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It is wrong that you see something or hear something frist to make a conclusio

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           Lippmann who was a famous writer in press circle of America and is respected by many reporter in the different nations, publiced a book on  1920s,which was named Public opinion .There was a important theory in this book to describe that what reflection you see someone frist,which was defined as stereotype.It means when we see someone at first ,we will impressive of his trait,his personality and judge him by our experience and values.I think it  exist and effect on someone in some way.But,sometimes it is wrong that  you see something or hear someting frist  to make a conclusion instantly .
        Firstly,it is right for this old saying that is 'Seeing is not necessarily true".we maybe only see the surface of something.After all,the fact touched by us maybe a part of the true things,we cannot know everything because we didnot work or live with him,we absent on the spot.Secondly,our vision and knowledge is limited.we cannot deep into someone's heart to conversion openly unless we make friends with him and live with him for a long time.So if we just is to  contact as ordinary friend or colleague ,we have no idea to judge him rightly because everyone wear musk on his face in the social occasion.For the things that we heared,we have no right to measure it is good or bad.we are far away the truth.At last,it looks like so irresponsible  to judge the things instantly.When we want to confirm a man or things we should make a conclusion after knowing all aspects. Otherwise we maybe make a mistake for a man or something to destory  his life or make the things becoming worst.
        In a word,it  is wrong that  you see something or hear someting frist  to make a we shouldnot depend on our idea to measure.

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Reply sunnyv 2016-5-9 12:46
You have a good and respectful attitude in evaluating people. People tend to make instant decisions about people at first sight. Some even judge people by superstitions and features of people. The quality of a person lies in his inner mind, not his/her appearance, eloquence or social ability.

Honestly, I also do make such mistakes and I wonder if it is just human nature. It seems easier to accept a person if he/she looks pleasant and talks gently. Those who look rough and domineering would seem to be a threat. Experience would teach us that we can't see the inner thinking of a person. A person with good looks could be devilish, while those who look rough may be reliable. Nobody can say for sure, until you know him for a long time and how he treats people around him.

These words may be a bit harsh, but dogs barks at people they don't know. We are humans, we should not bark at people we don't know. Respect others if you want to be respected.

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