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Terrible of my credential Card

Hot 1224 views. 2017-4-21 14:57 | different, necessary, concerned, telephone, Recently

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Recently I wanted to apply for a CITIC credit card,when the staff put my ID to identify and enroll some necessary information for it , there was a error which means i had got credit card for it, actually, I have never. According to the system, it was applied with the same ID, but different User Name, different place, even different reserved telephone number which i had never used. It's terrible.As is known to us all, credit is more and more concerned in this era, we do a lot of thing which surround with credit, if it is bad, something will be delay or even fail within poor credit.meanwhile, we will get benefit with good credit, so more and more people are concerned with their credit than before.although we applied it which need to identify for ID copy,  we marked it within a specific purpose, there was still replaced for other purpose, Especially facing the temptation of benefit, they lose themselves,  selling personal information to us. I still could not find why my ID was lost, and i still believe firmly that it was always at my side.that's weird. Fortunately, i wrote off the unknown credit card , within good credit. It's hard to prevent its happen, although we take care of it carefully, but still was invaded by others. i remembered that a woman's ID which was enrolled nearly 20 credit card, within bad credit. Which can prove my identity? the ID, the thumbprint, the DNA, Within technical, It is easy to distinguish, but meanwhile, it is also easier to copy your information. Every coin has two sides, one hand, we depend on technical more and more, on the other hand, technology let us live within transparency, even privacy.      

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Reply Tange 2017-4-21 21:40
your ID has been used by other , that is no safe ..

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