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ruanbom: May be you know a wealth of people but most of them are only passers-by in your life.
2018-4-4 09:37 Reply|
ruanbom: work hard!strive!
2018-4-3 22:22 Reply|
Gillian's: It seems i didnt publish my miniblog successfully yesterday, I am happy today, since i just finish an important isse. what a.relief
2018-4-3 22:18 Reply|
Gillian's: WOW,!I left my english spot blanked for three days. my bad. I WAS too tired these days for shuttling around
2018-4-1 19:56 Reply|
warmjaney: Reading is the best habbit, try the best to cultive Emily treating reading into necessarity in daily life, which it's long-run lesson, it's easier said than done, but take action step by step.
2018-3-31 11:28 Reply|
Gillian's: If you wanna do it, then try it hard, or you just drop it so you can save time for what you want.
2018-3-29 22:19 Reply|
xiaoxiao2018: I am very happy now! I'm very thankful for my colleague, because I will go to Zhuhai by her friend's car tomorrow, and we’ll return to SZ next Monday morning.
2018-3-29 14:29 Reply|
xiaoxiao2018: Good morning, my friends! I am busy with my work now. how about you? like me? for children? shopping?... What are you plan this weekend? I have a date with my classmate. I‘m looking forward to it.
2018-3-29 10:16 Reply|
Gillian's: shitty thing happens before you notice it. the worst thing is you can do nothing about it and just wait for good luck. that is too sad
2018-3-28 22:25 Reply|
xiaoxiao2018: I wish my family and freinds to be healthy and happy in new year!
2018-3-28 21:51 Reply|
xiaoxiao2018: I feel very sleepy today. last night I didn't sleep well, because my roommate went for a walk with her boyfriend, she came back until 1:00A.M.
2018-3-28 18:51 Reply|
yangqunlan: live your live and make the most of it
2018-3-28 10:28 Reply|
Gillian's: Channy fell asleep with an english song baby goes to sleep. i can tell she is kind of like it since she is dancing to the music. glad she likes it. i should play more bedtime songs for her.
2018-3-27 22:11 Reply|
Gillian's: channy is on fever
2018-3-26 22:28 Reply|
Gillian's: I am literarily exhausted today. Walk a long way with Channy holding in my arms. Her sleeping time is the only peaceful period when she is with me. She is so lively and energetic...
2018-3-25 22:11 Reply|
Gillian's: Channy was pushed by a little girl on the top of the slide. She fell down to the slide and was so shocked to cry. I should ve been more careful.
2018-3-24 22:33 Reply|
Gillian's: its weekend again. and it is spring time again. I am going to take Channy to see some turlips and cherry flowers. I bet she will love it a lot. It has been a long time since we went outings last time
2018-3-23 21:40 Reply|
Gillian's: I Should have recorded more about Channy's.growth. Every moment and change are worth writing down. I AM NOT that good as a mom. should work harder
2018-3-22 21:58 Reply|
Gillian's: Channy is 18 months now, but she is too small for a 18 month baby. She is only 20.1 kg, 81cm. Wish her health and happiness.
2018-3-20 21:14 Reply|
Gillian's: I have to say that Managing Up is really helpful for my daily work. I should make notes and learn to act as tutored according. That is what we call learning for practice.
2018-3-19 22:00 Reply|


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