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Shares What is the basis of software quality assurance?
lianwa 2019-10-6 14:38
Software quality assurance is not equal to software testing, but on many occasions, people always confuse them. For example, some companies recruit software test engineers and others publish these jobs as QA/QC engineers. How could we define the responsibility of QA? I think QA is the person w ...
Individual Classification: career|201 views|0 replies
Shares How to design test cases?
lianwa 2019-9-27 16:05
It seems that writing test cases is art not technology, since for the same object under test, test cases designed by different engineers are completely distinct. Why? I think lack of stable test method is the answer. For example, imagine when we test a system like skype, how can we develop a t ...
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Shares How do I approach a new project?
lianwa 2019-9-25 10:59
When approaching a new project or working in a new team, the first thing worth to do is having a user mindset. Trying to use our product as a customer and create user’s dataset help me understand what values the product deliver to users and what the main pain point is when using our product. ...
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Shares Metamorphic testing of STT.
lianwa 2019-9-20 19:41
An interesting topic worth to discuss is how to test a speech-to-text (STT) system like Siri, Alexa. From this discussion I hope to let the major problem in traditional software testing practice be surfaced. Imagine we are trying to design a test case for a STT system, fir ...
Individual Classification: career|191 views|0 replies
Shares Metamorphic testing: A promising test method for services based on AI
lianwa 2019-9-19 20:45
Today I discuss a very promising test method for machine learning applications. As everyone knows, machine learning(ML) is widely used in a variety of business application solutions in the age of AI. How to test a service based on ML is becoming a problem we have to cope with. Since tra ...
Individual Classification: career|197 views|0 replies
Shares How to make an impressive technical interview?
lianwa 2019-9-18 20:19
Today, I am going to discuss an interesting topic on how to make my technical interview be an impressive one. The first thing I want to mention is that I can decide what skills or experiences are shown to my interview. I have worked in software testing area for more than ten years, I r ...
Individual Classification: career|240 views|0 replies
Shares How do I prepare for a technical interview in English?
lianwa 2019-9-17 20:40
How do I prepare for a technical interview in English? What’s best method for such an interview you hope to pass? The first thing to do is finding several similar interview videos or records I can follow. My interview is for the Quality Assurance Lead position and what I just did was r ...
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Shares A great APP helping me to keep fit
lianwa 2014-10-7 16:02
Nowadays, an increasingly number of youngsters, including me, are becoming more and more fat. The cause of this phenomenon ,in my view, maybe is the sedentary lifestyle.As we all know ,in modern society, Many people’s jobs are to sit in front of computers an ...
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