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Shares 3 February 2019
Sumingyu 2019-2-4 13:11
It was quite by accident that the plastic basket I carried bumped against the rim of the wing mirror of the white car parked by the roadside that day when I walked back to the bungalow with son. I thought son had been keeping so close to me on our way that I had to give him room but ignored th ...
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Shares First day in Spring festival
teadrinking 2019-2-3 22:14
Today is the first day for the Spring Festival. And this afternoon, it started to rain again. Neither so cold nor so warm, I just feel it is fine to start my time being home. I was asked what I was planning to do during this holiday. I replied by smiles: "Read something." Besides, I ...
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Shares 2 February 2019
Sumingyu 2019-2-3 06:57
A record of the Old Drunkard ' s Pavilion 醉翁亭記 by Ouyang Xiu 作者: 歐陽 修 Chuzhou City is surrounded by mountains. 環滁皆山也。 The woods and valleys among the peaks to the southwest of it are especially ...
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Shares End of work, happy Spring Festival.
teadrinking 2019-2-2 22:34
Today is the last working day in the year of dog. After turning off the computer, I went back. On the way home, the wind was warm and I did not see many guys. It was sunny in the day and warm enough to feel that spring would be coming soon. For me, it is normal to enjoy on this holi ...
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Shares Yesterday was the nightmare
Rosanna 2019-2-2 13:18
Yesterday was the nightmare
The day before yesterday Tiger was helped by other from the company in the morning, I was shocked by the situation. These days he went to swim and go out in normal, this morning he left home after breakfast to work by foot, nothing wrong with him, I was told that just sitting in front of comp ...
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Shares 1 February 2019
Sumingyu 2019-2-1 23:33
Green grass grows on the river banks and lush willows stand at the garden. 青青河畔草,鬱鬱園中柳。 A well - developed and fair - complexioned lady leans on the windowsill upstairs and gazes into the distance. 盈盈樓上女,皎皎當窗牖。 She has beautifully dressed up ...
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Shares 2019-02-01
Daisy-911129 2019-2-1 21:02
I came back from Tailand the day before yesterday.Not until now is my head completely clear. I will share something that I have seen and thought with you . Tailand is a smiling countrry. Yes and no. The local residents are frindly and willing t ...
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Shares 31 January 2019
Sumingyu 2019-2-1 17:18
天增歳月人增夀 Lord of Heaven ages and man ' s life lengthens 春滿乾坤福满門 Spring is in the air and happiness is housed at home
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Shares Can you introduce a boyfriend to her
sweetolive 2019-1-31 19:35
When I was on holiday in China, I visited a friend, Julie. We talked about Uni stories overseas and mentioned a friend of us, Ann; A girl lives in Australia. Julie is an amiable lady. After a while, she asked: “Do you have any nice boy for Ann; she’s still single.” ...
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Shares 30 January 2019
Sumingyu 2019-1-31 00:43
No relative or friend has sent me word yet. Aged and sick, I ' m still wandering around solitarily by boat. 親朋無一字,老病有孤舟。 The royal troops are opening war with Tibetans at the northern border. I lean against the fence and look far into the distance when tears stream do ...
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