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    During the past three days, I felt so exhausted that I didn't feel like doing anything after work, there are so many tasks needed to be finished by this week, I felt I can't complete these tasks on my hand by the deadline, sometimes, I found that it is impossible to focus on one case even it is very important one, because I had to deal with other cases that it is not very urgent. But I can't change the current situation so far, I knew we were shorthanded and would last for forever, because there was not any possible to recruit a new comer on board even we can gain more profits for boss. As boss always wanted to gain more profits with less manpower and cost. It is part of human nature and I can understand in a way.

     As an employee, I think I should improve myself skills to better fulfill the demand of current job, sometimes, I also confused myself if I lacked enough skill or ability to handle more complicated cases in my daily work or what kind of functions I should strengthen. Perhaps, I can do a better job on my current position, in a word, gaining a decent payment should take sufficient workload accordingly.

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Reply wangjide01 2018-5-18 13:03
Improve you skills to fulfill the work requirment is a positive thought.  Everything will be Ok if it work. But if it not work, you'd better let your boss know your dilemma as early as possible. Maybe it will be disregard, that will be not all your problem if any delay happened.

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