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s300679: to be a man revered by other will be more of significance in life
2022-1-12 15:04 Reply|
s300679: I didn't have the guts to do this thing . I felt guilty and ashamed all the time unti update
2022-1-12 15:02 Reply|
s300679: my girlfriend is really a mighty plain and tame, thoughtful laday
2022-1-12 14:58 Reply|
s300679: Tame china seems to be a impossible mission for the united states.
2022-1-12 14:56 Reply|
s300679: this  is the most dangerous perpetrators nowadays that will be punished one day
2022-1-12 14:32 Reply|
s300679: A big fire ripped through the old building .its a mess.
2022-1-12 10:54 Reply|
s300679: the pandemics are worsening in the city of Anyang . Its a pivotal moment for  people there. they need help.
2022-1-12 10:47 Reply|
s300679: Luck plays a pivotal role in the success. what do you think?
2022-1-12 10:45 Reply|
s300679: more often than not he was drunk when I met him
2022-1-11 23:46 Reply|
s300679: excile abroad has expressed fear of a slide back to culuture revolution in current china
2022-1-11 23:35 Reply|
s300679: the dove is the emblem of peace
2022-1-11 23:21 Reply|
s300679: I will never forget the scene of my father's lying in state five years ago
2022-1-11 23:19 Reply|
s300679: This party played a central role in china until CPC grab power in 1949
2022-1-11 23:06 Reply|
2amlittle: miss the old friends in Dio. It seems that I hadn't log in Dio for one year hope that you will be more hard work in 2022, fighting!
  • davidjuyong: How about you? I am just so so ! The personal economic condition is not ever well during the pandemic period. (11-4 15:08)
  • 2amlittle: me too~just so so (11-10 11:02)
2022-1-11 00:09 Reply|
s300679: fraternal love refer to his own brothers in narrow sense
2022-1-10 19:00 Reply|
s300679: Construction laws are often flouted in some local areas, even man saw some sewage drains were concreted for parking lots
2022-1-10 18:55 Reply|
s300679: there are mounting wholesales and retails companies in this industrial and trading estate which was established around 8 years ago.
2022-1-10 18:49 Reply|
s300679: chang'an is the main  east-west thoroughfare in beijing . wangfujing is the renowned street for shopping
2022-1-10 18:40 Reply|
s300679: New laws on expropriation of land will do good to some mining companies who have good relationship with local government but will do damage to those landowners . what do they live by after loss of it?
2022-1-10 18:35 Reply|
s300679: Authority's restriction on pandemics posed a particularly staff choice between stay or returning to home town for festival . Is it a alternative to spend this festival with my net friend?
2022-1-10 18:05 Reply|


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