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  • you are welcome! Reply
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Reading Notes"Family Album USA"-April 29-2 2020-04-29
This one really brings back memories. I can't wait to see her. Good night./Pleasant dreams. I researched it for over a year. It's our family tree ...
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Reading Notes "Family Album USA"-April 29 2020-04-29
He always reminds him of Grandma. Excuse me. Is this seat taken? He couldn't take time off to come to New York with me. Would you kindly hold thes ...
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Takeaway rider 2020-04-29
Yesterday afternoon on my way home from work,  I saw a takeaway rider riding too fast to  stop at the traffic lights.  He fell off his ...
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Sharing a photo everyday, could improve your well-being 2020-04-27
A new study published in the journal Health found that taking a photo(any photo) and sharing online improve your well-being. 搜索 复制 Researchers ...
(99) Views|(0) Replies
50 times, unbelievable! 2020-04-27
A study this week indicated that the novel coronavirus was likely far more widespread than official figures suggest. 搜索 复制 Blood samples taken ...
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