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Shares 16 March 2019
Sumingyu 2019-3-18 14:05
Mother said heroically she would rather die than live for the time being. Then she could rest forever without any pain and annoyance. And in the meantime, her death would bring our deliverance from the worries and stresses of taking care of her. If 88-year ‐ old mother died in her bed now, ...
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Shares 15 March 2019
Sumingyu 2019-3-17 16:20
Suddenly fell ill. Had no appetite at lunch. Ate no supper. Lay on the kang covered with the thick quilt but still felt cold. Thought I must have caught cold. Couldn’t continue to sort out the clutter in the yard. Only drank hot water without taking any medicine. To my great relief the fever ...
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Shares black swan
ada23 2019-3-16 15:22
We see, feeland sense things through materialized ways to judge in which we feel ourself100% ensured in the processes, so it that true? When the results blatantly contrast thetrusted formulations, we justcursorilyappease ourself w ...
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Shares 14 March 2019
Sumingyu 2019-3-15 13:32
I favor the attitude to take it easy. I like the slow pace of life in the countryside. I hate to be urged to do something. I appreciate the saying once learnt that the man dies in a hurry who lives a fast pace of life and the one passes away leisurely who leads a slow life. Currently, many peo ...
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Shares 13 March 2019
Sumingyu 2019-3-14 14:06
With no shortage of food and clothing, nowadays people are more and more enthusiastic about preserving their health. To keep fit, besides good foods and outdoor activities, mental cultivation is also important. Everyone hopes to be in a good mood every day. To reach this goal, the best way is ...
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Shares the healing
ada23 2019-3-13 17:24
The winds, not like automatically sneezing into the each pore of you while walking on the street several days ago which almost slash you into somewhere to avoid the direct encounter and now turning into gentle and tender freshness mixed with slight chilly on your face. I got a serious cough last w ...
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Shares 12 March 2019
Sumingyu 2019-3-13 14:39
A true healthy person has a sound mind and body. Most people only pay attention to their physical health but overlook the mental health. They try to strengthen their bodies by taking different exercises and eating various nutritious foods. But few of them can keep fit because they often suffer ...
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Shares Gtime fitness centre
Rosanna 2019-3-13 09:59
Gtime fitness centre
I was invited by one of my friends Hai Yun to Gtime fitness centre with my friends yesterday. The location is in south east of Beijing, it is quite far from my home, I looked up BaiDu map before I left, how can I get there? I prefer green outing, so By subway or by Bus? Both are at least takin ...
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Shares Tough time
douglas-baily 2019-3-12 21:54
The next two weeks will be very busy for me, not only the next round of tryouts on the new project is scheduled from next Monday, but the customer from the new project will be on-site to monitor all processes. That means,we have to distract following up customer's topic that w ...
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Shares a gallery of harray
ada23 2019-3-12 17:43
English learning, without doubt, here everyone with more than 10 years period in which shouldsupposed to beanexpert. But the reality is we are just the startup,no matter how hard and how stumbling blocks you get through. The vacaboloary you remember morning that faints in the ev ...
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