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Shares Windows Defender
teadrinking 2022-8-14 22:43
Since the prevalence of free anti-virus software, we pay scant attention to malware and computer virus. One time anti-virus software companies competed fiercely and anyway you must install one otherwise you would definitely find your computer infected. Usually you should be a paying user to use an ...
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Shares Perseverance and reward
teadrinking 2022-8-13 09:46
Enough sleep guarantees the efficiency of work and life. And thirty minutes of workout per day assures better status of body. It does not obviously display the fruit of self discipline in a short time, but years later, it absolutely tells us of the value of its persistence. It is like ...
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Shares Ghost Festival
teadrinking 2022-8-12 20:24
According to the lunar calendar, today is July 15, the Ghost Festival, the ceremony of remembering ancestors is hold in the name of cherishing and praying and expecting.The night thunderstorm timely rescued the drying up streams. As wind softly expels all dust and heat, moonlight emerges in s ...
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Shares Waving up
teadrinking 2022-8-11 08:22
Streams are almost drying up but the extreme weather still dominates scorching temperatures. Thanks to hills, they absorb rainfall and now release water slimly to sustain living and counter exposure. About two thirds of this country and its population suffer from the record breaking heatwave hit.&n ...
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Shares Clean up
teadrinking 2022-8-10 20:05
Memory is beautiful when it brings us happiness via the experience we had come through. It is also painful when it comes to something bad happened, which will never actually be eradicated from the brain, what can we do is to live with it peacefully. Though it is not that easy, it does help us allev ...
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Shares Hang in there
teadrinking 2022-8-9 21:47
Some crops are withered because of the hot sun and even some grass is burnt. Now and then, except for shower and thunderstorm, this summer the rainfall is not that sufficient compared to previous years. According to the weather forecast, such kind of heatwave will probably blunt late this month.
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Shares Preparation
teadrinking 2022-8-8 22:35
Swallows are busy raising kids from day to night. In more than a month, they will migrate to southern places. The cooler night somehow has proved the potential upcoming of autumn. Sometimes we just do not realize it till roads are littered with a myriad of fallen leaves. But animals naturally know ...
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Shares Beginning of Autumn
teadrinking 2022-8-7 12:26
Literally it is just a sign of autumn while in fact it remains hot.No matter how hot it is, the sounds crickets last night reminded me of the changing of solar terms.People are seeking somewhere to cool off and enjoy their vacation. Recently, on account of the hitting from covid-1 ...
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Shares Mankind to nature
teadrinking 2022-8-6 08:35
Amid the highlighted tension between the use of electricity and scorching heatwave, it never effectively and precisely offers the answer to the problem. Since the existence of modern civilization and ongoing development of human society, it must be moving forward to consume much more energies which ...
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Shares Free bill
teadrinking 2022-8-5 10:25
Technology helps us acquire convenience and obtain information freely. Physically we enjoy higher life quality but we seldom think about what exactly we want to do. Or, we just live in the circumstances and assume everything around is just right. Mostly it does not matter that we think of nothing, ...
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