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jpliu: Back into the lift up after lunch  with Ms. Xiao and Ms.Shi. Xiao, looking at her hand phone, told Shi: “Oh, we did not finish today until after 11:40am.” Shi: “It’s simply a waste of life!”
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jpliu: Dominance of FIFA world cup over, hundred flowers of TV sports programs are in full bloom again: tennis, biking, rowing, track & field events, women’s volleyball apart from the national Super League. ...
The day before yesterday 08:23 Reply|
jpliu: The new hut of the rural market installed, a worker high up was painting the steel frames, under his feet beside happened to hang a sign board:“Do not damage public property.Do not smear at random." ...
5 days ago Reply|
jpliu: Elders & women who never watch World Cup are watching now. They also have their own heroes. But remember, that’s viewing. In real life few elders & women prefer their children to be such “fools”. ...
7 days ago Reply|
jpliu: Harmony & unity long way to go,harmony within disunity in my eyes: Before big screen the mother & son huddled together under a bath towel. Their face labels show one was with Swedish, another the UK ...
2018-7-10 10:54 Reply|
admin: The speed now is much faster than before.  
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admin: DioEnglish server has been upgraded to a better one this morning.
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jpliu: Loitering round one day in Glasgow I saw a man playing football alone with his dog standby. He kicked ball into the net; his dog got it back. I:“A dog player!” He:“Yes, better than English players! ...
2018-7-7 17:18 Reply|
jpliu: On the bank of Stockholm river, 3 boys vivaciously nosedived into the water, submerged, floated out, climbed up and jumped in again. The boys can do that, so can do the stock markets.
2018-7-5 20:42 Reply|
littbird: It is so quiet in this website. Just very few member post their blogs without any reply or interaction. it seems like a bad trend.
2018-7-3 13:03 Reply|
littbird: This is the begining of this week, also the begining of this month.I hope I could put myself in a calm frame of mind way every day.
2018-7-2 09:21 Reply|
jpliu: Park gate early morn.“Bike outside,”the lady said broom in hand. “OK I’m back tomorrow when you aren’t here”“I’m always here I live in there”she pointed the makeshift house behind the gate ...
2018-7-1 16:34 Reply|
littbird: Perhaps,i was an nature enemy of crabs. i ate up almost ten of it last two weeks. any kind of crabs i wouldn't like to refuse. How could i learn to resist this temptation.
2018-6-30 15:08 Reply|
jpliu: At the signboard of Dongshan Tou I asked: " This way to where?" He: "Dongshan Tou." I walked on to Moya Cave. "What's under there?" The woman beside: "Moya Cave." I went on, no longer asking the way ...
2018-6-30 12:01 Reply|
littbird: good morning! i don't have enough time for writting, so just here to show my existence
2018-6-29 09:30 Reply|
littbird: I can finally write somthing here.what a strange rule,there is no right to send any words without one friend. anyway,its a nice day, i almost the first one came in to office today.
2018-6-28 08:49 Reply|
jpliu: Site of car crash,an old man to grandson: “Mind you in crossing the street.” A man in taxi shouted:“Let me pass, catching train!”“Catch train on this road?” the man beside:“No it’s wrong way ...
2018-6-23 21:15 Reply|
jpliu: Watching football. Daughter is confident with “white complexion”. I, on the other hand, side with “the third world” to maintain equilibrium.
2018-6-20 07:52 Reply|
jpliu: Watching football. Father-in-law cried: “Oh, foul!” Passing through the room, mother-in-law: “You know foul as well?”
2018-6-19 04:42 Reply|
jpliu: A strong gale from the west. Socceroo, Gaullic rooster, German tank... heroes one after another, father’s in the shadow. Supper time, phone from daughter: “ I’ll be back after German played.”
2018-6-18 08:35 Reply|


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