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Gillian's: its weekend again. and it is spring time again. I am going to take Channy to see some turlips and cherry flowers. I bet she will love it a lot. It has been a long time since we went outings last time
1 hours ago Reply|
Gillian's: I Should have recorded more about Channy's.growth. Every moment and change are worth writing down. I AM NOT that good as a mom. should work harder
Yesterday  21:58 Reply|
jpliu: 3 years ago I saw Xiaoxiao pick wild berry on ruins near home. Sending photo later I saw her out with uncle. I shouted fr behind:” Xiaoxiao, look back!” As expected the photo in my hand to this day ...
Yesterday  08:21 Reply|
Gillian's: Channy is 18 months now, but she is too small for a 18 month baby. She is only 20.1 kg, 81cm. Wish her health and happiness.
3 days ago Reply|
Gillian's: I have to say that Managing Up is really helpful for my daily work. I should make notes and learn to act as tutored according. That is what we call learning for practice.
4 days ago Reply|
Gillian's: finally, I can give myself a break from worries. We bought the  apartment. I like it a lot. hope my little girl will enjoying living there too
5 days ago Reply|
Gillian's: frustrating situation again. But still I need to stay positive for my Channy and myself. tomorrow is another day.
6 days ago Reply|
Gillian's: Maybe it is universally true that you will not cherish what you have. I kind of miss my old job now. I have to try  harder to go back there.
7 days ago Reply|
jpliu: First things first is common sense. Bliss is it in that second things not at all. But first things not at all is very heaven - he put right things before first and second ones.
7 days ago Reply|
DoraZheng: Find a land to think and write in English.
7 days ago Reply|
Gillian's: Lately I am reading a book called managing upby the assistant of GE former CEO Jack Welch. It is a really fit of guidancefor my workposition. It is just like biblefor me actually. Just keep reading
2018-3-15 23:16 Reply|
Gillian's: Things will not always go as we wish. I have to turn to another option. Maybe it is not the ideal one, but at least it is still one for the better.
2018-3-14 20:26 Reply|
Gillian's: make the best of my night. I have to do reading and make notes. After all these, I can then get some happy hour, watching TV.
2018-3-13 21:25 Reply|
Gillian's: step out of your comfortable zone, thentry hard, you can achieve more than you can imagine. glass ceiling is just a higher bar
2018-3-12 21:51 Reply|
Gillian's: ops, I forgot to write things yesterday. I should set an alarming for this in case it happens again. I am easily distracted when I am with my girl in weekends.
2018-3-11 21:42 Reply|
jpliu: The crying child has milk to drink. As to the child who does not cry, he either has no milk to drink at all or has much better quality milk to drink.
2018-3-11 19:42 Reply|
Gillian's: there is no other thing that can make me happier then holding Channy in my arms. She is the power making me strong and brave to brace any challenges . lots of love to my angel.
2018-3-9 21:28 Reply|
Gillian's: it is women's day today. after dinner and laundry, the night just passes by. What a day for me. just a regular day.
2018-3-8 22:40 Reply|
Gillian's: I feel so much anger inside of me. It is so overwhelming that I am gonna explode.This anger, I cant tell it is target to myself or him. Maybe I should follow my own heart.
2018-3-7 23:03 Reply|
Gillian's: I can get anxious very easily these days, for house, future career, parenting, all those uncertainties. I guess you have pay back eventually for those idle days when you were young. You didn't try
2018-3-6 18:45 Reply|


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