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A Little Something About Longan

Hot 4961 views. 2016-3-5 23:02

Longan is a kind of fruit, rich in South and Southwest China and getting ripe between July and August. It tasts sweet and succulent. Many people I know of can not distinguish Longan from Lychee although they have totally different appearance, because longan and lychee are so alike when their shell got peeled off. I think I need to attach a picture of lychee below here to aprove that point.

Speaking of the resembled fruit, lychee and rambutan are more similar. Well, I have gone too far. Let's back to the track. Today, here, I want to tell you guys a little bit more about longan. I used to like longan but didn't have that much because some of my friends told me it can let people get throat and lips inflamed if eating too much at once, especially in hot days. Though it is ture, I still want to share some good merits about longan.


1.Longan is good for brain. Whenever you get tired, stay up late, or overstrain your nerves, you should try eating 20-30 pieces of longan, then you will be refreshed and recharged. No matter you believe it or not, I tried, and it worked good.


2.If you feel dizzy, headache, or fullness in head, try peeling 30 pieces of dried longan, boil them 20 minutes to 1 cup serve and drink it, then you will feel a lot better soon.


3.Longan can help cure insomnia and high myopia as well.


There still has a lot benefits about longan and I can not list them all. So, if you happen to like longan, don't be afraid and feel free to enjoy it. Just remember, don't eat too much. 

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Reply teadrinking 2016-3-6 08:31
Nice sharing. Actually I can just tell the difference between the two of them.

Fruit has its goodness for health. People who eat fruit on regular basis keep fitness.

Longan has many good features and also its helpful property of medicine. It is warm of its nature being can be used to stimulate the metabolism. Thus, the headache, insomnia and any other symptom are to be alleviated and improved.

I like lychee and also many other fruit.

Another thing is we should be cautious, because everything will bring side effects by eating too much. At least, the stomach does not be able to undertake such a burden. People are likely to have yummy food but we have to control that.
Reply Rosanna 2016-3-6 16:59
Longan is more sweet than Lizhi, but Lizhi is more juicy, for me I like Lizhi more.
Reply chuanjiacai 2016-3-6 23:16
Both like to eat!!!
Reply sunnyv 2016-3-7 14:54
Lychee is my favorite summer fruit because I live in Southern China. Every year when it is harvested, I will but them to eat, especially those with small seed. I don't have much control for the things I eat so every time I overeat. When I eat too much Lychee, I have mouth uclers, red inflammed eyes, nose bleeding or throat inflammation. This is the type of fruit which we eat now and regret the next day. Recently, a friend told me to drink salt water after eating Lychee to offset the heat effect, it works but it does spoil the fun of eating the fruit.

I am not so fond of Longan because I don't like the scent, but the flesh of the fruit is nice and sweet.

The season for these two fruits would come in a few months and I would again go for it.

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