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Shares Tough Time
2019-6-12 00:06
Finally, I can have a few free time for my own personal thing, of course, the extreme busying time will happen in next month, because a new production line will be on our plant. I assumed that it will be a very difficult time for me, at that moment, there are tons of thing nee ...
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Shares Busy sunday
2019-6-2 23:40
It's been a pretty long time that I have no opportunity to sit in front of computer to write down something regarding my daily work. Actually, we are too busy focusing on the new project, based on period of one month work hare, I find there are many places where I need to furt ...
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Shares What a mess
2019-4-29 22:00
I am on very bad mood, not only the big pressure around me but I am not happy with myself. In a word, I felt exhausted during the past two weeks, I can't find any happiness among daily working except tons of work surround me. Sometimes I would like to escape from the really ...
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Shares So bad
2019-4-2 22:24
These days, the morale was low and people were planning to leave the company outside for pursuing the new career including myself. During the past days, I felt unconformable, not only big pressure around me, but the inequality was growing. Furthermore, big boss lo ...
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Shares Challenge
2019-3-28 22:45
During the past week, I was just like fighting without no-stop. I felt extremely exhausted, unfortunately, the terrible trend will be started from next Monday to Friday day again. I should have a good rest to deal with the following things. What's more, the customer w ...
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Shares Busy
2019-3-21 23:38
This week I continued to work overtime except Wednesday. The trend will last to next Wednesday until the expert from American plant comes back. During the past several day, it is really tough time for me, I can't have a good rest under big pressure and tons of workload. To ...
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Shares Tough time
2019-3-12 21:54
The next two weeks will be very busy for me, not only the next round of tryouts on the new project is scheduled from next Monday, but the customer from the new project will be on-site to monitor all processes. That means,we have to distract following up customer's topic that w ...
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Shares Audit from customer
2019-3-5 21:26
To be honest, it is a tough time to everyone one in company, because the stricter audit from our customer will start on Thursday this week, as big boss instructs no matter how many costs we take, we must pass this round of audit, not only because the business depression in autom ...
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Shares Bad News
2019-2-26 22:14
It is really a disappointed announcement that big boss announced in monthly communication meeting today. Of course, the disappointed news that the pay rise will be cancelled temporary which should be scheduled in Feb. as to whether have the opportunity of salary increase will ...
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Shares Sluggish Market
2019-2-19 21:04
It seems not a good beginning of this year, it should be sent out envelope of five hundred for every employee at the first working day failed to receive till now. What's worse, how averagely percent of raise still not published? If everything goes as plan, it should be publis ...
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