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  • So busy everyday! Reply
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  • I was not here for a long time. Reply
  • a party, It was hold in the end of a year.all staff in a company must take part in it. we can eat much delicious food and play intersting game in that day , we called it ....? Reply
  • Don't neglect your dream at any time. Reply
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Friends are leaving 2011-04-14
Yesterday, after work, I invited my friend, Eric, to have dinner at a restaurant nearby. She told me she will resign in a month for she ...
(1167) Views|(7) Replies
The Focus 2011-03-12
It is necessary to pay close attention to news about"Hundreds killed in tsunami after quake" I mean that if we can settle down to think ...
(1487) Views|(11) Replies
have a cough 2011-03-04
I have had a cough day and night of these days. It is serious, especially last night. I could hardly fall asleep due to I coughed again and ...
(1430) Views|(20) Replies
Bad memory 2011-02-27
Recently, I had a bad memory, often forgot this and that. This morning, after washing my face, I saw the tooth-cleaners over there and I tho ...
(1351) Views|(14) Replies
Our relationship 2011-02-18
You dislike me, I dislike you either. but we must meet everyday. Something you have had done made me be angry, I hurt you with talion too. ...
(1991) Views|(24) Replies

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Tange 2011-2-24 22:10
hope you could win the fight finally -----pass the exam  of english translation
littlegrass 2010-6-20 17:41
Great regards to all great fathers and wish all of them all the best!!
Tange 2010-4-16 20:40
left footprint
Lvjunchao 2010-4-15 21:37
i haven't come here for a long time,i usually uae cellphone to visit this website. ijust want to say hello to you .
Lvjunchao 2009-10-3 13:36
hello I'm from Hebei and my elder sister is now studying in wuhan. She told me wuhan is a really good city with a lot of famous university in it .
lailai11 2009-9-18 10:05
I think so, wuhan have many special local product. Did you hear about Jingwu duck neck? It is very famous snack, There is a road named Jinwu road where many snack bar sale duck neck specially.Did you eat Jinwu duck neck?
lumin 2009-9-17 22:51
Hi, one of my friends comes from HuBei province, and she told me that food there is really delicious and cheap.
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