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jpliu: “Is it for me?”The man asked the delivery boy at doorstep,2 empty cardboard boxes in hand.“Leave it here.”Turning back from the wast disposal site,he picked the cardboard box up,a new one.
2023-11-4 06:23 Reply|
jpliu: Music as sleeping pill to me is not soft & soothing ones.Instead of lullabies I play rhythmic tunes,disco,African drums(monotonous & volume reduced)which quickly let grandson calm down & doze off ...
2023-11-3 09:31 Reply|
Sophia.JIANG: So tired, everyday. To be a doctor in this country could take away all of your passion and satisfy for this career, which ought to be admirable and outstanding. Especially for research meantime.
2023-10-31 22:14 Reply|
jpliu: You’re forgetful when you remember you have read the book in hand or been to an area just back.You’re old when you have no impression of the book in hand you’ve read or a place you’ve been before. ...
2023-10-28 20:25 Reply|
jpliu: For elder babysitters, they say they are having a hard time.Their wechat friends,however,believe they are having a good time - How happy it is to have a family party!
2023-10-26 10:48 Reply|
teadrinking: Great day ascribes to its richness.
2023-10-16 14:10 Reply|
teadrinking: Beauty of nature, peace of mind, power of action.
2023-10-15 23:17 Reply|
teadrinking: What are you waiting for? Just hang in there and move forward. And then You are gonna be great.
2023-8-31 19:58 Reply|
叩_81O6407__: 阿斯达
2023-8-14 15:38 Reply|
s300679: does china need a emperor to put all people into prison?
2023-5-30 15:32 Reply|
yvonneandmandy: Every one can be our teacher even a child in three years old. So be modest.
2023-4-23 15:32 Reply|
s300679: Greek proverb:“A great place,a great solitude.”
2023-2-12 15:38 Reply|
teadrinking: Not a single day is meaningless unless you have caved in corruption.
2023-1-5 21:45 Reply|
s300679: I go back to work today after contracting virus and being tested nagative
2022-12-22 11:21 Reply|
muli200807: I am learning all kinds of languages.
2022-11-22 07:13 Reply|
Xtasy: try to write something, but have nothing to say...
  • teadrinking: Just try, anything you want can be the inspiration for writing (8-20 08:27)
  • Xtasy: Thanks for the encouragement. I'll have a try. (8-22 09:03)
2022-8-19 09:48 Reply|
s300679: what happened to your will happen to you same again
2022-7-4 16:27 Reply|
s300679: I am back again .
2022-7-4 16:26 Reply|
teadrinking: Summer
2022-5-23 16:05 Reply|
teadrinking: What's wrong with dioenglish? Admin, if you are available, please check it and manage it to be normal again. Thanks.
2022-3-30 21:26 Reply|


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