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Shares Tough time before probation
2020-6-21 16:59
It has been almost two-months passed since I jointed into current company, except more work-load that I had to work overtime, the others seemed are running smooth. Currently, I am not familiar with the running regulations and need more time to familiarize all rules to adapt th ...
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Shares A new start
2020-5-5 15:13
Today is the last day of Labor Day this year, after today, I will be on board in the new company, I hope I can do well and can keep longer period at my new position. Currently, I long for stable working environment and don't want to change my job frequently than previous exper ...
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Shares Job Offer
2020-4-28 16:31
Anyway, there was a good news for me, because I finally got the offer that I was expected. But, I also had to take measures to make up a mistake due to my carelessness. Currently, I had no idea to solve it, what's more, the mistake will be becoming the obstacle that caused I can't sleep and ea ...
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Shares After Interview
2020-4-20 16:17
Till now, I didn't know the result of the interview last Thursday even I was eager to know what the final result except waiting, I can do nothing. Actually, this interview is very important to me, I did well prepared in advance. But, I was not sure whether I can seize this chance ...
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Shares Unemployment 2020-0413
2020-4-13 16:29
It's been a long time since I quitted job stating at home in 2020, fortunately, I got a phone call regarding the interview this Thursday. I felt excited, because I didn't pick up a phone call since after New Year even I updated my resume regularly. I had to take this opportunity e ...
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Shares Writting before Chinese New Year
2020-2-20 16:02
It's been a pretty long time since I didn't update my status. On one hand, too much workload on my shoulder that I really had no time to update latest status. On another hand, I was becoming lazy that I no longer get up early on weekend to write something new. During the past months, I was s ...
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Shares New job for my wife
2019-10-9 23:44
Anyway, there is a good news to my wife, because today she received an offer from another company which she will be working for from next month. What's more, the company is very close to home, the reason why my wife chooses to leave current company is because she suffers ...
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Shares The last working day before Nation day
2019-9-29 21:41
Tomorrow will be the last working day before the Nation day of 2019 that means we can enjoy a long vacation except the spring festival. Absolutely, it's a happy time to most of us especially after long time work overtime, no doubt everyone expects the vacation in company. Fo ...
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Shares New comer
2019-9-17 22:16
Finally, a new comer was on board last week, on one hand, he may share some responsibility to me, on another hand, he has his own responsibility and it's not possible to share me more. Anyway, it's better than nothing. Recently, I strong felt that I was on the edge of a ...
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Shares Hope
2019-9-4 22:44
Before I start another round busy work, I finally have a short free time to write down something regarding my daily work, to be frank, during the past several weeks, I did extremely busy hour even I wanted to quit job immediately. But, my sanity tells me that I can't do this. Not only ...
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