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JackMa: Today is a sunny day, after the "mangosteen"
Yesterday  08:35 Reply|
wangjide01: Don't want to sleep at the deep night and sleepy at the daytime.
The day before yesterday 15:55 Reply|
Lywardlee: The terrible hurricane destroyed the city    My room also was drown by the flood last night. Now its a another better day again. Fight!  
The day before yesterday 10:54 Reply|
jpliu: Following melodies I saw a man sitting on his parked motorbike playing harmonica. One piece after another till his wife came up with shoppings in hand. He stopped music, started engine & drove away ...
3 days ago Reply|
jpliu: The world’s too small: News in every corner is in my eyes on seeing my handphone.The world’s too big:it’s only from WeChat brother sent fr Beijing that I learn many things happen in my surroundings ...
4 days ago Reply|
Lywardlee: Like the hurricane will come soon so hot outside and the bright sunlight...
4 days ago Reply|
jpliu: I suspect there’s a missing link in Lu Xun’s words “Our urgent needs are 1 to survive,2 find food & wear,3 to develop” until sister called from hospital.To develop we’ve first to tend old & young ...
  • wangjide01: That's the truth. We can't cross the regular (9-13 11:20)
6 days ago Reply|
wangjide01: The rainy weather has lasted for a long time. The surface of the wall of my dorm is peeling and clothes are moldy. I have a little missed of the dry weather in the north.
7 days ago Reply|
wangjide01: My wife always ask me to get a new job close to home to spend more time taking care our children.  I want that but I don't think she can afford my lower salary and more busy work. It's difficult.....
2018-9-11 13:43 Reply|
wangjide01: Keep silent before we succeed, or we will be more like a loser in other people's mind.
2018-9-11 13:37 Reply|
jpliu: “I’ve arrived,”daughter WeChated at 10:10pm.She left home at 7:00pm for Shanghai by bullet train. Her 3 hours door-to-door journey is only a bit longer than my morning outdoor exercises at weekends ...
2018-9-7 19:19 Reply|
jpliu: “I’ve arriverd,”daughter wechated me at 10:10pm.She left home at 7:00pm for Shanghai by bullet train. Her 3 hours journey from door to door is no longer than my morning outdoor exercises at weekend ...
2018-9-7 19:07 Reply|
wangjide01: I lost my weight of 7 kg in half a year.  my method is sports, diet control and the pressure to get a new job.
2018-9-7 11:34 Reply|
wangjide01: A colleague of mine get a new job and will leave the company in 1 month. That's a good job. When will me get my new job. I am not so confident after half years of resume sending.
2018-9-7 11:30 Reply|
Sharer: In a blink of an eye, eight years is gone, I've been through a lot, but also I've grown a lot, the world is so huge, we still have to keep learning, just be happy with the current life!
2018-9-6 12:37 Reply|
wangjide01: I fell in a negative mood these days and not easy to cheer up . For my confused future, My driver test  failure, and too many things to solve .  Hope everything will be OK tomorrow.
2018-9-4 17:11 Reply|
johnsonwu: Sino-Africa Summit is coming, with ceaseless security check, heavy traffic jam and common financial loss for inevitable late arrival in company.
  • wangjide01: All for the great image of the country.  One day political not bother people marked the real civilization   (9-4 17:15)
2018-9-3 08:12 Reply|
jpliu: The Selection of Classic Chinese Essays thrown away,I now review it by listening over the Ximalaya FM in vain.Yday I bought it back to re-read fr a 2nd.hand bookstore. Listening is yet to be believing
2018-8-28 21:23 Reply|
wangjide01: I will have my drive test this week for diver licence. I am nervous about that. Good luck to me.
2018-8-27 15:16 Reply|
jpliu: At the moment a man appeared fr down the slope. He kindly acted to be our guide. On departure, he said:“Here used to be the dolomite mine, I used to work down the hill,now retired,I come up everyday ...
2018-8-27 06:06 Reply|


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