lead to the same end , where the crux lies in “weakness”—cowardice lies in timidity to confront &nbs ...
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Shares The Pursuit of Perfection and Continual Growth
teadrinking 2023-11-7 13:45
The essence of perfection lies not in temporary prosperity but in continual refinement. Only through a sustained, upward and virtuous development can one hope to achieve enduring greatness. Those who become fixated on lofty illusions ultimately find themselves achieving nothing. While the outcome ...
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Shares Sudden Cold
teadrinking 2023-11-6 22:43
The sudden drop in temperature heralded the onset of deep autumn overnight. Along the roadside, the ground was blanketed with the fallen leaves of the plane trees. Walking upon them produced a brittle sound, akin to the crunch of snow underfoot, evoking a strikingly similar sensation. The cold win ...
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Shares 2023-11-06
Dempsey 2023-11-6 11:53
The basis of long-term interaction between people is either interests or sincerity, but only sincerity can endure at long last. The tangle of interests ensnares people in doubt over each other, while sincere communication teaches people mutual trust. The former helps us win worldly battles of wits ...
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Shares A busy weekend
Kevin.shen 2023-11-5 22:38
At this very moment, I feel very tired. This weekend, in order to deal with some affairs that I dislike. I went back to my hometown. Only two days, as far as I'm concerned,I didn't have enough time. Tomorrow is Monday, I will p ...
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Shares Inner Voyage
teadrinking 2023-11-4 22:23
Heading for a purposeless voyage, my only goal being relaxation, allows me to cherish the fading vistas behind me even as I eagerly anticipate the unknown panoramas unfolding ahead. This expedition becomes a ritual—a baptism for both my body and spirit. Nature's beauty is a sedative, captivating ...
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Shares Autumn's Palette
teadrinking 2023-11-3 22:00
Autumn breeze stirs, hint of chill in the air, Beneath the vast sky, autumn's elegance everywhere. Fragrant scent of laurels, leaves gently descend, A vibrant painting, colors without end. Maple leaves like painted dancers in flight, Adorning the earth, a colorful delight. T ...
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