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johnsonwu: Pick up <<1984>> again
3 days ago Reply|
johnsonwu: Threw myself into the sombre and chilling morning, and forced my way in the crowd, I turned on the "repeating"mode of my life, in the hunger for upgrading.
7 days ago Reply|
johnsonwu: The annual   backbreaking day is coming, get ready! or get ready?
2017-10-11 23:29 Reply|
MarcoYang: I'm worrying how to finish my assignment of <<Bustness Research Methods>> of MBA course!!!
2017-10-9 15:36 Reply|
MarcoYang: I regreted not buying the 000725 stock share in the morning instead of buying something else!
2017-10-9 13:45 Reply|
Leon1: OK!Finish my  vacation,reading  and learning !
2017-10-5 21:57 Reply|
IMNONARCISSUS: Why can't I upload pictures in my cellphone here  
  • MarcoYang: I have the same question! And we need a mobile app of the website! (10-11 08:50)
  • IMNONARCISSUS: Really ! (10-12 19:13)
2017-10-5 21:15 Reply|
IMNONARCISSUS: It has been more than one year since I posted a blog last time.
2017-10-5 21:01 Reply|
jpliu: Wife put a box of moon cakes on table saying: “leave some to daughter.”10 days have passed, still there’s one left for today. No wonder I’ve a lion share of family sweet food with blood sugar norm ...
2017-10-4 17:32 Reply|
jpliu: Inflation is to take out elders’ money and give it to youngsters. “Bang!”“Who’s out?” Mother-in-law: “ Yue Yue goes to deposit money. Let her well-off a bit.”
2017-10-4 13:46 Reply|
jpliu: Is From the New World a patriotic song? Or, a 30-year immigrant speaking home dialect misses his home town? New York & Prague, bright & dark at night, & $15000/year.Dvorak’s patriotic? Yes, in a way. ...
2017-10-3 07:33 Reply|
Leon1: Make reading to be my habit
2017-9-29 23:12 Reply|
Leon1: I m going back by train  now
2017-9-28 21:05 Reply|
jpliu: I save the Weixin photo of sister & her granddaughter at Wolf Valley entrance, a newly built grassland scenic spot north of Huolinguole with the title Zhu Chao Yin Feng - build nest to attract phoenix ...
2017-9-28 09:10 Reply|
Leon1: Life is like chocolate you never know the next flavor
2017-9-26 22:27 Reply|
Leon1: Today ,I  have gotten  a  hard duty from my boss  that  using  English to explain  tribology
2017-9-25 23:49 Reply|
Leon1: I  have plyed in Disney for three days with  my workmates ,and gald in this trip!
2017-9-24 23:56 Reply|
Vivian_Lee666: Successful people are always similar! I could't agree more. I MANAGE TO BE THE ONE I WANT!
2017-9-23 16:21 Reply|
jpliu: A girl is not a “soldier” just in a camouflage coat. She is a one in her camouflage coat with a logo to prove to which unit she belongs. “Nan1912”, Aha, a freshgirl from Nanjing Arts University. ...
2017-9-23 16:13 Reply|
teadrinking: Happy weekend.
2017-9-23 11:40 Reply|


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