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about festival

180 views. 2017-1-11 10:26

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The festival is approaching. 
I am used to buy the festival things ,such as candy, beverage, biscuit in the local shop. But I may change to order these by Tmall or Jingdong. I think it would be more convenient for me.
Indeed, shopping in the supermarket  by the real estate or by the web shop, the price is not much different for the items which i mentioned above.  For foods like beverage, milk, spring water, biscuit, the first concernning for me is the date. shopping on the web shop, it may be not easy for me to know the product date even sometimes the shop owner will give the notice for the date. Most of the time, I need to find the help by the comments for the previous buyers. Otherwise, the advantage for the on-line shopping is the convenience and time saving.
The material is much sufficient. So I think it does not make sence to buy a lots of thing for the festival. I think few and enough is good.
Surely the most happyness thing is that we got the chance for family members to stay together to have a talk or have a tea drink, in the process which will share a lot of stories for the last whole year and the plan or expectation for the new year too.
Indeed, the most warmest for the festival is like such. The staying and the communication is the most warmest thing. Home is always the warmest harbor for the travellers.
Have a nice Chinese new year!

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