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3 hours ago Reply|
jpliu: Jokes can be dangerous. Whereas North Koreans rarely play domestic jokes, westerners ought to give second thought in playing international jokes.
Yesterday  21:36 Reply|
jpliu: “I’ve too many to thank, but I want to thank myself most,” Gong Lijiao told reporter when winning the gold medal. It’s most difficult to conquer oneself, she did.
5 days ago Reply|
wangjide01: It' s only one month leave before the next examination. It's time to work hard
7 days ago Reply|
jpliu: Street snap is a once for all business.
2017-8-9 11:08 Reply|
jpliu: A phoenix or not, it does not matter.  What is matter is  whether  or not you are in the chicken coop.
2017-8-9 08:27 Reply|
kuin: It's happy today because of my job promotion is agreed and there will be some rise of my pay. so staying here I obtain some actual result after many days overworking.
2017-8-8 10:21 Reply|
teadrinking: August.
2017-8-5 22:00 Reply|
shirleyytt2010: Personal QQ 911591255
2017-7-29 11:36 Reply|
Lywardlee: Damn hot summer.
  • wangjide01: The summer will past soon. Maybe you'll miss the summer (8-11 09:50)
2017-7-28 09:09 Reply|
jpliu: I walked to and fro under a tree, listening to the songs of cicada and seeing off an old woman hobble along with her grandson to the end of the lane.
  • wangjide01: It's a beautiful view (7-24 17:19)
  • jpliu: the small lane is quiet at this time of year if not the noise of electric drills and air-cons. (7-25 09:40)
2017-7-23 19:30 Reply|
Basa: love is like war ,easy to begin ,but hard to stop. i make up my mind to study english again.
2017-7-22 23:56 Reply|
Soar: It is so hot these days.
2017-7-22 14:31 Reply|
jpliu: Green light on, with a great vroom, a motorcycle roared down the high street. All the eyes on the bus stop turned around to see there were no other riders followed. It was a single man’s formula one. ...
2017-7-21 16:11 Reply|
wangjide01: I have to stay in the room with air condition these days. Both in office and in dormitory. That's unusual for me because I seldom use air condition before except in office. The weather is so hot.
2017-7-20 17:34 Reply|
chouchou: I want to change my Avatar,but i try again and again,the photo can not be replaced.  
  • wangjide01: Click your own avatar to open your message page, then you'll find "Edit avatar" at the down-left of your avatar.  click Edit avatar and upload your photo.  Hope to solve your question by that ... (7-20 16:55)
2017-7-20 10:22 Reply|
kyle2012: it's really weird day these days in Shenzhen. you know just two days again, it rained cats and dogs and many streets were submerged by water and today it is a sunny day with high degree up to 30°C
  • chouchou: i am in shanghai,it is 37°C,so hot! (7-19 16:03)
  • kyle2012: haha, that's unbelievable. how come it can be up to 37! take care, my friend (7-19 17:44)
2017-7-19 12:32 Reply|
jpliu: Summer vocation,kids of my city “immigrate” while kids fr elsewhere “emigrate”.  True, a man’s life consists of“10000 miles & 10000 books”, yet wiser kids walk 10000 miles ahead of 10000 books ...
2017-7-19 09:55 Reply|
teadrinking: So hot. Take care.
2017-7-17 23:40 Reply|
jpliu: Grace, 10, grade4, 2-digit division level. When I was 10, grandaunt once asked: “Grandpa’s wage is 164 Y/M, how much for a day?” Seeing me puzzled she told me to use division. ” Ya, 5.4 Yuan a day ...
2017-7-17 08:11 Reply|


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