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Shares 11 April 2019
Sumingyu 2019-4-11 13:29
Is the person dutiful or parasitic who lives off his or her parents in the name of accompanying? “ 陪伴式啃老 ” ,是尽孝还是 “ 啃老 ” 63.4 % of the interviewees spoke bluntly that it is not in accordance with filial piety.   63.4% 受访者直言以 ...
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Shares Technology is making people lazy
Rosanna 2019-4-11 10:29
Technology is making people lazy. Now when doing laundry, we switch on the washing machine instead of using our hands. We move on wheels instead of on foot. To calculate, we use the electronic calculator instead of our brains or abacus. Before the invention of TV, people walked miles in order ...
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Shares 10 April 2019
Sumingyu 2019-4-10 14:38
“ A child ’ s future can be predicted, ” as the old saying goes. 我们有一句流传特别广泛的话是这么说的, “ 三岁看大,七岁看老 ” 。 The critical period is under age 3 for a child ’ s formation of character and cultivation of ability. It is the kid ’ s compani ...
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Shares Visiting the home town (part 3)
Rosanna 2019-4-9 16:41
Visiting the home town (part 3)
My mother and my father’s homes are very close each other, one village apart, I remembered it was about 5 km away, due to I took the walk go and come when I was a little girl. At the third day we were going to see my aunt, she is my father’s younger sister from countryside; She is a ...
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Shares 9 April 2019
Sumingyu 2019-4-9 14:14
We need to keep the hills green and the waters clear when mining gold and silver from the mountains. 我们既要绿水青山,也要金山银山。 We would rather have green hills and clear waters than amass fortunes from gold and silver mining. Green hills and clear waters are great we ...
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Shares 8 April 2019
Sumingyu 2019-4-8 23:10
CCTV Net News ( News Hookup ) :General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, President Xi Jinping stressed to carry forward the fine Chinese traditions of loving trees, planting trees and protecting trees when participating in the capital ...
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Shares 7 April 2019
Sumingyu 2019-4-8 12:05
Never forget martyrs ’ unfulfilled wish and march forward hand in hand with a tempered will. 不忘先烈遗志 携手砥砺前行 Every piece of land is soaked with martyrs ’ blood; in every handful of soil dwell the souls of the sacrificed heroes. 一寸山河一寸血,一 ...
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Shares 6 April 2019
Sumingyu 2019-4-7 12:59
After passing the examination and verification of the relevant departments, the martyrs ' children can be recommended for admission to some colleges connected with the public security system, so long as they have received nine years of compulsory education and not been over twenty - two y ...
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Shares 5 April 2019
Sumingyu 2019-4-6 23:49
Since the establishment of People ' s Republic of China and the adoption of reform and opening up policy especially, the nutritional status of our schoolchildren has improved greatly. 新中国成立特别是改革开放以来,我国中小学生营养状况得到巨大改善。 With the living standard get ...
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