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jpliu: Now businessmen come to know that they can be destroyed by scale economy, but how many of them understand that scale is motivated by the idea of“new”
7 days ago Reply|
Vivian_Lee666: Be relentless.
2017-12-8 20:34 Reply|
jpliu: A big tree before you. What a feeling! What if it is a roots-intertwined old tree?New road is built, rows of saplings planted, yet you’d have one more look at them?
2017-12-6 09:22 Reply|
jpliu: “I seem to have not met you somewhere before, ”my reply to a stranger’s “What are you doing” in my WeChat.
2017-12-2 17:06 Reply|
yaping: workingday
2017-11-30 14:07 Reply|
jpliu: What the world fear is seriousness, whereas too serious is what I fear most.
2017-11-30 11:22 Reply|
jpliu: To me, the feeling is happiest to the fact that Monday feels the same as Friday, but different from Saturday and Sunday.
2017-11-27 08:59 Reply|
Vivian_Lee666: I believe I can accomplish wonders.
2017-11-15 17:51 Reply|
mei2011: I am confused those days, And unhappy those days,And now I need calm down and find the solutions for my bad emotions and my life.
2017-11-14 08:26 Reply|
jpliu: Parents always worry about children’s inattentiveness. I once saw a girl absorbed in a man blowing a sugar chick when her granny interrupted saying: “Let’s see the doctor first before buying it.” ...
2017-11-14 05:49 Reply|
jpliu: I delivered my bank card to the assistant. A polite voice from the counter:” Please press the code again, the number incorrect. ”I was fully convinced I’d put the right number. “This time correct. ...
2017-11-9 11:21 Reply|
johnsonwu: My December:misfortunes never come singly
2017-11-7 23:21 Reply|
shirleyytt2010: My WeChat account is shirley_yetingting , let us pratice English and make progress together.
2017-11-6 17:09 Reply|
jpliu: Vacationing in the Philippines, Ms.Zhu sent the information of new share release from Kalibu•Miragrosa cemetery. The questions is not whether I dare to buy, rather it’s whether I could get it.
2017-11-5 09:10 Reply|
jpliu: Breakfast.Mr Z: “Yesterday’s baozi?” Waitress: “How can it be possible? You forget yesterday’s was meat bun? It’s vegetable.” “It’s not yesterday’s, it’s the day before yesterday’s” I add ...
2017-11-1 09:24 Reply|
Vivian_Lee666: Never forget why you started, and   you can accomplish your mission.
2017-10-28 22:44 Reply|
jpliu: While eating,I heard a loud voice:“Noodle!”No need to say more.“I’ll ask,” she told a shop staff,“They do need hand,but the shop’s there, it pays more, over2000,”she said aloud while eating. ...
2017-10-27 08:24 Reply|
jpliu: Aftnoon Ms Su dropped in. “Water?” “No” I took out an apple. “No” Then pointing an orange and drugs on the desk: “Which do you want-orange, syrup or capsules?” She happily accepted the orange ...
2017-10-26 07:31 Reply|
jpliu: “Providence’s moved by man’s ceaseless efforts as he’s by the foolish man in his effort to remove the mountains.”“I’ve been committing myself with no result.”“Not yet if you’re not exception ...
2017-10-23 18:56 Reply|
Roger.Young: Recently, it was reported in newspaper that six students who shared a dorm at a local university hired a cleaner to do laundry and cleaning once a week. And each of them paid for her 60 yuan a month. ...
2017-10-22 15:19 Reply|


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