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Which is the best choice in three customary holidays?

Hot 21405 views. 2016-5-5 23:44 | holidays, choice

    It is a dim memory for me to recall what time anthorities revised the program about the vacation of festival.In my impression, there are many news to report the cluster of people showed in the highway, cities' street and a lot of  famous historic and cultural sites on TV or newspaper and broadcasting.I donot know what  you like to do during the vacation,especially period the festival holidays.For me ,I donot like to travel whether this place is in the city ,outside the city or in the futher other sites bacause i donot want to be a member who is tired and perspiring through the crown people to enjoy the beautiful scenery,probably who will meet few dangerous things.

     A news reported an accident a few days ago that a travel enthusiast,the former chairman of Guanshengyuan company,died because  a stone fallen off from a mountain peak  by a naughty monkey in a scenic spot in HeNan crushed his head .So we never have no idea what is going to happen  in the tomorrow.We can choose to do what we like ,but we alse can choose to decease the risk.I know there arenot same person in the world.Every one have their thoughts,which help him to make a decide to do something.For me ,i like stay the home to company my relative,and like to make a trip in the park,or read a book ,paly the online game if someone can take my daughter to paly outside.To be honest,i think travel is a hard work,we have to get up early for avioding encoutering the crown,we should walk many metres to watch the scenery  with tired and thirst.So,the best choice in three customary holidays is far away the annoying place,have a good rest in my home.

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Reply sunnyv 2016-5-6 21:37
Totally agree with you. Why join the mad rush just to see those tourist or scenic spots? The holidays are supposed to be for us to rest and enjoy the company of our friends and relatives. You are a good and comfortable companion and your family is fortunate to have you around them.
Reply lovingfun 2016-5-9 09:07
People usually tend to do things as others, so the results is that people will all the same. Gather in favourite place, buy favourite things and end up in hurry.
As for me, I just do what I want to do. If I want to travel, I will do. But I should arrange my time, and my budget.
Anyway, we need relax, but we might well think more ways to achieve it.

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