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Shares Nearby casual walk
teadrinking 2023-3-2 20:54
The walk in the springtime is comfortable, nothing else is better than that moment of strolling around. Neither cold nor hot, it is warm enough to admire the mild wind in the sunshine. The land is highly nourished by the sufficient rainfall as if succulent nutrients flowed into the vessels of natur ...
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Shares 2 March
Sumingyu 2023-3-2 12:58
I'll tie yellow cloths at the back To ensure my security on track. I should be watchful every day To keep likely danger far away.
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Shares Once in a lifetime
teadrinking 2023-3-1 22:35
The peace of night expels anxiety and pacifies heart and softens soul, in this moment anything else is redundant. The will to face reality and the smile to challenge hardship would be an only choice for going on. Otherwise, a life is doomed to be plain and boring. The rainbow never easily shows its ...
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Shares 1 March
Sumingyu 2023-3-1 10:21
I may cycle at ease as before, Making great efforts no more. Journey home took one hour, Showing my regaining power.
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Shares 28 February
Sumingyu 2023-2-28 09:13
The regime stands on Russian side When Czar's denounced worldwide. Now it offers reasonable proposals, Attracting warring nations' officials.
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Shares New round
teadrinking 2023-2-27 20:09
Temperature difference reminds me of the early spring. It is a special season and could be frozen in the mornings and evenings, and very warm in the daytime. And except for extreme weather, people go around to have fun as long as they are available. As it is getting warmer, and by courtesy of rain, ...
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Shares 27 February
Sumingyu 2023-2-27 11:17
Supposing you can't come one day, Never reqire him to attend anyway. And I might ask for leave just then, Making sure nothing ill can happen.
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Shares From scratch
teadrinking 2023-2-26 20:53
Though it is a little bit cold in the morning, the sunshine never let me down, at the time of its emergence, it just thawed away the rime in silence, bringing expectation for a lively spring. Ideal weather is of a perfection for going in neighborhood. Tulips, sakura and more are waiting for a joyfu ...
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Shares 2023-02-26
Dempsey 2023-2-26 17:46
Pain is right. Pain comes from dissatisfaction with the current situation. Only those who are not satisfied will have pain, which will be so profound that they have the desire to reform it all. Anxiety is also right. Anxiety is for you want to do better, which means that your pursuit is high, that ...
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Shares Tea
teadrinking 2023-2-25 21:21
The tea stored in the freezer is sweet to drink. It is well kept of its mild fragrancy and subtle essence. Anything without seal and protection cannot remain fresh for a long period. Thus, a sip of enjoymentis the prize for the plain and sophisticated life.
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