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Soar: I have not use it for a long time. My memory is not as good as before. people say you will be a fool for three years after giving a birth to a child , that is true.
3 days ago Reply|
Soar: I have to say time flies in a twinkle. My English is a little rusty.
3 days ago Reply|
jpliu: "Take care of the pence, and the pounds will take care of themselves." Being a penny, I have been taking care of myself only, and never worry about daughter, the pound, and her own business.
5 days ago Reply|
jpliu: Two women walking by, I heard one said to the other:“Nowadays even the kids can speak English.” I asked Grace:”Hear what the granny said? Can you speak English?” Grace:“Of course,I’m an American ...
7 days ago Reply|
jpliu: Sometimes you have to wheel your trolley backward in order to pull it forward, and in this sense, a step by step back is in fact a step by step forward.
2017-6-20 18:26 Reply|
sys: Actually I feel tired but I try to pursue myself to work hard.
2017-6-19 07:57 Reply|
sys: Actually I feel tired but I try to pursue myself to work hard.
2017-6-19 07:57 Reply|
jpliu: A man’s life consists of“10000 miles & 10000 books”.10000 miles & 10000 books at same time? Or they complement each another? I prefer “a day’s travel brings me with a cart of knowledge.” ...
2017-6-18 05:32 Reply|
jpliu: “News is fire. Water is music, not news.” (A comment on hearing the IS leader dead and a London building on fire,)
2017-6-17 13:53 Reply|
Soar: why? It rains a lot these days.
2017-6-15 21:43 Reply|
2017-6-15 21:42 Reply|
Soar: why i can't update?
2017-6-15 21:40 Reply|
jpliu: “Dr.W, U there? ”Yes, I’m here, U ok?” “I’m fine.” “I’m here.” I hanged up. As to see or not to see the doctor make me nervous, a peaceful mind lies btw seeing & not seeing with a phone call ...
2017-6-5 12:34 Reply|
jpliu: My greetings over the Weixin:“Have a nice day-June 1!” “I’m adult now,” a reply from the other side.  Do children only have a nice day today?
2017-6-1 09:55 Reply|
teadrinking: Dragon boat festival
2017-5-29 10:00 Reply|
jpliu: When the old dog barks, he gives counsel. As to err is human, a biting dog does better still not to bark.
2017-5-15 21:12 Reply|
jpliu: Keynes-style digging as a GDP contributor is something like this: to put wires and pipes underground; to divert rainwater from public sewers; to renew road surfaces; to build new utility tunnels...
2017-5-15 20:34 Reply|
jpliu: We both read the whole morning, Yu & me. The difference is he gets to know the past from the newspapers he reads whereas I get to know the future from the archives, things happened round me years ago. ...
2017-5-12 19:19 Reply|
jpliu: The blood-cemented friendship is no question. The question is there is no such thing as friendship cemented with blood.
2017-5-6 20:34 Reply|
jpliu: I don’t take a taxi unless out with family, as its fare is 10 times that of bus. I take a taxi if I otherwise have to wait for 40 minutes, as 40 minutes is 10 times as much as waiting for 5 minutes.
2017-5-5 08:48 Reply|


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