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Pay increase of 2018

Hot 3343 views. 2018-3-7 21:30

     Now, I am in extremely bad mood when I signed on the annual salary increase notice because it is a huge gap in my mind that I had thought originally based on past performance myself. According to the actual situation of 2017, the salary increase should be 5.5% ratio for each guy in department. I thought I should get at least 5.5% ratio even I can exceed the target because I did the best performance of 2017 among colleagues from our department. So, I am confident for this salary increase of 2018, unfortunately, I get the opposite result that I get a much lower salary increase. I actually get a 3.8% ratio that it is much lower what I expected originally. Of course, I directly ask my boss why I get a lower ratio not an average ratio salary increase, isn't the ratio based on last year's performance or what I did something wrong during the past year. No doubt, my boss must predict what I feedback, he continues to talk a lot just for comforting me. But, no matter how much he said, the key point is that the current ratio is what he can strive for me because I almost get the top ceiling and it is impossible to raise more at current position. What he really annoyed me that he asked me to afford more from others without any benefit.

I think I can never believe my boss any more. I think he is a complete liar! But, anyway, I should stay here before I can go away.

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Reply teadrinking 2018-3-7 21:47
This must be a desperate outcome you even have not expected. Life is tough, huh? Sometimes we got unfair treatments though we have already done good enough.

Okay, just be ready for the preparation that you can have a better position. Before that, for the time being, remain the job.

Good luck.
Reply Tange 2018-3-12 21:39
life is a result of the choices you made , if you don't satisfied with present situation .  the make a better choice ... good luck
Reply wangjide01 2018-3-22 22:11
I am looking for my new job now. I don't think it's easy to get a development prospect and good salary.  I leave not because my salary but for a better work prospect.   Are you sure the treatment is unfair just for ayou or you boss is so untrustworthy.   Don't change your work just for  a pay increase.  There is a lot of  unjustice in society.
Reply douglas-baily 2018-4-2 22:38
wangjide01: I am looking for my new job now. I don't think it's easy to get a development prospect and good salary.  I leave not because my salary but for a bette ...
Maybe, you got the points!

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