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Shares AI
teadrinking 2023-3-25 23:15
As of the launch of Chat GPT, the AI has again showed its enormous potential and high-tech companies have joined to speed up the research and development on their own. Meanwhile, human brains are the best design for creative innovation which is the advantage to lead and guide mankind's future. Two ...
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Shares Transformation
teadrinking 2023-3-24 23:04
The light chill does not freezeseriously but it really reminds me of the changeable weather. Sometimes I can meet rain, and at some other moment I can enjoy the warm sunshine. Every day I meet with people, someone I know, and with some others I am unfamiliar. And even when I am alone, I am no ...
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Shares A surprise
sys 2023-3-24 14:34
It has been long time that I didn't come here to leave my track . however, there are still a few of friends appeared sometimes . it is can't be difficult to be aware of the strick for any blog , that the mordern mediea come out now and then , all kinds of apps off ...
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Shares 24 March
Sumingyu 2023-3-24 09:29
The strong wind turns to breeze. So by now I might cycle at ease. After days the blow seems tired. My pleasure may not be shared.
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Shares Renewable moment
teadrinking 2023-3-23 23:36
The thunder has waked up the land. And the rain is the theme in the late March. In this animate season, jubilancy of enjoyment is ongoing more vigorously. It is the moment with abundant flowers and tourists which is bringing limitless imagination and expectation.
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Shares 21 March
Sumingyu 2023-3-22 09:26
Mother often fails to recognize. When old, we may do likewise. Now eldest sister has to leave. I told her simply not to grieve. 22 March Eldest sister felt rather sad. Mother also in a mood bad. And she chose to withdraw. I dislike to see them abhor. 23 March They hear translation without d ...
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Shares 12 March
Sumingyu 2023-3-21 09:18
I planted onions turning so dry To ensure good reserve supply. In boxes of soil they may grow. Take inside at temperature low.
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Shares 20 March
Sumingyu 2023-3-20 13:58
I should have foreseen this before. She really can't be here any more. She is ill and needs constant care. In attending how could she share?
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Shares Wonderland
teadrinking 2023-3-19 20:28
The white pear flowers along with the breath of spring are perfectly decorating the yard. In the company of rain, trees are well watered. Not far away from the field rapeseed flowers are catching up with the pace of blossoming. Not only are flowers flourishing, but also every living creature is sei ...
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Shares Sudden cold wave
teadrinking 2023-3-18 20:06
Due to the sudden temperature falling, everyone has to put on thick clothes again. Within a week, it went from summer-like weather to the cold winter. Some northern provinces even suffered severe snow. Uncertainty always happens to deserve the preparedness for potential events. Anyway,warm da ...
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