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jpliu: Thoughtful ,Ms Chen of Ye Mei In-Home (for elders)kept guiding during our day-tour. She also sang, but didn’t sing “Qinhai-Tibet Plateau”,knowing all in the bus were age-olds fear of “highs” ...
7 hours ago Reply|
jpliu: To a countryman, crossing road in cities is testing. A citizen quite used to crossroads, I’m still cautious like a mongoose in crossing a paved village road even it’s empty with cars
The day before yesterday 16:15 Reply|
jpliu: I recommend Glasgow Univ.My reply to its survey: “To study is like climbing up  ‘39 Steps’” You may say I value my own old broom if you look the department Adam Smith once lectured is an old broom ...
5 days ago Reply|
jpliu: Classic is what you read more than once. It should be suited for personal circumstances. A magazine is read. On throwing it away, a page is torn down, pasted into a notebook and thus made a “classic ...
7 days ago Reply|
jpliu: “Collect used mobiles, used computers. Exchange scissors, kitchen knives, washbasins. Sell rat cages, rat traps, roach poisons.” Tradition & modernity are hand in and hand out in peddler’s cries ...
2019-10-12 15:48 Reply|
jpliu: “Clothes washed?” “Not yet, don’t you see bad whether these days?” “The machine now changed is the roller one, isn’t it?” “ Oh? yes!”
2019-10-10 12:42 Reply|
jpliu: On closer look at sheets I said to a student: “Try taking filling blanks as word play,word power weights more than its allocation.”As an example:” What an absurd (inappropriate) remarks James made ...
2019-10-9 14:10 Reply|
jpliu: Bus packed like sardines. A girl to her mobile: “Overcrowding aside, the driver simply a Karting rider!” On getting off, a cry from a lady: a man had stepped on her long hair almost to the ground
2019-10-7 19:26 Reply|
jpliu: Picture shows can be at home & gallery,the difference is home looks like a pigsty: against walls,a cardboard box & cloth bags here; a mop there;a bench with clutters on top & a pair of slippers under ...
2019-10-5 22:20 Reply|
jpliu: “Business as usual?” “As usual, only close for the New Year,” replied the owner.Traditionally,if festivals are regarded as extravert, the Chinese new year, the special festival, is more introvert. ...
2019-10-2 13:28 Reply|
jpliu: “See red? Stop at red light you forget? Poor memory”A mom asked son on the bike.Boy:“He’s crossing!”Instead of saying“What a guy”the mom in mild voice: “Can we go at red light?”“No”“Good” ...
2019-9-30 12:12 Reply|
jpliu: I stopped at red light followed by a lady braking hard. She:“Police in front?”  “I was once fined 50.” She: “Me twice.”  Though shortsighted, I’d glimpsed a policeman close behind. She saved 50 ...
2019-9-27 19:06 Reply|
jpliu: “I think they all crazy!”a countryman once said of citizens twisting limbs to uncomfortable positions in parks. I: “I like Taoist Wenzi’s words:Health’s not to force a man to do things unwillingl ...
2019-9-25 22:09 Reply|
jpliu: Where did I put my original copy? Where is my original copy? Where is the original one? Where the original? Now I ask no more. Time has answered my question.
2019-9-23 19:29 Reply|
jpliu: A weibo earning hundred viewings earns a few clicks if written in Chinese brush. I’ve to annotate with a typed one each time I write a post? Once lost its practical use, a skill is limited to an art
2019-9-21 21:23 Reply|
jpliu: Watch female volleyball China v Dominica.“1st pass today is smooth”“ So players are in good state of mind” With narrators’ words, our players lost 2 points in failing to catch the opponent’s bal ...
2019-9-19 21:05 Reply|
jpliu: Military training on campus. The freshmen were seen ready for a procession. The officer made it clear in loudspeaker: “if practice well, we’ll have frequent breaks; if not, we all rest in the sun.” ...
2019-9-18 09:19 Reply|
jpliu: To most elders,  “mixed well like milk and water”  appeals to ears more than “blood is thicker than water” does.
2019-9-17 20:48 Reply|
jpliu: There are many reasons to believe in god. On her way to Sunday-service in the country church, the old lady told me: “To be a Buddhist is good, only I’m not used to be a vegetarian.”
2019-9-15 19:30 Reply|
jpliu: Comparing my writing as a reed wavering round softly, grandpa once commented on my shufa as lack of hard practice. If I practice hard I fail in grandpa’s judgment; if not I fail in his teachings.
2019-9-10 14:49 Reply|


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