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Gillian's: Why do some people achieve more than you? Because they make much more than you, dont cheat yourself by saying you are enjoying your youth...you will then get nothing back when you are older
2018-5-8 22:20 Reply|
MarcoYang: When everything seems to be against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.
2018-5-8 10:22 Reply|
Gillian's: when i was still a student, I was optimistic about everything, because I got nothing to lose, now I am over 30, I am anxious about everything, because I can not afford any loss
2018-5-6 21:59 Reply|
Gillian's: Don’t be so hard on yourself when things go badly and don’t be so proud of yourself when they go well~
2018-5-4 22:25 Reply|
Gillian's: 6 days and i am back, no reason like holiday at all, just forgot to write.... . from now on, I will still go on with my miniblog which is much easier than blog....
2018-5-3 22:56 Reply|
Gillian's: thanks for bringing me so much joy everyday, every moment with you is a blessing.
2018-4-27 22:38 Reply|
Gillian's: I have to sleep now*  cant even my eyes easily,,,,
2018-4-25 22:18 Reply|
Gillian's: how far will you go for your loved ones, i say however far it needs to take for my girl. she is so pure and adorable
2018-4-24 21:25 Reply|
Gillian's: to be a better man, the originals is back, a.curse for a family, a cure for all love
2018-4-23 22:43 Reply|
Gillian's: time for bed, night
2018-4-22 23:12 Reply|
Gillian's: I am trying to be the good mother for her, so she could have a better future than me
2018-4-21 21:30 Reply|
Gillian's: i am worried, i dont know if channy is beaten,by the family dog. there is a scar on her finger, but dont know what causes it, is there any wayto detect the source?
2018-4-20 22:01 Reply|
Gillian's: How come i have missed the harry potter and halfblood prince, i mean i was such a.huge fan, read every book, even english one, not not the movie of this book.....
2018-4-19 22:42 Reply|
Gillian's: drawn to another drama again, always drop things for the tv....
2018-4-18 23:09 Reply|
Gillian's: drawn to another drama again, always drop things for the tv....
2018-4-18 23:09 Reply|
Gillian's: cant remember when is the last time i read..... I should have read two books per month, but four months pass and i may only finish 2 books. still long way to go for persuit of my reading habbits
2018-4-17 22:04 Reply|
DoraZheng: Life does not always please you. But you should please self to gain power and spirit by any ways. Be strong in spirit, be determined in heart and never be destructed or disturbed by anyone.
2018-4-17 09:03 Reply|
Gillian's: time for sleep again, have a nice day tomorrow
2018-4-16 22:30 Reply|
Gillian's: I want to take her back to me, but again she stay there for another excuse. She is so sweeeeeet. I really adore her
2018-4-15 22:16 Reply|
Gillian's: friday again, i can have two days with my baby. read and play with her. the best thing ever
2018-4-13 21:56 Reply|


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