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teadrinking: Summer is coming.
1 hours ago Reply|
jpliu: I saw this sentence on the wall: “Where is your time, where is your wealth.” To my understanding, your time spent on shares, your money is sunk on the stock market.
3 days ago Reply|
jpliu: Contrary to my belief that lightning strikes spikes on top of high buildings such as churches and towers, it strikes any pointed metals protruding out high and low.
4 days ago Reply|
jpliu: Reading political or academic periodicals, I’m used to starting from last pages forward. As to popular & comprehensive magazines, I like to read from front pages backward.
2017-4-20 07:09 Reply|
jpliu: Be untrendy in stock market. If the saying stands - 70% of individual investors lose, 20% break even & 10% make money, going against the trend would put you in the group of 30% luckier few.
2017-4-15 17:22 Reply|
jpliu: My medicare card lost,I called Dr.W: “Since half a year has passed since I last saw you, the Medical Insurance Center believes I no need medicare anymore.” Dr.W: “Oh,you do need a medicard!”
2017-4-12 12:42 Reply|
Candy.liu: Life goes on. Make the sadness and happiness to be a colorful string of beads, but focus on the happiness bead.
2017-4-10 13:03 Reply|
jpliu: The 16th.Natioanl Creative English Contest underway now. What’s meant by “creative”? Perhaps more Chinese words & sentences are expected to be found in the English dictionary.
2017-4-9 10:50 Reply|
Sharer: Here is a great memory for me, so I would be glad to come back, hope to make frineds with you soon.
2017-4-8 15:18 Reply|
StealYourLife: 1 week before , I did a  word test by APP and got 4000.  But today ,just 1977 points, it equivalent a illiteracy or the mental  capacity less than 2 years-old kids. Come on, what happened!?
2017-4-4 09:29 Reply|
jpliu: Quickening my pace on seeing the red light, I am greeted with green by the time I arrive at the crossroad.
2017-4-4 08:21 Reply|
kuin: Get out of the cage,and find somewhere I want to be stay and get involved in it .
2017-4-1 16:10 Reply|
kuin: So embarrassed.
2017-4-1 16:04 Reply|
kuin: 'I wonder how ,i wonder why ,i wonder where they are...',this song makes me feel peace and calm,let me get rid of the pressure of job,I decide to follow what I really like and more smile。Just go ..
2017-3-30 14:38 Reply|
jpliu: Information Desk.“Where’s your director?”Nurse:  “In Director’s Office.”
2017-3-30 10:30 Reply|
kuin: 'Is there something on my face?I'm just wondering why you're staring at my face',when I travel to yunnan,a cute foreign boy,I look in the eyes and smiling asking him,He became shy leaning to his mo...
2017-3-29 17:52 Reply|
Onlyman: Does any buddy know whether DioEnglish space can be bound by our own top-level domain?
  • admin: You can use the URL FORWARDING to realize that. (3-28 18:37)
2017-3-23 00:26 Reply|
jpliu: Deadline is efficiency, yet without procrastination there is no such thing as deadline, hence efficiency.
2017-3-18 08:16 Reply|
DaiMelon: majoy in English, wanna find an interesting, fresh job, who have suggestion?
2017-3-15 14:25 Reply|
jpliu: Professor of English used to laugh at me when I say red tea. Now I say hong cha plus with red tea, foreigners appreciate my advice: When in China speak as the Chinese speak.
2017-3-11 10:04 Reply|


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