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Shares Friends are leaving
2011-4-14 16:11
Yesterday, after work, I invited my friend, Eric, to have dinner at a restaurant nearby. She told me she will resign in a monthfor she is 3 months pregnant. I know she is planning on that, just I didn’t expect that it is so early, so I still feel lost and unhappy. Befor ...
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Shares The Focus
2011-3-12 09:41
It is necessary to pay close attention to news about"Hundreds killed in tsunami afterquake" I mean that if we can settledown to think about it, compared to the disaster, maybewe canthink that our personal gain or loss aren't much chop. individual opinion only! ...
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Shares have a cough
2011-3-4 21:32
I have hada cough day and night of these days. It is serious, especially last night. I could hardly fall asleep due to I coughed again and again and couldn't stop. I tossed from side to side in bed, but I still can't get aleep. soI had to get up to take some cough medicine. At that ...
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Shares Bad memory
2011-2-27 18:04
Recently, I had a bad memory, often forgot this and that. This morning, after washing my face, I saw the tooth-cleaners over there and I thought as if I haven’t brushed my teeth, so I lifted the brush, and then I also thought I had done it. In my memory, the picture that I cleaned my teet ...
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Shares Our relationship
2011-2-18 10:09
You dislike me, I dislike you either. but we must meet everyday. Something you have had done made me be angry, I hurt you with talion too. Acturally we were unwilling to take a seconds glance at each other, Even when I happend to you on my way home sometimes, we turned a blind eye ...
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Shares Shopping
2011-2-13 21:52
It is raining and cold suddenly tonight. I caught a bus and got my shoes back form TianHong market just now. Before several days, Iwant to buya pair of shoes in BeLLE shoes shop of TianHong market,the pair of shoeswas that I desired for a long time, but the price wa ...
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Shares Chinese couplets
2011-2-7 10:27
Chinese coupletsare also called as "Duilian".When Chinese Spring festival is coming, people usually decorate their house with couplets. Coupletsare pasted on the door panels. On the couplets best wishes or good luck are expressed. Every year in the past time, my family did tha ...
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Shares A dinner party on Jan. 21, 2011 evening
2011-1-25 10:40
A dinner party on Jan. 21, 2011 evening On Jan. 21,2011 evening, our company held a big dinner party at a hotel near our company for celebration new year coming. All staff on active duty in our company including cleaner must take part in it no any excuse.besides all stockholder and thei ...
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Shares Making dumplings
2010-2-23 08:40
Dumpling is a traditional Chinese food. On the lunar New Year' s Day, most families make a lot of delicious dumplings. To make them, follow this easy process. The first step is to mix the flour with water. When the dough is ready, we can begin to make dumpling wrappers. We use a rolling pole t ...
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Shares Now,I see
2010-1-27 12:33
It isvery wellwhen othersare strict with you. every time when I made a mistake, my leader always criticised me very seriouly and sharply. at first, I angryed, I felt grievance, I didn't understand. Now, I see, It is great progress when others find fault with you.
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