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jpliu: Sunrise,surroundings warming; sunset,surroundings warmed,a difference you only feel. Sunrise photos can be best cheating. Once a collector of pictures of sunrise & sunset I rarely take these photos ...
Yesterday  18:10 Reply|
jpliu: An entrance examinee encouraged himself in his T-shirt“Don’t try to be original just try to be good.”It reminds me of my tutor’s advice before the final exam: I don’t want u to prove u’re genius ...
3 days ago Reply|
jpliu: Asked about the impression on the English Exam, he: “Just a word, you know the word, you know the sentence and the whole paragraph. I don’t know the word.”
6 days ago Reply|
jpliu: Two seniors seeing elders bend & straighten up under a basketball stand commented: “ We’ll be like this in the future.”True, yet how long is future?  And what do they learn from what they foresee? ...
2019-5-29 16:25 Reply|
jpliu: North Korea & Singapore my concern doesn’t mean I love them-on the contrary.I love N Korean concerts & cherish an invitation“Stepping Into a Career in Singapore”a Singapore fellow student handed me ...
2019-5-29 05:25 Reply|
jpliu: “Feb.25 1978 This morning I took Mei-sheng to visit Yu Hua-tai ,a monument of m    s …”Diary shows that at 18 before entering university I’ve known the word“martyr” but find it hard to spell it ...
2019-5-28 18:41 Reply|
jpliu: Cough & cough till one day you cough the whole night. Wait & wait, the bus you wait for never comes. And stock market, struggling to keep afloat… To endure is to give up  in vain  the last minute ...
2019-5-27 16:26 Reply|
jpliu: Students in class, campus an enclave for outsiders. 3 elders sat talking when 1 stood up to hail a comer:“Long time no see!”“Dying.”3 in unison:“Shut up, shut up!”Then a new round of happy chat ...
2019-5-23 05:31 Reply|
jpliu: Festivals’re made for old & young.Daughter used to be happy when Days come,now mother’s turn, like today over the phone: “Mutual happy! Nice to eat for lunch... Father’s day next month, 3rd.Sunday ...
2019-5-12 11:52 Reply|
jpliu: Wisdoms in my eyes in the young are viewed simply as small wits today. A man’s progress: having been looking down on wisdom with age.
2019-5-9 18:09 Reply|
jpliu: Lost time can be back at least for elders. That’s my impression when I hear a man advice a granny away from tours: “Who look after your child? Tell you, baby’s time flies too fast to get it back.” ...
2019-5-8 15:45 Reply|
jpliu: Shoestrings loosen, tighten and loosen again, an experience I share with many sneakers-worn men & women. As the length of strings is more than needed, I now cut the redundant and everything is ok.
2019-5-5 17:13 Reply|
jpliu: Home again. My elders enjoyed May Day out of home on foot; I enjoy it out of city by bus; daughter is happy out of country by air. Her descendant shuttles away out of globe if you wait and see.
2019-5-4 19:48 Reply|
jpliu: A photographer takes a scene with which a painter paints the same scene with imagination. How can a photographer short of imagination reproduce the same scene the painter paints?
2019-4-29 05:44 Reply|
jpliu: A sentence from an ad: “Always talk to the locals. They know more than any guide book.” That’s why I like to talk to people other than locals to learn what they know and wish to know about my home ...
2019-4-26 18:25 Reply|
jpliu: Back home from lunch. It’s one of the rarest times I remember that the family of three cycled together. “Mom ride so fast that I cannot walk as fast as her,” I whispered to daughter.
2019-4-21 09:21 Reply|
Annie: I have't  logged in this website for a long time, today I think it is time for me to continue writing something about my life and work.
2019-4-19 16:01 Reply|
simplelin: I endeavor to forget Chinese when speaking English.However, It's so hard.
2019-4-17 09:27 Reply|
jpliu: Mobike & mobike is different. On riding a defective bike I often try to ride fast in an effort. Riding on a one in good condition I either ride too fast in a hurry or ride slowly at leisure.
2019-4-16 09:05 Reply|
wangjide01: The time pass by so faster and faster, I even can't do much things in a day or a week.  I know it's real that the life is short now.
2019-4-11 19:09 Reply|


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