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Gillian's: there is no other thing that can make me happier then holding Channy in my arms. She is the power making me strong and brave to brace any challenges . lots of love to my angel.
2018-3-9 21:28 Reply|
Gillian's: it is women's day today. after dinner and laundry, the night just passes by. What a day for me. just a regular day.
2018-3-8 22:40 Reply|
Gillian's: I feel so much anger inside of me. It is so overwhelming that I am gonna explode.This anger, I cant tell it is target to myself or him. Maybe I should follow my own heart.
2018-3-7 23:03 Reply|
Gillian's: I can get anxious very easily these days, for house, future career, parenting, all those uncertainties. I guess you have pay back eventually for those idle days when you were young. You didn't try
2018-3-6 18:45 Reply|
Gillian's: Spring comes and goes quickly in two days. It is a season for flu spreading easily. Yesterday when I took Channy for climbing.I took her coat off so she will not sweating for the almost scorching sun.
2018-3-5 22:16 Reply|
Gillian's: We came back to HZ tonight, still without Channy. She has to stay with her grandparents for another two weeks. It is like eternity. She grows up fast. I am so amazed by her learning ability.
2018-3-4 22:25 Reply|
Gillian's: I have been watching English drama THIS IS US.  The deep love between the families touch the deep down of my heart. I wish I could be a parent just like JACK, always showing my girl what is love...
2018-3-3 21:38 Reply|
Gillian's: I haven't seen my little angle for 10 days, because she has to be with her grandparents in the countryside for family reason. I miss her so much. I can finally see her tonight, hahah
2018-3-2 17:06 Reply|
johnsonwu: Farewell to the weary beginning and long for the peaceful ending
2018-2-11 15:44 Reply|
Houston: Full of memory!
2018-1-30 22:34 Reply|
johnsonwu: Thawing heart in the Freezing today
2018-1-23 23:50 Reply|
johnsonwu: Give a final touch on the weary days!
2018-1-21 11:58 Reply|
teadrinking: What a good day, just come on.
2018-1-14 20:55 Reply|
warmjaney: It's really headache and boring to work under boring mood, no improvement, no efficiency, no same value, meaningless; Mostly should quit ASAP, but because of life, insist on fighting;
2018-1-6 11:45 Reply|
warmjaney: Toilet is the one important factor to check the civilization degree, really; someone show perfect from appearance but poor inside, mostly they are used to make up themselves out but be cold to others
2018-1-6 11:26 Reply|
warmjaney: It's hard and useless to show your real idea with the one who didnot trust you, even did talk sth but it's under some helpless or boring mind, which isnot good, it's from each other, not one moment
2018-1-6 11:22 Reply|
teadrinking: Merry Christmas Eve and have a good time.
2017-12-24 21:15 Reply|
Vivian_Lee666: Be relentless.
2017-12-8 20:34 Reply|
yaping: workingday
2017-11-30 14:07 Reply|
Vivian_Lee666: I believe I can accomplish wonders.
2017-11-15 17:51 Reply|


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