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Shares 24 August 2019
Sumingyu 2019-8-24 17:38
A shower was suddenly heard when it was sunny outside. A black cloud was just hanging overhead. 驕陽西照起雨聲,一片烏雲正當空。 Some bundles of corn stems and washed clothes were being left to dry in the yard. I rushed out to remove them quickly from the raindrops. 薪柴 ...
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Shares 23 August 2019
Sumingyu 2019-8-23 11:53
The country road becomes a lane flanked by the curtain-like autumn crops. All the villages far and near have been concealed. 秋稼成帳路如巷,逺近村落皆遁藏。 Suddenly I smelled the fragrance of the coriander on my way. Several peasant women were occupied at the vegetable p ...
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Shares 22 August 2019
Sumingyu 2019-8-22 10:50
The unseen insects are chirping incessantly in the green autumn fields. 秋虫鳴不絶,田野猶碧色。 I wonder before the thick grasses and crops why you have been lamenting so ceaselessly. 敢問紗帳裏,何故久歎嗟 ? We can see a blue sky at last after so long a period of rai ...
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Shares 21 August 2019
Sumingyu 2019-8-21 10:35
It ’ s unfavorable to sell the watermelons in such overcast and rainy weather and futile to reduce the price. 天隂雨濕賣西瓜,時不利兮徒降價。 No one gives a glance at the stall among the passers-by. Only the hoarse advertising can be heard over the loudspeaker. 攤前過者 ...
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Shares 20 August 2019
Sumingyu 2019-8-20 12:07
I ’ m unfit to be charged with important tasks and just assigned some chores. I think it shameful to buy theses in my name like my colleagues and the certificates of honor I earned are useless in the promotion this time. ...
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Shares Helicopter parenting
Rosanna 2019-8-20 09:41
Helicopter parenting
Helicopter parenting describes a style of raising children where parents were over protective and do too much. It describes parents hover over their kids at home and at the playground like a helicopter. Today modern technology allows these helicopter parents to hover from even far away. They ...
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Shares 19 August 2019
Sumingyu 2019-8-19 11:08
I felt uneasy about the patch of wetness close to the eaves at southwest corner. I ascended a height to have a look on the roof just above and discovered a tile had been slipping out of place. 檐底洇濕惶戚戚,登高擧目瓦脱離。 Thanks to the temporarily fine day, I could climb up the la ...
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Shares Another Stealing fire - Mental Flow
Antique.Luc 2019-8-18 22:51
I learned about the conception of Mental Flow from a TV program of introducing new books. This time, the TV presenter interpreted a new book called “ Stealing fire ”. The story of “Stealing fire” is originated from ancient Greek mythology concerning Prometheus. He stole the ...
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Shares 18 August 2019
Sumingyu 2019-8-18 11:32
It ' s pleasant that the day has brightened up. The rain is suspended and the sun appears with a soft wind. 可喜今日天色開,雨住日出徐風來。 I ' ve ever known the novel Les Miserables long before. I ' ve been absorbed in it recently at night. 悲慘世界早聞説,近夕捧讀 ...
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Shares Recording Weekly
Antique.Luc 2019-8-17 22:31
This is Saturday, the final day of this week. Whatever it may be also the second last day, based on our own calculating habit in China. A question does not stop running around my brain, which is how to get a score like 7 or 8 of IELTS. Normally it shall not be difficult for me, as I t ...
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