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Shares Charity
Rosanna 2019-5-7 10:48
1.Charity is not giving gifts or doing a duty. It is not doing something to get something in return. 2.Charity is spending time with an elderly, disabled person or donating blood. 3.Three types of charity are monetary, physical and spiritual. 4.The steps in being char ...
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Shares 6 May 2019
Sumingyu 2019-5-6 13:09
We ’ re inclined to prize what we haven’t but ignore that we have. We ’ re justified to be proud of our continuous civilization about five thousand years. Our ancient Confucianism, medicine and architecture are still playing important roles in the modern life. Adhering to the instruction ...
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Shares Success
Rosanna 2019-5-6 09:35
Many successful people say that they own much of their success to the cultivation of certain qualities in early life. Honesty is the best policy. If you are honest to others, they will be kind to you in return. Industry is another key factor of success. Hardly could any success be achieved wi ...
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Shares 5 May 2019
Sumingyu 2019-5-5 17:56
Life is full of boredom. So during or after the boring work, people tend to amuse themselves in different ways. They jest about something, play games, watch TV or computer, make trips etc. Under such circumstances, story - telling and story - writing come into being. The dictionary defines ...
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Shares Depression is highly contagious
bluephoebe 2019-5-5 11:52
I probably would never talk this with anyone who knows me in real life, people won’t understand. But it’s online and I need an outlet. And it’s just becoming overwhelming. Perhaps I am just over-concerned, hysteria maybe. Hope I could feel better once I sort it out in words. &nbs ...
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Shares 4 May 2019
Sumingyu 2019-5-4 23:02
Finished reading Adam Bede yesterday. To my disappointment, its final parts end too quickly and simply in the marriage of Adam and Dinah. I had been attracted by its beginning parts. Dinah is my favorite character in the story. She is graceful and popular, helpful to her aunt with housework, fr ...
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Shares May Day
teadrinking 2019-5-4 22:33
Today is the 100th anniverary of May Fourth Movement. A century ago, that movement started a new chapter of Chinese history. Because of the special day, this May Day has a four-day leave that I could have fun. It has no rain. The sunny day really has brought its peace that I just do nothing but enj ...
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Shares Glasses and Overhead projector
Rosanna 2019-5-4 13:01
Glasses and Overhead projector
After I bought the portable heart sticker from internet, Tiger wanted to check his data report for his heart rate at this App, so he went to see the doctor whom is one of his friends, unfortunately the doctor has been sick in hospital for some days, just Tiger visited him in the ward. ...
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Shares 3 May 2019
Sumingyu 2019-5-3 12:02
Out of regard for the high divorce rate today, I advise the young singles not to marry too early and quickly. Every one desires to seek a companion through life. We all envy those devoted couples who have accompanied each other until the end of their lives. A lifetime marriage cannot be harves ...
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Shares Be back to be myself
freefu55 2019-5-2 21:09
At last, my talent is coming back, I will perform well than I was.
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