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Haze Weather

Hot 1243 views. 2017-1-4 21:47 | Weather, recently, weather, cities

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More and more cities were occupied by haze weather recently, people even not see clearly within a short distance,it was effected our daily life,especially in the past of several days. We do not heard that some news about haze weather before, just some unclear weather only in winter, we called it Fog, I could not remembered that when we encountered this bad weather, more and more serious in the past two years, the haze weather accomplished with us frequently on our living surroundings.We heard the news about haze weather which was the big city, such as Beijing, TianJin, almost not about Suzhou, which was a suitable city for living in the past. But for now, it was also encountered haze was in high level for PM2.5, red warning sometimes. i saw a news that was about when the high-speed rail was stop on the station, there were much ash on the surface of train, even someone got a data that the mount of haze in china are equal to the area of US. There was a little exaggerate, in an another words, the haze weather is much serious in China, the government are still look for solution to resolve it, there was no practical efforts. No doubt that the economic was increasing within high speed these year, improved our living quality, convenient traffic, although it was in traffic jam sometimes.we don't want to live in such circumstances, how to balance between them ? it is urgent to improve it thoroughly.decreasing to use the car instead of green transport.But this is not reality to let all people not use a car for daily life. i hope that the government can find a better solution in the coming years.  

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Reply kuin 2017-1-5 18:21
Yeah,I can't agree with you more. the air condition is very bad and during New year's Day,i went to Hangzhou for a short travel but the air was so bad and when i stood by the Qiantang River ,I couldn't see clearly the buildings across the river.That made me a little wondered because the city is hangzhou.Our living surroundings is so serous,it's a true fact.

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