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jpliu: Last dragonboat festival I had zongzi only after that day.Now I had mooncake yester when I was given a box of DaoXiangChun Yuebing.Festivals can be had earlier or later depending on what & when to eat ...
7 days ago Reply|
jpliu: When stock market is bearish, I take note of my buying prices. Now it's in a rally, I’ve to remember how much I’ve sold.
2021-9-8 10:54 Reply|
jpliu: Photographers have to think what to take it for before pressing the shutter. I am different. I take photos, and then, content with one of them, think of giving a name for it.
2021-8-31 20:15 Reply|
jpliu: Once ZX Lake close against Covid,BM Reservoir is sth of a Dunkirk:men & women,old & young,boys & girls move here to seek chances of jumping in.Not fleeing by river they’re here for their daily routin ...
2021-8-26 19:05 Reply|
jpliu: I’d told wife Luxihe’s next door to Yard No10 with 1 tested positive.Nodoubt I haven’t had any of its cake since.Yest I told her I’d mistaken No18 to No10 where’s in another str.Cakes hopeful now ...
2021-8-24 18:52 Reply|
teadrinking: Cooler.
2021-8-15 20:02 Reply|
jpliu: “They’re locals”I told our people pointing the 4 old ladies with aprons in a busy Venice lane.Pointing the passing families with luggage in hand I told the guests to my city:“They’re tourists” ...
2021-7-20 17:45 Reply|
jpliu: It not rains, it pours. I let the windows wide open to hear the pouring sound pounding rhythmically when the wind now is calm & asleep.
2021-7-17 09:31 Reply|
jpliu: I prefer salted to fresh cowpeas & sausage to plain-boiled pork. Healthy food fresh in mind it’s the stomach that determines. So I remind the man busily frying Youtiao in morning rush:“Fry deeper!” ...
2021-7-12 14:20 Reply|
jpliu: How much is“The Mil Pound Note”worth?At the time £1000is a huge no-the prize for the 1st man to fly across the English Channel is £1000;a rich lady paid a ransom of £1000 for her kidnapped cat ...
2021-7-7 18:07 Reply|
jpliu: A young lady slipped on the wet steps & fell down flat on her back. In a fit of anger she threw right into the dustbin her breakfast just bought from the baozi shop up on the terrace.
2021-7-5 20:01 Reply|
jpliu: “Rain before 7 fine before 11."It rained when I was out at 6:20am still with an umbrella though with the proverb in mind.As expected it soon stopped,the umbrella is rather a burden than an insurance ...
2021-6-27 12:41 Reply|
jpliu: ”Grow up to be an actress?" "No" teenage girl."A spacewoman to the sky?" Shook head:"I wish to study archeology" "Oh yes, then I'd let you have some handouts" I mean“The Lost Tomb”&“Ghost Blows ...
2021-6-23 17:43 Reply|
littbird: i come back here  
2021-4-29 18:32 Reply|
Candy.liu: How time flies. i don't have other better words to speak out my feeling.
2021-4-10 21:33 Reply|
kevin2012: Hi, March! Long time no see! I am back!
2021-3-1 14:55 Reply|
teadrinking: Weekend again, have a good time.
2021-2-20 23:30 Reply|
empty~empty: Buy new clothes foy my children preparing for the  spring festival .
2021-2-6 23:52 Reply|
empty~empty: I decide to make friends here again ,is there someone who want to write English and speak English with me ?
  • teadrinking: Keep writing, you can make some friends who have the same idea as you do. I am here to write as long as I am available. (2-20 23:26)
2021-2-5 12:21 Reply|
Aaron_Fdream: Long time no see
2021-1-31 00:03 Reply|


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