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jpliu: (A mute witness)She sees it! The train is slowly moving on the railway bridge. She waves a hand across the window & across the bridge. In a second, the last compartment disappears into sight.
The day before yesterday 18:47 Reply|
jpliu: Back home from US,son-in-law brings for me 2 Polo T-shirts bought in NY.Back fr UK in Oct 1990,I also bought a T-shirt for my father-in-law:a brand-less one on a street stall during stopover in HK.
3 days ago Reply|
jpliu: 9-year-old girl told housekeeping auntie while putting on her white skirt:“Don’t tell dad (fearing stains?) & I ’d say you put it on for me if he blames”I’ve no idea if the lie is white or black ...
2023-9-14 20:37 Reply|
jpliu: At the crossrd after 7am,I see boys & girls to & fro in all directions with/without escort.Some to this school,some that one,some to branch/attached school,others on their way to an experimental one. ...
2023-9-12 05:27 Reply|
jpliu: Why,you may wonder,few people are seen in the living area? Too early in the morn? No.Turning back to look over the other side of the bridge,I see so many people walking/running on trails by the creek.
2023-9-9 15:14 Reply|
jpliu: A lady was discussing with a motortrike driver outside her living complex on how to get to her destination.One suggested:“Now close to 7,that way unaccessible.We gotta go…Rd,in a roundabout way.” ...
2023-9-8 05:21 Reply|
jpliu: “6.3 Yuan.Give me 6.”Early in the morn the pancake stand is empty with people.Early bird gets more worms.Last Mon at same time I went away with 5.20 Yuan worth of pancake.Stand owner:“5 Ok.”
2023-9-3 16:35 Reply|
jpliu: No news is good news.My cousin is a bit worried this morn in getting my vid call.She is comforted to know it’s fr her grandcousin who plays with my phone by pressing here & there.He always does this ...
2023-9-1 12:47 Reply|
teadrinking: What are you waiting for? Just hang in there and move forward. And then You are gonna be great.
2023-8-31 19:58 Reply|
jpliu: The clock towers of the living areas in the city are by no means the big ben or bund bell - I do not mean they strike no hours:they are misleading or simply refuse to work,perhaps for years.
2023-8-31 10:54 Reply|
jpliu: Is salt out of stock? I hurried to the mart.No where to be found on shelves.A closer look,I found it in several brands in cardboard boxes on the floor by the side of a rack piled with bags of sugar.
2023-8-25 16:14 Reply|
jpliu: Mom & son (8-year-old) out of mart.Son:“Take me here no more.You don’t buy anything for me.”“You don’t eat after they’ve been cooked,do you?”Mother said her shopping-bag dangling under her arm. ...
2023-8-24 16:41 Reply|
jpliu: Sometimes small favors are more easily remembered than big ones.For one thing,when I unlock a shared bike on raining days I often remember once a lady gave me a tissue to clear the water from the seat ...
2023-8-22 05:25 Reply|
jpliu: Seeing 3 children playing each throwing his own plastic ball,I asked them to compete to see who’d throw highest.They took heart &,with a shout“1,2,3”,each let go of his ball with all his might. ...
2023-8-19 20:34 Reply|
jpliu: Are boys born mechanic? Then my 7-months-old boy starts with dismantle-things played with batteries out,bottles with covers screwed open or camera with lens apart…Hope he’d put them together one day ...
2023-8-17 15:17 Reply|
jpliu: “Better outdoor 2 hours a day,1 morn,1 aftern”A granny said,her 10-months-old girl aside in the stroller.Soon it drizzled with an overcast.She was quickly back home when it cleared again.
2023-8-15 20:44 Reply|
叩_81O6407__: 阿斯达
2023-8-14 15:38 Reply|
jpliu: Seven-months-old is a time to crawl on bed.Instead of moving an inch forward, grandson prefers to move back a foot & swiftely,so I have to remember to put one more pillow behind his feet as well.
2023-8-8 12:46 Reply|
jpliu: Breakfast at community restaurant.Thelady recommends purple potato mantou:“Don’t buy again if not like”I:“If not like I’ve to buy again till I get used to.”I know what I buy are all in her spoon ...
2023-8-6 13:40 Reply|
jpliu: Grandson had his 1st Super Soothie soon after he’s a month old.The 2nd one was bought as backup.With months passing,over a dozen of them are now found in various shapes & sizes everywhere at home. ...
2023-8-4 10:08 Reply|


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