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Organization Announcement

Hot 1202 views. 2017-10-11 21:11

     Today, a new organization published from human resource that we will report our working contents to two bosses in the future. For basics working contents will still be arranged by current boss. As to the rest of working contents will depend on the other one who is from another department. I don't know why has so strange notification published, I strongly know that the current boss not himself these days even though he tries to keep calm in front of us. As his subordinates we also understand what mood he is during his daily working. Actually, we are also unaccustomed to the new boss because we are not sure what character the new boss will be in working, he is a nice guy or an irritable guy. We don't know him at all that the reason why we feel shock when hearing the news. Putting aside the fact that our current boss is an extremely quick temper guy, he is really a nice guy because you can shout at him in argument states and don't care be retaliated by him. So we can speak out what we really thought in front of him.

     But, everything could be changed by actual circumstance. We should do just to adapt the changing environment and try to do a good job in daily working.

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Reply johnsonwu 2017-10-12 08:46
Follow the rules in the change, not yield to your feeling.

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