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Shares Facing the Sea with Spring Blossoms
jeffrey0301 2019-3-5 00:22
“Facing the sea with spring blossoms” originally was a sentence of a song. But it is now used by some people to describe a happy life. Why does the posture of "facing the sea” connected with the "happy life"? Personally, I think having a happy life is set up on the basement of ...
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Shares Here comes the spring
teadrinking 2019-3-4 23:28
Here comes the spring
Today is sunny. The bad news is it will rain again tomorrow. What a long time that I have not jogged for weeks. This night I jog around for about one hour. How wonderful it is. When I was back, my clothes was totally soaked. After having bath, it is cool now. No one can predict when i ...
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Shares 3 March 2019
Sumingyu 2019-3-4 21:48
I ' m glad mother has got better and can leave her bed and move about now. But her legs are very weak which results in her unsteady walking even with the support of her cane. I often warn her not to go outdoors in case she may moisten her trousers when urinating in the yard. She turned a dea ...
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Shares It's a difficult thing to support children without the help of our parents.
wangjide01 2019-3-4 20:10
My daughter borned at the beginning of 2018, which is my second child. Me and my wife both borned at 1981, we still can have a child when the two-child policy came.My wife want the second child athough I know that isn't a easy thing. Both of u ...
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Shares 2 March 2019
Sumingyu 2019-3-3 23:04
It is true that the golden cup and the silver cup are not as popular as the public praise. Bai Fangli had moved the whole China but could hardly touch the jury of Affecting China until six years after his death. At the time when Bai donated a large sum to education supporting the poverty - s ...
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Shares The Innocent Anthropologist
teadrinking 2019-3-3 17:09
Because of the rain, I do not go outside this weekend, except for shopping in the supermaket and some other stuff. They are all stocked up in the fridge. With all the things prepared well, I can spend my time reading something. I have finished a book, the Innocent Anthropologist , ...
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Shares Self-introduction
ChangLi 2019-3-3 11:41
My name is Chang. This is my first time writing blogs on the Internet. In this blog, I will give a self-introduction. I came from a small village in Jiangxi, China. In my family, there are eight people currently, including my parents, my brother and his wife, one eight-year-old niece and tow littl ...
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Shares 1 March 2019
Sumingyu 2019-3-2 23:13
If you want to be respected, please show respect for others first. I don’t think this old suggestion can hold water. If you long to win the respect of others, you must be qualified for the honour. Polite and friendly greetings are not enough for earning the respect of the man you offer. So you ...
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Shares Health recovery centre
Rosanna 2019-3-2 20:56
Health recovery centre
The time was so fast, I have looked after a patient by staying with Tiger in Health recovery centre for 10 days. Since He resisted the operation for his waist, after we got the good advice by a very famous doctor, and we don’t want to take any risks for the operation, even we knew some good ...
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Shares Beginning of March
teadrinking 2019-3-1 21:58
Since the beginning of March, it gets warmer. The buds come out and birds are busy building their nests. Trees have brand new green clothes. Flowers can't help blossoming. Spring is at the very time to tell people of the evolvement of the cycle of life and its vitality.
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