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jpliu: No sooner had I sat down to eat than I found myself surrounded by a dozen of pigeons. Regretting having brought only 1 bread when I found them fading away.They aren’t hungry for lack of park patrons
2021-1-12 16:08 Reply|
jpliu: The Ci Hai(A Collection of Words)in my bookcase is something of a symbol.I was jealous to see  roommate Zhang bought one one day in 1980.Years later I also got a copy for free,though not so useful
2021-1-11 16:56 Reply|
jpliu: Snack bars in the park are gloomy at this time of year except one full of life with 5 special guests coming up. The owner feeds the wandering cats with something when she opens her shop in the morning ...
2021-1-10 12:04 Reply|
jpliu: “Doctors know more than me?”A man of 85 said to a woman on the bus,“Young doctors cure diseases they themselves never suffer.” Seeing is believing, I know what he meant on theory & practice. ...
2021-1-9 17:47 Reply|
jpliu: Buy baozi at Dingshan mobile food car. “Which baozi sells well?”“Meat one.”Last time breakfast at Liu Changxing,I asked which noodles popular.“Beef noodles.”True, they are the most expensive one ...
2021-1-8 09:16 Reply|
jpliu: I strode into the noodle shop:“ I prefer your noodle for breakfast. It warms me up”Always appreciating my words the lady:“Some potherb mustard in it?”I refused the “gift of the Magi” with thank ...
2021-1-6 10:51 Reply|
jpliu: It is years since I last take a taxi alone. I only know how to hail one on the spot by road side. Instead of going with trend, I’m out by bus, by bike & on foot, wallet in hand, hand phone at home. ...
2021-1-5 10:44 Reply|
johnsonwu: The enthusiasm has drained away from my heart and my face as well as my fingers. Even the rhythmed tapping on the keyboard is growing unbearable. In my mind, it sounds like a drum to urge me to leave  ...
2021-1-4 23:58 Reply|
jpliu: Things happening around can be big & small. I envy those who look with eyes wide open for big things with age though I focus only on what happens outside windows, in courtyards or back alleys.
2021-1-4 14:10 Reply|
jpliu: “Want sauce?”His sauce brush in hand. I like to eat Jianbing & Youbing ( pancakes) without jam,cream,sauce,parsley or other addictives. Now I find they’re money.“Yes, a little bit more” I said ...
2021-1-3 13:03 Reply|
jpliu: Daughter is coming.I turn on air-con,batteries in controller.In office I turned it on all the time with temp to the highest.At home I’m thrifty.Her mom takes out from fridge the crabs bought yesterd ...
2021-1-1 09:02 Reply|
jpliu: 1973 ox year I began to study English.1994 we 2nd term 5-grade pupils began learning English,I got 100 points ever since.Yet my music only 70.Later in college my English stagnant but music education… ...
2020-12-31 09:02 Reply|
loong: I am back again.
2020-12-29 12:06 Reply|
teadrinking: Never think that you can not, actually you can do it well.
2020-12-22 22:59 Reply|
teadrinking: Warm sun in the Sunday afternoon.
2020-12-20 14:16 Reply|
teadrinking: All of gingko leaves are turning into yellow, few days later they all load down upon the ground.
2020-12-10 18:44 Reply|
s300679: say hello to everyone I'm back again
2020-12-8 13:37 Reply|
teadrinking: Do it anyway, never wait for it too long.
2020-12-6 21:00 Reply|
teadrinking: The sun came out for no more than an hour in the afternoon, then it was covered by clouds.
2020-12-4 16:44 Reply|
teadrinking: Getting colder. Winter shares its chill, but it never scares me.
2020-12-3 21:34 Reply|


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