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Onlyman: Does any buddy know whether DioEnglish space can be bound by our own top-level domain?
4 days ago Reply|
jpliu: Deadline is efficiency, yet without procrastination there is no such thing as deadline, hence efficiency.
2017-3-18 08:16 Reply|
DaiMelon: majoy in English, wanna find an interesting, fresh job, who have suggestion?
2017-3-15 14:25 Reply|
jpliu: Professor of English used to laugh at me when I say red tea. Now I say hong cha plus with red tea, foreigners appreciate my advice: When in China speak as the Chinese speak.
2017-3-11 10:04 Reply|
Tange: Mother still remember her child's birthday , even her child from a boy turn into a middle-aged man
2017-3-9 23:03 Reply|
jpliu: 2009,Mr.Z:“I am still looking for 10000 points”; 2015, he: “I’m told the Index would be up to 10000 points sometime in Sept 2017”; Yesterday, he: “I’m really at a loss where it’ll go.” ...
2017-3-8 09:01 Reply|
jpliu: What you know is my successful experiences. Lessons of failure are kept for me alone.
2017-3-3 10:14 Reply|
jpliu: Scanning the photos of the Grand Palace taken during my visits in early 2000s I regret my amateur camera until wife weixins me from Bangkok she simply cannot snapshoot among sea of people in the Palac ...
2017-2-25 21:28 Reply|
jpliu: “Wait till it’s back,” veterans say when they take photos of birds or dragonflies. Last Sunday I focused my lens on the petals of a plum blossom from where I saw a bee fly away. It was never back. ...
2017-2-21 20:57 Reply|
jpliu: Mother prefers black sesame tangyuan to those of other fillings. You won’t surprise she's happier when I send her season’s greetings over the phone by talking with her about sesame tangyuan.
2017-2-11 11:28 Reply|
jpliu: “I’ll buy some Yuanxiao tomorrow.” “Too many to eat at home! Festivals are none other than eat. Any Zongzi left in the fridge?” “Yes.” “Then eat Zongzi.” Accepted is always my reasonable advi ...
2017-2-11 09:34 Reply|
Ebuka: Iphone plus 7 mainland  matt black 128GB 6698    is it expensive?
2017-2-10 16:14 Reply|
Ebuka: In 2017, many nagtive habits must be dusted off. be passionate and positive, read more books. Say no excuse.
2017-2-10 16:04 Reply|
jpliu: Is Sisyphus really an absurd hero?Day after day, year after year, suddenly he is seen standing on top of the hill, his stone rolling down from the other side.
2017-2-9 08:51 Reply|
jpliu: “I’ve tidied up the room,” wife said. She seemed to remind me to clean the table. Family has also unspoken rules, and the unspoken rule for room cleaning is in her above words.
2017-2-8 19:25 Reply|
kuin: Today is the first day of this week and most of my colleagues come back to work.Having a nice mood and get involved in work to get a good start to  2017.
2017-2-6 09:25 Reply|
jpliu: "The child is father of the man." While a man’s behavior is revealed in the young, his qualities are mostly determined by those closest to him just as mine determined by my grandpa & grandma. ...
2017-2-5 18:56 Reply|
jpliu: Opportunities may appear any time, yet in specific circumstances, their opportunities may appear once for all.
2017-2-2 06:32 Reply|
jpliu: Child’s education is a big topic in WeChat during Chunjie holidays. My advice is: “Take care of yourself and your kid will take care of him/herself.”
2017-1-29 10:55 Reply|
lovingfun: Maybe I should say something as a new start, BUT I would rather like keeping silence.
2017-1-28 06:24 Reply|


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