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s300679: He tried to deflect attenction away from his private life .he made it .
2022-1-18 14:48 Reply|
s300679: most people go after money and fame , they have forgotten God
2022-1-18 11:45 Reply|
s300679: go after him he is running away
2022-1-18 11:44 Reply|
s300679: his remarks are full of empty words
2022-1-18 11:37 Reply|
s300679: on several occasions he has remarked that some people have more money  than sense
2022-1-18 11:34 Reply|
s300679: this groudbreaking actor has transformed how black actors were potrayed on screen. Mr president pointed out that he doesn't make movies he made milestones of artistice exellecne and milestones progess
2022-1-15 14:38 Reply|
s300679: the diplomatic solution is still possible and preferable if china chooses it. but our emperor-like president will not do it
2022-1-15 14:33 Reply|
s300679: Since we couldn't talk at the meeting , I caught his eyes and signaled that I wished to leave. but he did not get it
2022-1-15 14:30 Reply|
s300679: despite his success he got  a new found fame for playing eliate in this mafia film
2022-1-14 12:35 Reply|
s300679: get out of the room I did not want to have more with you
2022-1-14 12:33 Reply|
s300679: hopefully head of china's amination will be thwarted or he will lead china to road of destructions
2022-1-14 12:32 Reply|
s300679: the draft proposals summerizing demands in return for deescalation of tesions over china and us are far reaching and unacceptable
2022-1-14 11:25 Reply|
s300679: russian mercenary troops have started to deploy in western africa in return for supports from controversial wanger group
2022-1-14 11:21 Reply|
s300679: china's ancient culture is backward or really great? what do you think?
2022-1-14 11:16 Reply|
s300679: birs fly eastward to sea looking for their homes
2022-1-14 11:15 Reply|
s300679: I saw a delicately pretty lady  at bus stop when going to city library , wearing black warm jacket, high-heeled shoes , sexy shape. I can't help having some dirty thoughts on my mind. confession
2022-1-14 11:14 Reply|
s300679: Our president continues to spin lies and sow anger and division .people are cheated of believing he is doing good for our country
2022-1-13 20:52 Reply|
s300679: what spurs you to fight ? yes , ambition spurs person on to another sucess
2022-1-13 20:34 Reply|
s300679: if a country should emerge from revolts to democracy it will be  too much bloody
2022-1-12 15:07 Reply|
s300679: to be a man revered by other will be more of significance in life
2022-1-12 15:04 Reply|


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