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Shares Follow my way
teadrinking 2023-1-4 20:23
Years ago, I was introduced to a boss for an interview, he was keeping talking to his clients in a meeting room. So, I could do nothing but wait by sitting aside. All words he talked were something special and professional and even stunning to me, I almost couldn't follow him. There was a moment I ...
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Shares Just be ready to tackle everything
qianwen 2023-1-4 19:00
Nowadays, we are always surrounded by the news, informations, and advertisements. We seldom have time and space to think over ourselves. People always become anxious and are hungry to get something and never feel satisfied . We seem forget how to be simple, be gratitude for what we already have had ...
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Shares Do not be backward
teadrinking 2023-1-3 21:24
After years of social mingling, you can find almost nobody sending you greetings on your birthday or some other important holidays. Except for messages such as "Happy new year", or "Happy birthday" from banks and agents, with the exception of your beloved parents or the significant other, no one re ...
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Shares Anything around
teadrinking 2023-1-2 14:06
As the start of 2023, everything either good or bad is to face a new trip for another adventure. No matter how profoundly we predict, nothing could be preciously realized as we assumed. What we expected may differ hugely from what we are about to meet. Who knows. While we just cannot give up marchi ...
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Shares Go on as always
teadrinking 2023-1-1 15:25
As for the restriction-free many guys, particularly for the young, gathered on squares for the arrival of new year. Partly some people have recovered from positive covid-19, and most guys there are mainly for the purpose of a new beginning. While I just hit the hay as usual at midnight with no cele ...
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Shares Happy new year
teadrinking 2022-12-31 13:47
What an ideal weather to air the quilts as strong fog recedes and warm sunshine emerges. I shall never miss the chance to admire the cozy moment from the balcony. As the rampant spreading of covid, I choose to go nowhere else. Now home is the best. Things are going to be okay in the new year.
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jian1621 2022-12-30 15:22
I'm a grown up. I shouldn't focus more on porn。。。。Ask my own heart
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Shares Bye 2022
teadrinking 2022-12-30 11:04
In brief I learn to know time helps me get rid of bad memories and I intensely feel the importance of every precious moment in life. In the past year, everything was gone regardless of its good or not. What I can do is to put the history behind and look forward to expecting the new year.
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Shares Keep moving. Don't be afraid and don't be sad.
qianwen 2022-12-29 20:02
We are on our winter holidays now. As the infections spread so fast among students , we have to finish our teaching in advance to avoid more infections. Therefore I came home from school a few days ago and am almost accustomed to the lifestyle at home. As for work, I have to keep an eye on my stude ...
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Shares What A Long Winter!
Xtasy 2022-12-28 16:49
What a long winter! People are suffering from Covid, hard to get medicines and hospital beds. I've recovered from being covid-positive. Those days quarantined in bed and at home are torturing. All of my family members were positive. A few days ago, I heard a bed news from my father that a fr ...
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