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Shares The second production line set up
2019-1-15 21:43
We should complete the second production line set-up this week as plan, we are not sure whether we can go as plan based on current process. Currently, the big problem is how to set up the electricity and compressed air accordingly, it seems like suffering a severe ...
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Shares Job-hopping
2019-1-8 22:05
Job-hopping is always a constant topic especially at the end of every year, as usual, several colleagues will pursue their new career outside before the New Year of 2019. Of course, it is a good chance to find a new job after bonus collected in Jan, because, it can greatly min ...
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Shares Lose weight
2019-1-3 23:02
During the past of 2018, everything seems like to be as usual except my increasing weight. To be frank, I never worry about my weight, because I always think the weight is not a big problem to a man as long as the weight is not over standard too much. Based on this kin ...
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Shares Last week of 2018
2018-12-27 22:16
This week is last week of the 2018 and the New Year is on the way, as usual, we will do summary and sum up all we did in life and work during the past year. No doubt, there was always something we did that is not satisfied even by myself, because I do not insist ...
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Shares Trivial Matter
2018-12-18 22:31
Every day, I was involved with lots of trivial things even it has less important to me, but, I have to cope with it with much energy. I don't know whether other guys have similar feeling, but, I always have the feeling that I only take forty percent energy to deal with real pr ...
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Shares New Comer
2018-12-11 22:12
Today, the new quality engineer is on board. He is from another city that means he will take shuttle-bus for commuting, as a new comer he will spend period of time to learn something new that is different from his previous working style. As he said, the previous company he w ...
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Shares Wether is getting cold
2018-12-4 21:47
After several days unusual hot days, the temperature of today begins to return to usual even with big wind at the evening. It is just like today's audit that we called raiding inspection from customer, there are two non-conformance terms in our department, what's more, one of t ...
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Shares Heavy Haze
2018-11-29 21:47
During the past week, we were suffering a lot due to heavy haze around us especially in the early morning, most of motorways were closed in the early morning in order to travel safely. What's more, this kind of weather will last for the end of weekend according to the latest forecast ...
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Shares Methods are always more than difficulties
2018-11-20 21:41
Sometimes, I was suddenly in bad mood without special reason and didn't feel like doing anything, every that moment, I would rather sit alone than talk with somebody. I was not sure whether other guys had such similar condition, but I had some time. The bad mood may last for ...
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Shares Complaint from working place
2018-11-13 21:32
After work, I have a dinner with one of my colleagues, he complained a lot about working over the dinning. Maybe everyone has their complaints more or less in working, my college complained that he recently suffered a lot from his superiors not only his direct superior, b ...
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