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jpliu: Students in class, campus an enclave for outsiders. 3 elders sat talking when 1 stood up to hail a comer:“Long time no see!”“Dying.”3 in unison:“Shut up, shut up!”Then a new round of happy chat ...
Yesterday  05:31 Reply|
jpliu: Festivals’re made for old & young.Daughter used to be happy when Days come,now mother’s turn, like today over the phone: “Mutual happy! Nice to eat for lunch... Father’s day next month, 3rd.Sunday ...
2019-5-12 11:52 Reply|
jpliu: Wisdoms in my eyes in the young are viewed simply as small wits today. A man’s progress: having been looking down on wisdom with age.
2019-5-9 18:09 Reply|
jpliu: Lost time can be back at least for elders. That’s my impression when I hear a man advice a granny away from tours: “Who look after your child? Tell you, baby’s time flies too fast to get it back.” ...
2019-5-8 15:45 Reply|
jpliu: Shoestrings loosen, tighten and loosen again, an experience I share with many sneakers-worn men & women. As the length of strings is more than needed, I now cut the redundant and everything is ok.
2019-5-5 17:13 Reply|
jpliu: Home again. My elders enjoyed May Day out of home on foot; I enjoy it out of city by bus; daughter is happy out of country by air. Her descendant shuttles away out of globe if you wait and see.
2019-5-4 19:48 Reply|
jpliu: A photographer takes a scene with which a painter paints the same scene with imagination. How can a photographer short of imagination reproduce the same scene the painter paints?
2019-4-29 05:44 Reply|
jpliu: A sentence from an ad: “Always talk to the locals. They know more than any guide book.” That’s why I like to talk to people other than locals to learn what they know and wish to know about my home ...
2019-4-26 18:25 Reply|
jpliu: Back home from lunch. It’s one of the rarest times I remember that the family of three cycled together. “Mom ride so fast that I cannot walk as fast as her,” I whispered to daughter.
2019-4-21 09:21 Reply|
Annie: I have't  logged in this website for a long time, today I think it is time for me to continue writing something about my life and work.
2019-4-19 16:01 Reply|
simplelin: I endeavor to forget Chinese when speaking English.However, It's so hard.
2019-4-17 09:27 Reply|
jpliu: Mobike & mobike is different. On riding a defective bike I often try to ride fast in an effort. Riding on a one in good condition I either ride too fast in a hurry or ride slowly at leisure.
2019-4-16 09:05 Reply|
wangjide01: The time pass by so faster and faster, I even can't do much things in a day or a week.  I know it's real that the life is short now.
2019-4-11 19:09 Reply|
wangjide01: Received my first punished ticket for parking my car in the wrong place, I know I am wrong, but it's really not easy to find a parking place in the city。
2019-4-10 19:08 Reply|
jpliu: Tea made by wife is my favorite. Coffee made by daughter is my favorite. Holidays and weekends are days when I can have both.
2019-4-7 10:15 Reply|
jpliu: Kept pestered by mother about daughter over the phone, I advise her to take it easy: “There’s no pot however ugly that doesn’t find a cover.The problem is the pot is a little bit nice-looking.
2019-4-5 16:36 Reply|
wangjide01: My first long time plan is to get a good skill in english listening and speaking.  It will take a long time.
2019-4-2 19:06 Reply|
wangjide01: It's not easy to find a topic and write down. May be type some artical will be help in the writing and learn new words.
2019-4-2 19:03 Reply|
jpliu: A woman crossed both roads in red light, her coat with the words “Stop, give up”. Instead of stop and give way, she seems give up stopping altogether, or Stop? Give up!
  • wangjide01: That must be the reason why she is wearing the coat (4-2 18:35)
  • jpliu: maybe (4-5 16:38)
2019-3-28 21:48 Reply|
jpliu: I dropped in a grocery with Ms Jiang. The shop owner in his 50s asked: “Your wife?” I: “My daughter” Pointing the young lady next to him I: “Your daughter?” “My wife” he said hugging her tight ...
2019-3-19 07:23 Reply|


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