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Shares Writing and Me
dphpxs 2014-11-16 20:56
I have been crawling all the way through loneliness, while by thoughts of giving up I was punctuated every now and then. One after another I thought of some other pursuits to follow, looking on each to lead to an ideal reverie, while each, in the end, ...
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Shares The Beauty of a Simple Life
dphpxs 2014-11-15 18:09
What is a simple life, beforewe admit its beauty? I used to ask my grandfather his opinion about a simple life, and his answer wasthat even a simplest life is not without theslightest labour; we all have to operate on and on to keepa lif ...
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Shares Happiness
dphpxs 2014-11-12 18:59
Iamnotproficientin the knowledgeabout happiness, but I believe that happiness variesfrom one to another. There is not necessarily the fact thatall happinessis relatedto ambition, which signifiesextra ...
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Shares Read More Books
dphpxs 2014-11-5 21:42
As far as Iam concerned, it is timefor me to read more books.Once amanis lacking in spirit, empty in mind or numb in emotions, hemust then read more books. I used to suppose that books and individuals choose each other, thus one wil ...
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Shares Why I Want to Write
dphpxs 2014-11-2 21:15
I will never want to write before I really dare to. As long as I am reading not a few masterworks of those celebrated writers, Iwill besurelyfrustrated that however I attempt to emulate the extraodinary, Iam bound tofail completely. ...
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Shares Interest, Confidence and Love
dphpxs 2014-11-2 21:13
It is like how a tree grows that interest takes the root, confidence makes the trunk and love is born as the fruit. A life without interest is a life whose happiness is extinguished, to the degree that even dreaming contains much more activities than staying awa ...
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Shares Why I Want My Father
dphpxs 2014-11-2 21:09
The reason why I want my father is that I have been increasingly in want of himinstead ofrejecting him. My father had been a severe father, an impatient father and an arrogant father. Despite that, he had been generous, respectable and truly loving. My mot ...
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Shares Perseverance and the Motive Force
dphpxs 2014-11-2 21:07
It seems as if in the eyes of the weak, there is no such thing in the strong called perseverance. The strong do the hard things as if they do them easily, while the weak claim to do with perseverance almost everything. There is definitely what the strong have ov ...
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Shares On Making Changes
dphpxs 2014-11-2 21:05
There are people who are willing to makechanges and people who are not. As for the latter, which I would like to discuss firstly, it goes without saying that they are indolent to make a change. They feel and believe it that the current situation and the p ...
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Shares When There Is Hope
dphpxs 2014-11-2 21:04
Every time I write, like standing in front of a mirror, I see myself as it is; yet the image turns out to be so intricate thatI can hardlyhelpfinding faults with it from place to place. That best describes the consequence of writing all alone ...
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