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Shares I just give up a chance to join the Communist Party of China.
Eukunland007 2013-5-3 21:47
Just an hour age, I make a decision of give up the chance to become a member of the Communist Party of China. For first of all, the procedure of becoming a party member is just too complicated. And I feel sick about these procedures, which I think makes no difference to the construction of the party ...
1085 views|5 replies Hot 3
Shares You are not eligible to be my enemy!
Eukunland007 2013-5-1 11:52
I rated 4th in the whole grade last semester, what level are you in? I mean I don't have to pay any attention to somehow their hostile idea about me. They are lazy, stupid, stubborn, drowning in their so called fun day and night. Now they should wage war against to me? That is funny! Now I do ...
995 views|6 replies Hot 3
Shares Hey guys, I come back with a laptop
Eukunland007 2013-4-28 14:50
It had been too complicated to post a blog without a blog as you have a carry a student ID card and go to the school computer room, worring about the safety of the account and something else. But right now here comes another problem, the time that you should be balance between the schooling and webs ...
937 views|4 replies Hot 2
Shares Say hi to my deer friend, how are you?
Eukunland007 2013-3-23 18:50
I am thinking to myself that whether I should ask my father to mail the laptop for me. I hate the school rules, which changes from time to time. Last semester, according to the school, we freshmen are prohibited to take the computer to the school and we won't be able to access to the Internet. ...
811 views|2 replies
Shares I adore a girl?
Eukunland007 2013-3-11 16:44
Hey, guess what. I am chasing a girl, a girl who is far away from me at the thought, life style, and idea mode. I want to have a relationship with her because I want a companion with me at this boring path. I don't see how much shining pointsthat she has from my prospective of beauty. I need ...
534 views|4 replies
Shares my computer is compeletely going down?
Eukunland007 2013-2-21 21:47
Yesterday afternoon, my Ubuntu was broken and at the same time my Xp can not function, which was caused by the Ubuntu because the xp have to be led by the ubuntu. So I reinstalled my ubnuntu, and I update my ubuntu software source. As soon as I think that my computer can work again, the ubuntu w ...
750 views|3 replies
Shares What's going on with my ubuntu?
Eukunland007 2013-2-20 20:55
This afternoon, there's something wrong with my newly installed system"ubuntu", a desktop-appication Linux system. But when I wanted to reboot the system, my computer can not function to lead to the ubuntu, neither could the XP. And at the same time there it turned out to be a grud error. I th ...
531 views|0 replies
Shares Zuckonit's house
Eukunland007 2013-2-14 15:25
This afternoon I gonna finished "The history of western philosophy". This is a very huge book, written by Russell. I don't think I really got his idea especially in some fields of the Greek and Rome history.But now that I have read the book , there must be somethings useful that I can acquired.So in ...
634 views|2 replies

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